#MP2013 Presentationn by the Minister of Interior


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Ministerial Platform 2013

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#MP2013 Presentationn by the Minister of Interior

  2. 2. PEACEH AIT NA DF PD RN OGA RY ETI SN SUMartins Press Ltd: 08033309538
  5. 5. Comrade Abba MoroHON. MINISTER OF INTERIORiii
  6. 6. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of InteriorA.M. Daniel-Nwaobia (Mrs)iv
  7. 7. TABLE OF CONTENTSv1. Introduction ...............................................................................................................1-22. Policy Initiatives ..........................................................................................................3-13i Automation of Expatriate Quota Administration ................................................. 3-6ii New Visa-Policy .................................................................................................7iii e-Passport Intervention ...................................................................................... 8-9iv Authentication of Travel Documents ............................................................ .......9v Border Management............................................................................................10vi 10 Finger Bio-Metric Policy..................................................................................10-11vii Upgrading of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)........................................................12viii Automatic Fire Alert System ................................................................................12ix National Fire Safety Code ....................................................................................13x e-Prison ..............................................................................................................133. Programmes/Activities of the Ministry in Relation to its Mandate................................14-374. Stakeholder Engagements............................................................................................375. Capacity Building........................................................................................................ 38-436. Projects and Programmes...............................................................................................44-667. Revenue Generation/Budget Releases..........................................................................67-688. Key Performance Indicators of the Ministry.................................................................69-739. Job Creation................................................................................................................7410. Challenges ..................................................................................................................75-7611. Way Forward ...............................................................................................................7712. Conclusion/Recommendations.....................................................................................7813. Ministerial Vision.........................................................................................................79
  8. 8. It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 2013 Ministerial Platform of the Ministryof Interior. In accordance with democratic tenets, we consider this a wonderfulopportunity to use this forum to inform Nigerians on how we have been runningthe affairs of the Ministry of Interior so far.hAt the last Ministerial Platform held on 18 May, 2012 , I gave the background ,Mandate , Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Interior, hence I wish to proceed torender account of my stewardship as the Honourable Minister of Interior from 13July, 2011 to 29 May,2013 on the Ministry, Agencies and the Para-militaryservices.Recounting the achievements/ performance of the Ministry within the periodfrom 13 July, 2011 to 29 May,2013 under review, remarkable policies,programmes and projects were articulated and executed in tandem with themandate as encapsulated in the transformation agenda of President Dr. GoodluckEbele Jonathan, GCFRThis presentation is anchored on the strides made and measures taken inaddressing some of the challenges towards repositioning the Ministry, Para-INTRODUCTION1
  9. 9. Military Services and Agencies under its supervision. The reforms are gearedtowards addressing the increasing internal security challenges and theinternational dimension such challenges have assumed.The Ministry has undergone several structural changes both in functions andnomenclature and today the Ministry of Interior is responsible for:i Granting of Nigerian Citizenship;ii Consular and Immigration Services;iii Granting of Business Permits and Expatriate quotas;iv Co-ordination of National /Independence Day Celebrations;v. Reformation and re-integration of inmates;Vi. Security of lives and properties;vii. Recruitment of officers and men of the Prisons Service, Immigration Service,Fire Service and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps; andvii.Managing the retirement benefits of retirees of Paramilitary Services underits supervision.2
  10. 10. AUTOMATION OF EXPATRIATE QUOTA ADMINISTRATIONPOLICY INITIATIVES•??Prior to the automation of Expatriate Quota Administration, challenges of processing ofCitizenship, Business Permits and Expatriate Quota Administration had long delays ofpaper works on the numerous applications and as a measure, in early 2012, FECapproved the PPP arrangement with a Consultant Messrs Anchor Data ware Solution forthe automation of the processing of Citizenship, Business Permits and Expatriate QuotaAdministration of the Ministry.This has led to faster and timely processing of applications i.e. reduce the use of paperworks to the barest minimum. It has eliminated contact between the applicants ofExpatriate Quota and Citizenship with officials thus curbing any abuse by the later.This has led to faster and timely processing of applications i.e. reduce the use of paperworks to the barest minimum. It has eliminated contact between the applicants ofExpatriate Quota and Citizenship with officials thus curbing any abuse by the later.3
  11. 11. From right , Mr. Ike EkweremaduDeputy Senate President, ComradeAbba Moro Hon. Minister of Interior,Sen. Mohammed Shaba LafiagiRep. of Chairman SenateCommittee on Interior.From right: Hon.Umar MohammedBature, Chairman House Committeeon Interior and A. M. Daniel-Nwaobia(Mrs.) Permanent Secretary Ministryof InteriorMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 4
