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Fashion, apparel, textile, merchandising, garments

Fashion, apparel, textile, merchandising, garments

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  • 1. RATAVA’S LINE A collaborative cyber-fashion event and online mystery game Fashion Institute of Technology Simon Fraser University April 23, 2003
  • 2. RATAVA’S LINE Site
  • 3. Overview A first in the fashion design/education field
    • FIT, SFU, Adobe
    • Interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, international
    • Collaborative, distance learning environment
    • New online creative and marketing tools
    • New skills
    • New markets and careers
    • New ways of marketing
  • 4. Aspects of Collaboration
    • Creating and translating fashion designs to explore how they relate to virtual environments
    • Exploring how virtual worlds can support artists (artwork is included from NYC and Vancouver)
    • Interactive narrative performance (characters are played by actors simultaneously from both coasts/countries)
    • How collaborative projects can bring people and countries together
    • Exploring as a group that never met the issues of the "real" and the virtual
  • 5. Adobe Atmosphere
    • Defining a new creative medium
    • Setting the standard for 3D on the web
    • Open, distributed cyberspace on the net
    • Industrial, commercial, educational applications
    • Users create and share own content
    • Player and Builder
    • Viewpoint for hi-res objects
  • 6. Online collaborative tools
    • Adobe Atmosphere shared virtual 3D spaces
    • Real time chat
    • Webcam
    • Discussion forums
    • 3D modeling tools
  • 7. New design and learning skills
    • Range of environments: 2D, 3D, physical, virtual, live
    • Range of media: Fashion show, art show, interactive narrative, game, live performance
    • Distributed international team
    • Interdisciplinary communicating, thinking, working, negotiating, results
  • 8. New ways of marketing
    • Virtual portfolio: beyond physical and powerpoint
    • Virtual changing room
    • Design and manufacture on demand
    • Global access, 24/7
  • 9. New markets/careers: Media go virtual
    • Serving the needs of Silicon Alley and the global media marketplace
    • Gaming (design and wear your character)
    • Interactive storytelling
    • Virtual set and character design
    • Movie special effects
  • 10. RATAVA’S LINE Site Pose Ah
  • 11. Future Tech Directions
    • Poser 5 Cloth Model, with a revolution in 3D Chipset performance
    • The tie-in with apparel: Whole Garment Knitting, CAD/CAM comes to fashion?
  • 12. Poser 5 Cloth Modeling with a revolution in 3D Chipset performance
  • 13. Whole Garment Knitting CAD/CAM comes to the apparel business (Shima Seiki)
  • 14. Ongoing Partnership: Rev 2.0 and Beyond
    • Fashion
    • Design
    • Education
    • New Media
    • New Tech and Tools
    • Art
    • Industry
  • 15. A new dimension in a new millennium
    • From cut-and-sew to CAD and make.
    • From geek to glam
    • From separation to collaboration
    • From competition to convergence
    • From screen to life and life to screen
    • From real to virtual and back again
  • 16. Online Resources
    • This presentation is at: http:// www.digitalspace.com /presentations/fit/
    • RATAVA’S LINE Project and Event Pages: http:// www.sfu.ca/sfufit
    • Contact: http:// www.digitalspace.com/forms/comment.html
    • www.digitalspace.com The Digital Space Commons
    • Whole Garment Knitting: http:// www.shimaseiki.co.jp/wholegarmente.html
    • Fashion Institute of Technology: http:// www.fitnyc.edu
    • Simon Fraser University: http:// www.sfu.ca
    • Adobe Atmosphere: http://www.adobe.com/products/atmosphere