Tom Jelneck: Rock Your SEO #FLBlogCon13


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Tom Jelneck's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

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Tom Jelneck: Rock Your SEO #FLBlogCon13

  1. 1. ROCK YOUR SEO With Tom Jelneck
  2. 2. Rock Your SEO.@tomjelneck
  3. 3. History Of Search. 1993: First Search Engine Is Launched: Created To Index & list CONTENT. 1994: Lycos Goes Live. Lycos is Created to Index & list CONTENT. 1995: Yahoo! Goes Live. Yahoo! is Created as a directory to index CONTENT.
  4. 4. History Of Search 1998: Google Goes Live. Google is Created to Index and list CONTENT. 2005: AOL Search Goes Live. Created to Index and list CONTENT. 1998+: SEO Firms all over the world are optimizing websites & CONTENT to get found. An industry is born.
  5. 5. History Of Search 2013: Google launches Panda & Penguin Algorithm updates to make certain that SEO firms aren’t gaming the system. Algorithm focuses on CONTENT. 2013: FLBlogCon Attendees learn that they’ve been doing it right the whole time by creating amazing CONTENT.
  6. 6. What Does An SEO Expert Look Like?
  7. 7. Google is tightening the noose on Black Hat SEO Tactics: - Evil, Sinister CONTENT. - Shady Link Farms - Paid Links - On Site Over-Optimization
  8. 8. Penguins, Pandas & Unicorns. Recent Google Updates have focused on a few core elements & indicators: - Citations - Social Media Klout / Presence - RELEVANT links pointing to your content. - The Quality of your CONTENT.
  9. 9. - Obsessing About Keywords. - Hiding Copy. - Buying Links. - Jacking Content from other sites. - NOT building CONTENT for your visitors. - Not adding anything NEW to the net.
  10. 10. How To Rock It
  11. 11. How To Rock It - Get Social. - Get Writing. - Get Sharing. -Create Multiple ‘Species’ of CONTENT. - Create Amazing. - Create for your users first.
  12. 12. When You’re Doing It Right.........
  13. 13. When You’re Rocking It... - People start talking about your Content. - People start sharing your CONTENT. - People want to add to your Content. - People want to be associated with your website. - Google starts paying attention to the people who love your website.
  14. 14. Some Tips To Rock It Out. - FOCUS. Create an Editorial Calendar. - Keep it up. Don’t stop writing. - Build your tribe, GET on Google+ and establish Google Authorship. - Create great titles for your content. - Make certain your content is shareable. - MEASURE, RINSE, REPEAT.
  15. 15. SEO = Human Optimization. The bottom line is this. Create amazing, relevant, shareable CONTENT for Humans & Google, Bing, Yahoo will reward you with results.
  16. 16. Thank You & Stuff. Tom Jelneck @tomjelneck