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Monetzizing your blog - Katy Widrick's presentation from FLBlogCon's FORUM14

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Monetizing Your Blog

  1. 1. Monetize Your Blog {without selling out} Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  2. 2. "I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful." By Los Angeles Times [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  3. 3. sources Ad networks ! Private ads ! Affiliate sales ! Sponsored posts ! Event sponsorships ! freelance/contract Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  4. 4. ad networks Companies or organizations that organize a group of bloggers then connect them with a group of advertisers. Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  5. 5. ad networks Example: $2 per 1,000 page views ($2 CPM) 1,000 page views a day x 30 days X $2 CPM = $60/month CPM can range from $.25-$8+ CPM (average is in the low end) CPC (cost per click) is performance based Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  6. 6. private ads Ads that are arranged for between one blogger (or a few, but not a large group) and one organization. Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  7. 7. Private Ads Example: $1 per 1,000 page views ($1 CPM) 1,000 page views a day x 30 days X $1CPM X 4 ads = $120/month Flat fees can range from $5-???? impression guarantees with flexible timelines blogger provides analytics Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  8. 8. sponsored posts Brands or organizations compensate bloggers — in cash or product — for a post or posts. Compensated with: Cash (avg. $25-75; can go as high as $500-750) Products Giveaways one-off or recurring Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  9. 9. affiliate sales For each product that the blogger sells, via personalized and exclusive tracking code or link, the blogger gets a percentage of that sale. Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  10. 10. Affiliate Sales Example: 10% of product sales $200 product x 1 X 10% = $20 for blogger $10 product x 200 X 10% = $200 for blogger Earn credits for referrals/sales Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  11. 11. Product Sales Direct sales, usually of e-books, apparel and services. event sponsorships Brands or organizations contract with a blogger for representation and/or product ambassadorship at conferences, travel events, seminars, etc. freelance/ contract work Bloggers are paid for writing posts (or doing graphics, Web development, etc.) on sites that are not their own. Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  12. 12. best practices (aka: make your partners happy but don’t drive your readers away) Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  13. 13. Your portfolio: Media Kit Rate Sheet Cover letter Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  14. 14. s s - Design Info Your Full Name Your Website A Brief Description Social Media Analytics/ Statistics Contact Info - Photo and/or - Logo Clean and Classy Representative Typo-Free! Third Person s Optional - Ad Rates/Sizes - Testimonials - Proof of Performance Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  15. 15. - Recent Photo Blog Header Short Bio and bout Sections A With Keywords Social Icons istics, Services, Stat Benefits Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  16. 16. best practices Be open and honest Post your policies Know the law(s) Be selective regular roundups/ thank yous easy-to-find media kit solicit (and respond to!) reader feedback Go Above and Beyond Learn How to Measure Pay it forward Haters Gonna Hate Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  17. 17. a few of my favorite things Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  18. 18. a few of my favorite things Fitfluential izea/socialspark clever girls collective commission junction the sits girls share a sale sway group she heard swerve shopsense/shopstyle Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
  19. 19. questions? Katy Widrick | | @kwidrick
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