  12. 12. From right , Mr. Ike EkweremaduDeputy Senate President, ComradeAbba Moro Hon. Minister of Interior,Sen Mohammed Shaba Lafiagi Rep.of Chairman Senate Committee onInterior, Hon.Umar MohammedBature,Chairman House Committeeon Interior and A. M. Daniel-Nwaobia (Mrs.) Permanent SecretaryMinistry of InteriorFrom left: Dr. Ade Abolurin, CGNSCDC, Engr. Okebiorun O..J. CGFFS andMal. Riwan Bala Musa, Ag. CG NISMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 5
  13. 13. Servers for e-citibiz Automation Project Commissioned on 18h March, 2013MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 6
  14. 14. NEW VISA POLICY•••Hitherto the new visa policy, fraudsters took advantage of the leakages in theprocessing of visas and thus created unnecessary bottlenecks for the processof issuance of visa at the points of entry and some measures were undertaken.FEC approved the new visa policy to serve as a veritable tool for achieving theTransformation Agenda of Mr. President and the vision 20:2020.Theobjective was to quicken economic development by encouraging FDI, jobcreation and boost tourism.In line with the policy, notable Business men (frequent travellers) and topmanagement staff of Multinational organizations are being issued entry visasat points of entry.Similarly citizens of countries with which Nigeria has visa agreements arebeing issued entry visa at points of entry.?MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 7
  15. 15. e-PASSPORT INTERVENTION?????In consideration of the suffering more especially of Nigerians in the Diaspora aswell as to secure the passport from fraudsters the ministry and NigeriaImmigration service introduced the e-passport. The e-passport is inconformity with international best practices.It has placed the country on a higher rating and ensured the integrity of theNigerian passports.Nigerian passports can now be issued within three days, after all the on-lineprocessing.In 2012 the NIS sent officers to 444 countries for the e-passportintervention.The e- passport project has a mobile component which enhances thecapacity to reach out to Nigerians in the Diaspora.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 8
  16. 16. ??A recent monitoring and evaluation of the e-passport intervention schemeshowed that Nigerians in the Diaspora applauded Government for theinitiative.This is evidence of the current Government citizens diplomacy as this hasgiven Nigerians in the Diaspora a sense identity and pride.AUTHENTICATION OF TRAVEL DOCUMENTS???Also, the Nigeria Passports over the years have been abused by unscrupulouspersons in the production of fake passports to unsuspecting Nigerians, theMinistry installed electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) inall our international AirportsThe International Civil Aviation organisation Public Key Directory (ICAO-PKD)Global Platform is currently installing electronic Machine Readable TravelDocuments (MRTD) in all our international Airports.This is to provide the authentication of Nigerian e-passports and otherelectronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) of other countries.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 9
  17. 17. ???The Country has porous borders of about 1497 illegal routes used by illegalaliens and thus create unabated influx of illegal aliens into the country.In order to effectively secure the nation’s vast and porous borders, the Ministryis currently working on the deployment of modern technology. Thus an MOUhas been entered into with a Chinese Company: China Machinery EngineeringCorporation for the acquisition of ICT equipment to effectively manage bordersecurity.The 10 Finger Print Bio-metric Policy is to ascertain the identity of eachpassport holder and reduce abuse of compromising the Automated FingerPrint Identification System which at the moment captures only four fingersprints.BORDER MANAGEMENT10 FINGER PRINT BIO-METRIC POLICY10
  18. 18. ?Finger print machine for verification11
  19. 19. AUTOMATIC FIRE ALERT SYSTEM??Real estate developers and private individual house owners do not takeognissanceof fire prevention hence incessant fire incidents. The Ministry inrecognition of the lapses in building plans entered into a PPP arrangement.FFS has, in partnership with a private organisation under the PPParrangement, designed and launched an Automatic Fire Alert system whichactivates as soon as fire smoke is detected.UPGRADING OF PUBLIC KEY INFRASTRUCTURE (PKI) ATFOUR (4) INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS:?The four International Airports (MMIA Lagos, NAIA Abuja, MAKIA Kano andPort-Harcourt) have been provided with Automated ImmigrationPassenger Clearance System to authenticate signature on passport whichhelps in reducing the tendency for migrants getting involved in terrorism.12
  20. 20. llThe Federal Fire Service, together with other stakeholders developed adraft National Fire Safety Code. The purpose of the code is to prescribe theminimal standard necessary for the establishment of a reasonable level ofreduction in fire outbreaks thereby ensuring the safety of live andproperties from fire hazards.Jail breaks and attacks on prisons have become a hydra headed monster to thesecurity of the prisons. The Ministry in solving the problem signed an MOUwith a Nigerian based Chinese Company, uawei Technologies Company (Nig)Ltd, to collaborate and implement an e-prison programme in Nigeria. Thisinitiative is to boost prison surveillance and security through PrisonsInformation Management System. The proposed project is undergoing the dueprocess of implementation.lle-PRISONNATIONAL FIRE SAFETY CODE13
  21. 21. PROGRAMMES/ACTIVITIES OF THE MINISTRY INRELATION TO ITS MANDATE (CONT.)14CONTROL OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTSCOLLABORATION WITH NEIGHBOURS?Nigeria has witnessed several instances where foreigners crossed our bordersand perpetrated various types of crimes including terrorism.?In order to check this menace Mr. President directed in January 2012 theclosure of some borders in Borno and obestates. Those borders were closedimmediately to curb the influx of illegal aliens.?As a result, 10,401 Nigeriens, Beninious and Camerounians amongst others,were refused entry and 8,337 of Nigeriens were repatriated.Nigeria has over 1497 irregular/illegal and 84 regular /legal officiallyidentified entry routes into the country.Nigeria cannot successfully monitor and survey its vast borders without thecooperation of our neighbours .?••
