Finance Norway - A presentation


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Finance Norway - A presentation

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Finance Norway - A presentation

  1. 1. A presentation FINANCE NORWAY
  2. 2. “Banks and insurers are the backbone of the Norwegian economy, and we aim to help them do the best job possible” Idar Kreutzer, Managing Director
  3. 3. Offers financial security throughout people’s lives Provides savings, loans and efficient payments for businesses and consumers Finances profitable ventures Safeguards the assets of businesses and consumers with rapid and efficient settlement of claims Is a sound and progressive employer for skilled and productive professionals A well-functioning financial industry
  4. 4. A universally important industry Bank customers: • 4.5 million with deposit accounts • 1.5 million with mortgages • 514,000 businesses Insurance and pension customers: • 1.4 million with private occupational pensions • 430,000 in municipal pension schemes • 23 million private insurance policies 4
  5. 5. The Norwegian financial industry • More than 2,000 firms • 50,000 employees • NOK 5.3 trillion under management • 2% of employment • 7% of output • Efficient and productive • Largest non-oil taxpayer • Truly nationwide structure 5
  6. 6. Finance Norway • Trade and employer federation for all banks and insurers operating in Norway • More than 230 member firms • 100 employees working on regulatory, social, industry and employer issues Members: Savings banks Commercial banks Life insurers Non-life insurers Savings bank foundations Mortgage companies Financial conglomerates Other financial firms
  7. 7. Management structure General Assembly Board Principal Advisory Committees Administration Technical Sub- committees Committees Banking Life and Pensions Non-life Employer Issues •Legal Affairs •Employer Issues •Banking and Capital Markets •Payments and Infrastructure •Life and Pensions •Risk and Non-life
  8. 8. Values Progressive We promote an innovative and sustainable financial industry Unambiguous We are clear and courageous communicators Credible We have the expertise and integrity to listen and be listened to
  9. 9. Equivalent and competitive regulatory conditions nationally and internationally. Fact-based, predictable and transparent regulatory processes with input from the industry. VISION
  10. 10. The Norwegian financial industry is important, responsible and skilled, and contributes to economic growth through efficient and reliable provision of key services. VISION
  11. 11. The Norwegian financial industry is the most efficient in Europe, with a ready supply of cutting-edge expertise and a good platform for research and development. VISION
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