  22. 22. ••?????Therefore the Ministry has been at the forefront of facilitating the signing ofcooperation agreements with our neighbours of Cameroun, Niger and Chad onJoint borders patrol/ controlSimilarly the Ministry is collaborating with ECOWAS on borderscontrol/surveillance.?The issue of influx of illegal aliens into the country through the 1497 illegal and84 legal/official routes constitute security risks and the Ministry therefore ispartnering with the private sector in the construction of border control plazaswhich is at advanced stage of procurement.Electronic passenger registration system (eParRs is being extended to landborders for audit trail of passengers.Finger printing equipments are also being provided in the land borders.The Mobile Border Patrol unit is being strengthened for effective surveillance.BORDER CONTROL PLAZAS15
  23. 23. A Border Control Post at Banki in Borno StateA border guard duty post at T -Junctionalong Gamboru Ngala Road, Borno StateA border control post at Yunusari in Yobe StatePoor state of our border control posts16A Border Control Post at Gamboru in Borno State
  24. 24. ??The ECOWAS protocol on Free Movement of Persons gives right to citizens ofthe sub-region to enter, reside and establish businesses in member countries.However, without prejudice to the protocol, the NIS has been collaboratingwith State Governments and other security agencies to ease out, on a regularbasis, foreigners without valid travel documents.ECOWAS PROTOCOL ON FREE MOVEMENT OF PERSONS?PRISON JAILBREAK/ESCAPEESll?Recently, there have been cases of external attacks on some of our prisonsat Koton-Karfe Maiha Damaturu Kumshe Maiduguri farm centre, BamaGwoza and Shagamu resulting in the forceful release of some of the prisonsinmates.Cases of jail breaks and escapes were also recorded at prisons in Port-Harcourt, Minna, Oko, Benin city and Ahoada.In order to address the challenges of congestion in our prisons several prisonbuildings are being constructed and are at various stages of completion at17
  25. 25. Kaduna, Nsukka Ibadan and NumanA block for 136 inmates completed at Aba prison.A block to accommodate 212 inmates was completed in Kano central prison.NPS as part of its effort to prevent future prisons break has installed signalmodems in 22 prisons formations across the country.It has also created a comprehensive inmates database through the purchase ofbiometrics computers in the state Commands and zonal offices, as wellprovided critical equipment such as metal detectors, concealable Bullet ProofVest and protective gear for operatives among others to ensure safety ofinmates and prevent the nation prisons from incessant attacks.Measures for strengthening prisons administrative institutions have beenembarked upon , such as training of Armed Squad, e-Prisons Surveillance,reduction in the number of awaiting trial inmates and increase in prisonaccommodation.In 2012 prison accommodation improved as follows:Renovation works and provision of more modern facilities are going on in AwkaAbeokuta, Lafia Kamba Agodi Otukpo and several Prisons across the country.A new prison yard was completed and commissioned at enagoa ayelsaState inthe first quarter of this year.l?ll??l?18
  26. 26. ?????The Federal Fire Service is a first responder in all emergencies, be it fire or naturaldisasters. However, the Federal Fire Service, as it stands today, operates onlyin Abuja and Lagos. This has greatly constrained its activities, especially in theface f the almost comatose state of Fire Services in the States where they exist atall. That not withstanding, the Federal Fire Service has responded immenselywell, to emergencies in the country:To Pre-empt fire emergencies, the Federal Fire Service has commenced theenforcement of fire safety regulations by inspecting major buildings andfacilities for compliance and risk assessments, beginning with Abuja.In Abuja, the Service, between May, 2012 and today, responded to 470 firerelated emergencies.In all cases in Abuja and Lagos, properties worth millions of Naira were saved.In addition to fire emergencies the Federal Fire Service, in the recent hasINTERVENTION IN EMERGENCIESMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 19
  27. 27. responded to several emergencies in Abuja such as the UN building bombblast of August,2011, the Christmas day bombing of the church in Madallathe Police Headquarters bomb attack etc.The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has established a DisasterManagement Team in all the 22 Airports across the Country. The purpose isto ensure effective management of aviation related emergenciesThe Corps, has always responded to cases of emergencies all over theCountry. The Corps standing Emergency Response Team assisted in searchand rescue operations, rehabilitation and provision of emergency centres indisaster areas in Lagos, Kano, Katsina Kaduna and Osun States.???The Corps, has always responded to cases of emergencies all over the Country.The Corps standing Emergency Response Team assisted in search andrescue operations, rehabilitation and provision of emergency centres indisaster areas in Lagos, Kano, Katsina Kaduna and Osun States.DISASTER MANAGEMENT20
  28. 28. ANTI-VANDALISM INTERVENTIONS?Oil pipeline and electricity cable vandalism have in recent years become veryserious threats to the nation wealth and economic growth. The NSCDC has beentackling this menace with its officers and men on foot, motor cycles, motor carsand even dog patrol through all nooks and crannies of the Country.??In its very penetrative activity, which makes it unique amongst all the securityagencies, the NSCDC has in the last two years generated security communityawareness in the Country.??The Corps maintains 24hrs surveillance over government infrastructure, sitesand other facilities, guard against attacks by criminals and vandals.??In 2012, the Corps made the following arrests relating to illegal oil bunkeringactivities within the period under review.• Illegal refineries destroyed 95• Total number of trucks seized 545• Bunkery cache destroyed 03• umber of drums seized 44• Number of boats seized 09• Number of vessels seized 4• Number of jerry cans seized 1548MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 21
  29. 29. PROTECTION OF CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE ANDNATIONAL ASSETSThe Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has been mandated to ensure thesafety of all the critical infrastructure and national Assets spread across thenation. To this end the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has mapped outstrategies to effectively and efficiently carry out this mandate. This include trainingand retraining of its armed personnel as well as training in surveillance andintelligence gathering which some selected Corps personnel are currentlyundergoing.REGISTRATION AND MONITORING OF PRIVATESECURITY GUARDS?The Corps has maintained consistent, strict supervision andmonitoring of the activities of the Private Guard Companies, to ensureconformity with guiding rules and regulations of operations. Below isan overview statistics of Private Security Guards Compaies licensedduring the period under review reflecting the regulatory activities of theCorps.22
  30. 30. ?Total No. of licensed companies- - - 97?otal No. of companies registered- - - 02?Total No. of registered companies awaiting license - 0?Total No. of companies sealed - - - 89?Total No. of companies reopened- - - 5?Total No. of licenses renewed- - - 500?Total No. of companies upgraded from category ‘B’ to ‘A’ - 224?Total No. of companies downgraded from category ‘B’ to ‘A’ 451T23
  31. 31. 1 No. of licensed coys 832 No. of registered coys awaiting licence 863 No. of coys sealed 1354 No. of coys re -opened 405 Number of PGCs Licenses revoked -6 No. of licenses renewed 1457 No. of coys upgraded from category ‘B’ to ‘A’ -8 No. of coys downgraded from category ‘A’ to‘B’-9 PGCs Stakeholders’ Forum Organized withdate26ADDITIONAL PRIVATE SECURITY GUARD LICENSESMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 24
  32. 32. 10 Revenue generation. N118,570,500.00k11 No. of CompanyProsecuted.812 Activities of StateCommands.Monitoring of PGC’s on daily basis.Training of Guards is going on in someStates.State Commands are collaborating withPGC stakeholders.Prosecution of PGC defaulters are ongoingin, Imo and Lagos States.13 Level of Collaborationwith PGCAssociation.Through the Association, the PGC industryis well-informedFree flow of information about quacks andunregistered company.The association promotes understandingbetween the Corps &PGC industry.The Association provides opportunity toiron out grey areas within the industry.ADDITIONAL PRIVATE SECURITY GUARD LICENSESMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 25
  33. 33. CONTAINMENT OF FRAUD ACTIVITIES?he Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has arrested and prosecuted variousindividuals who have been found culpable of various offences ranging from,extortion, recruitment racketeering and forgery. In this connection, over fivehundred cases are being prosecuted either through the ICPC, EFCC, theNigerian Police and the NSCDC.TINTER – AGENCY COLLABORATIONJOINT TASK FORCE (JTF) OPERATIONS IN THE COUNTRY• In its continues effort to ensure peace and stability, the Agencies under theMinistry of Interior have been collaborating with the Nigeria Army, the NigeriaPolice in Joint Task Force Operations in many states of the Federation. TheAgencies involved in the special operations are the Nigeria Security and CivilDefence Corps, the Nigeria Immigration Service and the Nigeria PrisonsService.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 26
  34. 34. COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE:• NSCDC has put in place a machinery to effectively compliment the efforts ofother agencies in easing the effect of insurgencies on citizens and displacedvictims by providing operational support services.• The Joint Task Force and Special Operations have recorded remarkableresults in restoring peace and order in Plateau, Borno, Yobe, Bayelsa, Riversstates and other volatile areas.• The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and Nigeria Immigration Servicehave been co-opted into the operations of the Joint Task Force (JTF), operatingwithin the Niger Delta Region, Borno, Yobe and Plateau States. Members of theCorps contingent to this special squad have been distinguishing themselves inthe discharge of their duties in this regard and have contributed immensely tothe successes recorded by the Joint Task Force (JTF) so far.JOINT TASK FORCE (JTF) OPERATIONS IN THE COUNTRYMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 27
  35. 35. • The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has also gone into partnershipwith Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) where theCorps has contributed armed personnel to secure its facilities and to provideround the clock security in-conjuntion with the Nigeria Navy on Nigerianwaterways and the high seas.COLLABORATION WITH NIGERIA MARITIMEADMINISTRATION AND SAFETY AGENCY (NIMASA)• The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was recently co-opted into theSpecial Mines Task Force established by the Federal Government to counter themenace of illegal mining activities in the Country.COLABORATION WITH SPECIAL MINES SURVEILLANCETASK FORCEMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 28
  36. 36. PEACE KEEPING OPERATION• The Nigeria Prison Service Officers are currently participating in peace keeping operations in the followingcountries:• South Sudan 14• Liberia 2• Congo 1• Darfur 3• Ithe Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is taking proactive steps toensure that the violent activities of these groups are reduced to the barestminimum. Apart from participating in JTF operation, the Corps is buildingstaff capacity in anti-terrorism training. This involves effective surveillanceand intelligence gathering, acquisition of modern and equipment etc.n order to stern the rising tide of insurgencies and extremism in the country,RESPONSE TO INSURGENCIESMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 29
  38. 38. The present situation where by officers and men of Para-militaryservices under the supervision of this Ministry live among the civilianpopulation and dotted in all parts of the town is not ideal for p r o m p tmobilizations in case of emergencies. To address this problem• In order to enhance the welfare of Para-military officers, a Para-military village is being developed in partnership with a private e s t a t edeveloper-Byuan Resources Ltd to provide decent Housing across the nationfor officers.• The Private Developer has so far acquired land in 25 States and Abuja to buildhouses on mortgage arrangement for Officers• The ground breaking ceremony for the Para-military Village Housing Schemedevelopment Project at Kyami District, FCT Abuja was performed by Mr.PARA-MILITARY VILLAGE HOUSING SCHEME31
  39. 39. In order to ensure transparency and efficiency in recruitment into the paramilitary services under the Ministry, an ICT Consultant has been contracted toprovide an e-recruitment platform to handle all recruitments into the Para-military.The Consultant has already developed a new portal for that purpose. he newportal which is registered with Galaxy Backbone under the domain namecdfipb.gov.ng s the only recognized portal for recruitment purposes in theMinistry.e-RECRUITMENTIMPLEMENTATION OF DATABASE DEVELOPMENT FORALL PRIVATE SECURITY OPERATIVESIn order to effectively monitor the activities of Private Security Guards, theNSCDC is implementing a database of ll private security operatives in thecountry.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 32
  40. 40. The Ministry has continued to undertake biometric e-registration of ECOWASand other African Citizens not captured by the CERPAC scheme to address theinflux of irregular migrants. To date, a total number of 110,629 ECOWASCitizens have been registered.BIOMETRIC e-REGISTRATION OF ECOWAS/AFRICAN CITIZENSSTAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTS• A stakeholders conference was held in Lagos in August 2012 relating to theexpatriate quota Administration and granting of business permits.• The Forum was to sensitize the Stakeholders on the automation of Citizenship,Business permits and expatriate quota administration and review of theguidelines on expatriate quota administration.• A stakeholders Forum on Citizenship and Marriage Administration in Nigeriawas held in May, 2013 in collaboration with Anchor Data ware Solutions at theRock View Hotels in Abuja.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 33
  41. 41. • The Forum was aimed at availing the Stakeholders an opportunity to reviewthe enabling laws and administrative guidelines on Citizenship and Marriageissues in Nigeria.• The National Council on Fire, involving all stakeholders on matters of fireprevention and fire fighting in the country, was held in Makurdi in December,2012. The conference outcome was mainly on the need for Governments atvarious levels to recognise the importance of Fire Service and the need tostrengthen them.• A stakeholders Forum organised by the Nigeria Security and Civil DefenceCorps with Private Guard Companies in order to improve the internal securitywas held in fifteen State Commands from January to May 2013.• A stakeholders Forum organised by the Nigeria Prisons Service and Prisoners’Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA) on Prisons reform intervention inNigeria.• A stakeholders Forum on African Prisons Roundtable on Medical Care forPrisoners towards inmates reformation.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 34
  42. 42. Second from the rightMoro, HM Interior, Dr. Samuel Ortom,HMS Trade & Invest.Chief Emeka Wogu, HM of Labour &Prod., A. M. Daniel-Nwaobia (Mrs.) PermSec. Joel Adi, MD Anchor DataWareSolutions, Adetayo Sode, Dir. (C&B),Comrade AbbaOfficers of the Nigeria ImmigrationServiceSTAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTSMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 35
  43. 43. Officials of the Ministry ofInteriorFrom right, A. M. Daniel-Nwaobia(Mrs.) Perm. Sec. Min. Of Interior,Mr. Jerry Nwosu Fmr. Perm, Sec.Min. Of Interior, Alh. Yayale AhmedFmr. Head of Civil Service of theFederation, and a Stakeholdersforum on Citizenship and MarriageAdministration held recently inAbuja.STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTS36
  44. 44. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENTSNational Council on Fire Conference in MakurdiAt the centre Comrade Abba MoroHon. Minister of Interior, at his left theDeputy Governor of Benue State, Mr SteveLawani, far right Dr. David Salifu, SSG BenueState, far left Engr. Okebiorun O.J. CG FireCG(FFS) and other key stakeholders37
  45. 45. • Human Resources development and capacity building has remained a cardinalpolicy of the present administration as the effectiveness of any organisation ispredicted on the quality of its personnel.• he ministry has embarked on intensive training of its personnel and theprocurement of appropriate technologies to ensure efficient and effectiveservice delivery in line with Mr. President Transformation Agenda.TCAPACITY BUILDING•specialized areas to enhance service delivery.• The Ministry has established and equipped a training room within the officecomplex to enable it conduct in-house training for its staff in view of limitedbudgetary provisions for training.Total number of 566 Personnel of the Ministry were trained in variousHUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENTMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 38
  46. 46. •of the service in areas of Basic Recruit course, Senior Executive course, SeniorExecutive Intelligence course, Chief Warder Refreshment course, Policy andhLeadership course, Citizenship/ Leadership course and 5 Command coursefor the Deputy Controller of Prisons (DCP).• 2,373 Officers and men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp weretrained on arms and light weapons handling, crisis management, counterterrorism and insurgency operations, disaster management, generalintelligence on counter terrorism etc.• 1,064 Officers and men of the Federal Fire Service were trained on professionalfire fighting, first aid, fire fighting technique, advance fireman certificate ofcompetency, safety regulation, disaster management, response to bombexplosion (over-seas), chemical, biological, radiological and nuclearawareness, fire risk assessment etc.The Nigerian Prisons Service trained a total number of 2,082 Officers and menMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 39
  47. 47. •Inspectorate/ Assistant cadre, Anti Terrorism Training rogrammein Nigeria,Counter Terrorism in Egypt, Border Control in Italy and other Regular andBasic Training etc.• 1,185 inmates of Nigeria Prisons Service were trained on Trade TestExamination Certificates, Open University, UTME(JAMB).Over 4,500 of the Nigerian Immigration Service were trained on theMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 40
  48. 48. •armed Squad. At the moment the Corps has trained a sizeable number of itsarmed personnel across the State Commands and the National Headquarterswith the Nigerian Army to enhance their capacity to face head on, the presentsecurity challenges.• It is in furtherance of our desire to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of thearmed squad, that the Corps has embarked on regular and aggressive trainingand retraining of this crop of personnel with the Nigerian Army and otherSecurity Agencies.The Corps has embarked on aggressive training and retraining of its standingTRAINING OF NSCDC ARMED SQUADMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 41
  49. 49. The services have acquired valuable equipment in thelast two years to enhance their operational capacities:ACQUISITION OF EQUIPMENT• Acquired twenty-four (24) Peugeot 307 cars asoperational vehicles for effective service delivery.• Procured a large cache of firearms to improve securityand borders patrols.• HP CDAN Voice and Data Radios have been procuredand being installed in 59 Immigration locationsnationwide. This will provide effective communication linksbetween the State Commands and Border Control Posts.Nigeria Immigration ServiceMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 42
  50. 50. • In conjunction with a private company on Public PrivatePartnership arrangement, developed an automatic fire alarmsystem which activates as soon as smoke is detected and sendsalert to the Service.Federal Fire Service• Established a modern Dog Kernel with veterinary clinic andother facilities. It has capacity for over 500 snifer dogs whichhelp to detect explosives, ammunitions, narcotics and for crowdcontrol.Nigeria Security and Civil Defence CorpsMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 43
  51. 51. PROJECTS AND PROGRAMMES EXECUTEDMAY 29, 2011 – MAY 29,2013• Computerization of the Headquarters/ Networking to facilitate servicedelivery.• Completion of 1st phase of the State Comptrollers Flag Houses for NigeriaImmigration Service in Abia, Benue, Kebbi and Kogi States to providebefitting office accommodations for staff to enhance for service delivery.• Construction of Command office complex for Nigeria Immigration Servicein Abia ,Imo and Kebbi States to provide befitting office accommodations tostaff for service delivery.MAIN MINISTRYMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 44
  52. 52. • Establishment of e- Law library in the Ministry headquarters in order toaccess more documents and materials from other libraries across theworld.• The Ministry monitored and evaluated projects and programmes of thePara- Military Services by the Ministry in the 36 States and FCT. TheMinistry also evaluated the e-assportchemein the following NigeriaMissions Uk, South Africa India, China, Spain and US, to ensureutilization of funds appropriated for the projectsMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 45
  53. 53. The HonourableMinister of Interior,Comrade Abba Moroon the e -PassportScheme Evaluationin the USAPermanent Secretaryand officials of theMinistry on the e-Passport SchemeEvaluation in theUnited Kingdom.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 46
  54. 54. Completed States Command Headquarters- Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi StateMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 47
  55. 55. NIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICEThe limited number of issuing points of Nigerian passports often leads tocongestion and over – crowding at the available centres. To decongest the existingcentres and to make it easier for Nigerians to acquire their passports, the Ministryin conjunction with the Nigeria Immigration Service completed and commissionedthe following:• A Passport Complex Annex located in the premises of the Nigeria ImmigrationService Headquarters, Abuja was completed and furnished in December,2012 to provide a befitting office accommodation to staff for service delivery.• Completed and commissioned of Passport Office, Alausa, Lagos to provideadequate facilities for the processing of Nigeria e-passports in May, 2013.• ompletion of a block of 18 Nos.1- bedroom flats as staff quarters for Junior staff at the Service headquartersSauka, Abuja, and awaiting commissioning to provide decent accommodationto officers and men of Nigeria Immigration service to enhance theirproductivityCMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 48
  56. 56. • Completion of access road /drainage facilities from the main gate to theSenior Staff quarters at the Service Headquarters for easy movement ofofficers and men of Nigeria Immigration Service.• Completion of a Library/ ICT Centre at the Service Headquarters andoccupied in order to access more documents and materials from otherlibraries across the world.• A block of 8 no.2-Bedroom flats at the Service Headquarters completed andoccupied .This is to provide decent accommodation to Officers and toenhance their productivity.• A block of 8 no.2-Bedroom flats at Service Headquarters is at the final stageof completion.• Completion of 10 rooms hostel at the Immigration Training School,Ahoada, Rivers State to provide adequate and modern accommodation forthe trainees.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 49
  57. 57. Completed block of 8 nos. 2 bedroom flats atSHQs - AbujaNewly completed e-passport office at the NISHeadquarters, Sauka, AbujaCompleted Library/ICT Complex, at SHQs,AbujaCompleted block of 18 nos. 1 Bedroom Flats atSHQs, AbujaNIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICEMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 50
  58. 58. PRISONS MANAGEMENTa. PRISONS REFORM• The Nigeria Prisons Service mandate is to reform the inmate to enable himfit into society. In order to achieve the reform mandate, the service hasembarked on training programmes for the inmate.• The Prison service has completed arrangements to use the PPP model tomanage the Prisons farm centres in a joint Venture PartnershipManagement with MESSRS KONSULT RABBONI LTD for an initial pilotphase of 5 years.• The bill to amend the Act has passed through second reading at NationalAssembly• The farms are to provide agric- business training to the inmates in thevarious agricultural activities such as, animal husbandry, various types ofcrop farming, aquaculture etc.• In addition to providing skills acquisition to the inmates, the farms willalso provide farm produces that could be utilized in prisons or sold to theMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 51
  59. 59. public for revenue generation.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 52
  60. 60. lThe Prisons Service has been facing challenges of prisons congestion and in order toaddress this problem, the following measures have been taken:• Constitution of a Presidential Inter-ministerial Committee on prisonsdecongestion has been inaugurated by the Hon. Minister of Interior• A storey building cell block at Kaduna Prison is almost completed.• A storey block for about Two Hundred and Twelve (212) inmates was completed atKano Central Prison to provide adequate accommodation forthe inmates• A storey block for One Hundred and Thirty Six (136) inmates was completed at AbaPrison to provide adequate accommodation for the inmates.• Drug Compounding Laboratory – 92% completion and about to be commissioned.PRISON REFORMSlThe Nigerian Prisons Service currently has twenty (20) mechanized farm centres acrossthe country. In order to effectively manage the farms, the Service is going intopartnership with a Private Agricultural Entrepreneur to manage the farms starting withseven (8) pilot farm centres located in each of the geo-political zones.b. PRISONS DECONGESTIONMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 53
  61. 61. • Completion and commissioning of the Borstal Training Institute ClinicKaduna February 2013 to provide medical service for Officers.• Prisons Barracks Hospital over 95% completion and about to becommissioned.• Commissioned Staff School at the Headquarters of the Nigeria PrisonsService by the First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan in April, 2013.• Completed 7 nos. 3 bedroom detached bungalows at Prisons Village,Abuja.• Completed Staff canteen at Prison Village, Abuja.• Completed prototype female cellblock at Yenagoa, Bayelsa.• Newly commissioned Admin block at Yenagoa, Bayelsa.• Commissioning of newly built modern prison in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State toprovide adequate accommodation for the inmates.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 54
  62. 62. Newly completed cellblock at Kaduna Prison Completed 7 nos 3 bedroom detachedbungalows at Prison Village, AbujaCompleted Admin Block at Yenagoa,BayelsaCompleted Staff Canteen at PrisonVillage, AbujaPRISONS DECONGESTIONMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 55
  63. 63. Completed 4 unit cellblock at Yenagoa,Bayelsa StateCompleted Phototype Female Cellblock atYenagoa, Bayelsa StateCompleted Bortals Training Institution Clinicat Kakuri, Kaduna StateNewly Completed 2 Unit Cell Building atAhoada, River StatePRISONS DECONGESTIONMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 56
  64. 64. • Completion of Block of 6 units of 2 Bedroom flat at Sauka Abuja to providedecent accommodation for the corps• Completion of Administrative Block at Sauka Abuja to provide officeaccommodation to staff service delivery• Completion of a storey Building (Admin Block) in Katsina to provide adequateaccommodation for the corps.• Completion of a Block of 36 units of 1 Bedroom in Katsina to providedecent accommodation to officers to enhance their productivity• Construction of ten (10) nos. classroom blocks at Abeokuta trainingschool.• onstruction of ten (10) classroom at Katsina training school to providedecent classroom for the trainees.• Construction of four (4) unit of three (3) bedroom flats of two (2) storeybuilding at Sauka Abuja.CNIGERIA SECURITY AND CIVIL DEFENCE CORPSMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 57
  65. 65. •• Completion of indoor sporting complex at Sauka to ensure that the officersare physically fit.• Construction of a female hostel at Collage management Abeokuta• Construction of twenty (20) unit of one (1) bedroom flat of one (1) storeybuilding at Sauka Abuja.• 200 units of 9mm parabellum semi automatic pistol each complete withcarrying case, cleaning kit, two (2) magazines to the specification attached and11,000 units of rounds of 19mm parabellum ammunition to the NigeriaSecurity and Civil Defence.• Construction of a Block of 36 units of 1 Bedroom in Abeokuta.• Supply of four (4) Toyota Hiace bus Ambulances with Medical Gadget andAccessories in Abuja• Supply 6 nos Toyota Hilux double cabin pick up van at Abuja• Supply Of 140 Ak 47 Rifles And Accessories With 10 Boxes Of Ammunitions inAbuja.Construction of a female hostel at the Katsina training school.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 58
  66. 66. • Construction of Administrative Block in Abeokuta, Ogun State.• Construction of Male Hostel at the Training School, Katsina State.• Construction of 4 Unit of 3 Bedroom Flat at College of SecurityManagement at Abeokuta, Ogun State.• Construction of a Warehouse at Sauka, Abuja.• Completion of Fabrication and Installation of Steel Tank forAdministrative Block Phase 2 in Abeokuta, Ogun State.• Completion of Fencing of a 4 Bedroom Flat at the Zonal Commandant’sResidence at the Training School, Katsina State.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 59
  67. 67. Newly Completed Administrative building at NSCDCAcadamy, Sauka- FCTCompleted 36 Units of 1 Bedroom Flat at NSCDCTraining School, KatsinaCompleted Indoor Sporting Complex at NSCDCAcadamy Sauka, AbujaCompleted Block of 6 units of 2 bedroom flat atNSCDC Acadamy Sauka, AbujaNIGERIA SECURITY AND CIVIL DEFENCE CORPSMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 60
  68. 68. Newly Procurred Operational Vehicles andAmbulances for NSCDCHandover of arms and ammunitionto NSCDC by the GOC 2nd Division,Nigeria Army( From left: GOC 2nd Div, ComradeAbba Moro, Hon. Min. Of Interiorand Dr. MukhtarYero, Gov. Of Kaduna State)MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 61
  69. 69. • One (1) Staff Housing 6x3 Bed Block of Flat. This is to provide accommodationto officers to enhance their productivity.• Drill Tower to train the officers and men on fire fighting at the Fire TrainingSchool, Sheda.• Drill Ground; train the officers and men on fire fighting at Sheda.• Cafeteria for eatry for the trainees at Sheda.• One (1) Flash-Over Demonstration Prop train the officers and men on firefighting at FTS, Sheda.• Clinic to provide medical service for officers and men of fire service at FTS,Sheda.• Student Hostel to provide adequate and decent accommodation at FTS, Sheda.• Perimeter Security Lighting for security to secure the environment at FTS,Sheda.FEDARAL FIRE SERVICEMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 62
  70. 70. • Confined Space Prop to train the officers and men on fire fighting at FTS,Sheda.• Hot Fire Training Prop to train the officers and men on fire fighting at FTS,Sheda.• Fuel Tanker Training Prop to train the officers and men on fire fighting at FTS,Sheda.• Road Traffic Accident Prop to train the officers and men on fire fighting at FTS,Sheda.• While the following projects are on-oing(a) Admin Block 65%(b) External Electrification 80%(c) Commandant Quarters 50%(d) Burn Building (Fire House) 5%(e) Rail Crash Training Prop 70%(f) Computer Room/ Library 60%(g) Aircraft Rescue Trop 20%MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 63
  71. 71. Staff Quarters at Fire Training School, Sheda-AbujaTrainee Hostel at Fire Training School, Sheda-AbujaDrill Tower at Fire Training School, Sheda-AbujaOil Tanker Fire Prop.FEDARAL FIRE SERVICEMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 64
  72. 72. Clinic at the Fire Training School, Sheda-Library at the Fire Training School, Sheda - AbujaClassrooms at the Fire Training School, Sheda-Sprinkler Power House at the Fire Training School,Sheda - AbujaFEDARAL FIRE SERVICEMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 65
  73. 73. CIVIL DEFENCE, FIRE, IMMIGRATION ANDPRISONS SERVICES BOARD• Biometric data capturing of Officers, development and hosting ofwebsite for collection of personnel data of the Four (4)paramilitary services.• Review and publishing of guidelines on appointment anddiscipline for the four (4) Para-military services.• The Board has developed e-recruitment portal for easyrecruitment into the Para-military Services.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 66
  74. 74. S/N SERVICE/DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION AMOUNT1. Citizenship and Business Automation ? 88,359,502.862. Citizenship and Business Revenue Account ? 183,536,785.743. Citizenship and Business Revenue Account US$ 230,041.234. Nigeria Immigration Service e-Passports ? 6,962,263,325.505. Nigeria Immigration Service e-Passports US$13,906,549.026. Nigeria Immigration Service CERPAC ? 2,122,261,883.387. Nigeria Security and Civil DefenceCorpsPrivate GuardCompanies? 258,912,300.008. Federal Fire Services Registration of privatefire stations? 250,056,330.599. Nigeria Prisons Service Farm Centres ? 385,495,084.41In the last two years the Ministry and its services have generatedrevenue as follows:REVENUE GENERATIONMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 67
  75. 75. S/N MINISTRY/AGENCIES AMOUNT(?)1. MAIN MINISTRYCapitalRecurrent518,749,880.18657,097,558.002. NIGERIA PRISONS SERVICECapitalRecurrent120,285,661,165.00116,164,008,280.003. NIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICECapitalRecurrent2,316,906,922.0094,630,928,012.004. NIGERIA SECURITY AND CIVIL DEFENCE CORPSCapitalRecurrent893,488,820.501,059,890,896.415. FEDERAL FIRE SERVICESCapitalRecurrent862,133,254.011,128,342,167.006. CIVIL DEFENCE,FIRE, IMMIGRATION AND PRISONS BOARDCapitalRecurrent52,914,921.50337,734,846.127. CUSTOM, IMMIGRATIONAND PRISON PENSION OFFICECapitalRecurrent 442,411,362.71BUDGET RELEASES (2011-2012MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 68
  82. 82. • In consideration of the scope of the Ministry’s mandate and its expected rolein addressing the prevailing security challenges, the Ministry is grosslyunderfunded.• Prison expansion and the purchase of Black Maria vehicles urgently requirefunding to address the prison congestion problem.• The Federal Fire Service is in dire need of new Fire Stations and modernequipment to deliver on its mandate in view of recent upsurge in fire outbreaks• Effective border control/surveillance by the NIS require huge funding• The NSCDC is facing increasing sophistication from pipeline/cable vandalsand so require purchase of more modern equipment for surveillance andintelligence gathering• The Bill to amend the Act is still with the NASS.• The Prison Act is obsolete and retards the operation of the NPS as a modernprison service.CHALLENGESMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 75
  83. 83. • The Immigration Act of 1963 contains inherent role conflicts between theMinistry and other Agencies, it is impeding the operation of the service asstexpected in the 21 century Immigration Service.• The problem of prison congestion is largely attributable to the countrysslow justice system that has given rise to the disproportionately largenumber of awaiting trial inmates (70% awaiting trials inmates as against30% convicted offenders). Presidential Inter-Ministerial committee hasbeen inaugurated to proffer a sustainable solutions of decongesting theprisons.• The Bill to amend the Act is still pending with the NASS.• The Justice system needs urgent review to enhance speedy trials• Alternative to prison terms as punishment for offenders should beintroduced into the system to achieve the desired reformation of inmates.MINISTRY OF INTERIOR 76
  84. 84. lImproved budgetary allocation to the ministry, agencies and Para-militaryservices.lExploration of further PPP arrangements towards bridging funding gaps in thesector.lBuilding of more border plazas to check illegal immigration.lFull implementation of the new visa policylIncreased capacity building for personnel of the sector.lAcquisition of more modern equipment for operations in the sector.WAY FORWARDMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 77
  85. 85. lThe untiring efforts of Mr. President to tackle the internal securitychallenges of the country are well known.lThe Ministry of Interior and its Agencies shall continue to do its best to deliveron its mandate.lThe limitations of availability of public resources for delivery of the Ministrymandate needs to be looked into by Government while the Ministry on its ownwill explore viable PPP arrangements to deliver services to its end users.lThe indispensability of security to ensure the desired peace for any sustainabledevelopment cannot be over-emphasised.lCollaboration, stakeholder engagements and private partnerships shall beexplored to expand the capacity of the Ministry to deliver.lIt is hoped that other sectors whose activities impact on the internal securitysector shall do their part to achieve the overall national goal.CONCLUSION/RECOMMENDATIONSMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 78
  86. 86. To reposition the interior Ministry, Agencies and Commands to enable themachieve and deliver on their organizational mandate, efficiently andeffectively, anchoring on:a. Professional Excellenceb. Corporate Efficiencyc. Transparency and Integrityd. Discipline and Dedicatione. Citizenship Protectionf. Patriotism and Nationalismg. Global Best PracticesWith a resolve to impact purposeful direction, pragmatic leadership,transparency in transactions and an efficient and productive work ethic,while also maintaining a project execution technique that is strategic,Tactical and Operationally Effective within appropriate regulatory frameworkin the discharge of my duties.MINISTERIAL VISIONMINISTRY OF INTERIOR 79