Melissa Albers & Jimi Kunkel: Use Instagram Like a Rock Star #FLBlogCon13
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Melissa Albers & Jimi Kunkel: Use Instagram Like a Rock Star #FLBlogCon13



Melissa Albers & Jimi Kunkel's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

Melissa Albers & Jimi Kunkel's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.



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Melissa Albers & Jimi Kunkel: Use Instagram Like a Rock Star #FLBlogCon13 Melissa Albers & Jimi Kunkel: Use Instagram Like a Rock Star #FLBlogCon13 Presentation Transcript

  • #InstaVine Use Instagram & Vine Like a Rock Star! FLBlogCon 2013 #InstaVine
  • #InstaVine Melissa Albers Jimi Kunkel Meet the Speakers Director, Social Media Social Media Strategist
  • #InstaVine • Every 2 minutes we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s • 10% of all 3.8 trillion images ever taken was taken in the past 12 months • We take 4x as many photos as we did 10 years ago • As many as 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014 The Evolution of Photos
  • #InstaVine • 2011: 20% of News Feed stories were photos...Today: 50% • 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day...that’s 243,056 per minute • 27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute • Instagram surpassed 5 billion photos last year during its transition to Facebook • Facebook expands News Feed for photos and video Picture This... Facebook is still King
  • #InstaVine Photo Sharing has Changed
  • #InstaVine Online Video • 2006: YouTube averages 100 million views per day...Today: 4 billion views per day • Globally, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016 • 52% of consumers say that watching videos makes them more confident in online purchases • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others
  • #InstaVine Pick Your Programming Nicholas Megalis (2.6M Followers) 1.7M people like this 369.5K revines 142.7K comments
  • #InstaVine
  • #InstaVine
  • #InstaVine 130M Instagram users 45M Photos/ Day 16B Total Photos 1B Likes/ Day 1K Comments/ Sec 5M Videos Uploaded on Day 1
  • #InstaVine • 2/ 3 of the Top 100 brands are on Instagram • Top 50 brands have an average of 722,000 Followers and 1.5 million mentions • Most Instagrammed brand is @Nike with 13 million posts mentioning #Nike • Most followed brand is @NatGeo with 2.6 million 100% 50% • 62% of brands on Instagram have shared at least one video
  • #InstaVine #MyBlueprint MyBluePrint video
  • #InstaVine #MyBlueprint MyBluePrint
  • #InstaVine #MyBlueprint Stats • 400 total photo entries • 7,000 Likes • 200 Comments • Nearly 200% increase in month-over-month growth • 15% of total month blog page views • 06:25 average time on page • myblueprint * May 10, 2013 - June 10, 2013 MyBluePrint
  • #InstaVine What makes micro-video effective? • Technical Limitations • Brevity = Creativity • Easily Consumed • Live-Action Photographs Why Micro-Video? Who better to introduce micro-video than the king of micro-blogging?
  • #InstaVine
  • #InstaVine 40M Vine users 5 Vines Tweeted/ sec 432K Videos/ Day 207% 2 month user growth *Vine has yet to release data measuring the number of active users
  • #InstaVine • Only brand in the Top 100 Vine Users is...Vine (356k) • Most followed brand is @NBA with 246,000+ Followers • Successful Brand Campaigns: • GE - #6secondscience • Lowes - #lowesfixinsix • Oreo - Owl City Flash Mob • A branded Vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video
  • #InstaVine Did Vine Lose Ground to Instagram?
  • #InstaVine Instagram vs Vine Instagram Video Launch
  • #InstaVine Instagram vs Vine
  • #InstaVine Think... ...there is a place for both Instagram vs Vine
  • #InstaVine Adopt a visual first strategy Help consumers visualize how they can use your product or service
  • #InstaVine Give users a reason to follow you Showing consumers your product isn’t enough. Macy’s
  • #InstaVine Channel the Hashtag • Use hashtags as a CTA • Don’t just use your branded hashtag...own it! • Hashtag Responsibly • Don’t overuse tags • Use only relevant tags
  • #InstaVine Encourage User-Generated Content • Promote hashtags to consolidate user- generated content • Showcase your product/ service and the community will do the same • Repost user content from brand pages Effects: • Builds content hubs for future posts • Encourages advocacy and fills user feeds with branded content • Builds rapport with the community and gives Followers a sense of ownership
  • #InstaVine • Online Influencers • Industry Leaders • Direct Competition • Media Research Influencers/Competition
  • #InstaVine A Few Brands That Get It
  • #InstaVine Superb Brand Photos: Instagram
  • #InstaVine Best Short Videos: Instagram AT&T Lululemon Nike
  • #InstaVine Best Short Videos: Vine Dunkin DonutsLowe’sOreo
  • #InstaVine The Prospect of Ads “When the right time comes.” - Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO • Brands are already uploading Ads to their account as content • 15 second limit of Instagram video is the same as industry standard for online Ads • Brands are leveraging Influencers on Instagram and Vine to promote their products • Fallout from the changed Instagram Terms and Conditions shows consumer angst over Ads
  • #InstaVine Best Practices • Analyze your brand strengths and put them at the forefront of your visual strategy • Keep your finger on the pulse and take advantage of relevant trends • Utilize tagging to reach a greater audience: #instagood, #photooftheday, #selfie, #remake • Develop unique campaigns that ask users to share their own content and consolidate the content via a hashtag
  • #InstaVine Best Practices cont... • Remember, Instagram and Vine are communities, so engage with users • Curate content ranging from loosely brand-related to product-specific • Drive web traffic to company site and other websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc • Instagram or Vine? Know where your audience is and which platform fits your brand
  • #InstaVine Experiment
  • #InstaVine Connect with us: fsnation
  • #InstaVine Melissa Albers Jimi Kunkel Connect with the Speakers Director, Social Media @Melissa_Albers Social Media Strategist @JimiKunkel
  • #InstaVine Appendix http:/ / 94-number-of-photos-ever-taken-digital-and-analog-in-shoebox http:/ / heres-why-facebook-completely-changed-its-core-feature-today-chart-2013-3 http:/ / hunterschwarz/ how-many-photos-have-been-taken-ever-6zgv http:/ / Timeline http:/ / 8301-1023_3-57498531-93/ facebook-processes-more-than-500-tb-of-data-daily/ http:/ / index.php/ by-the-numbers-17-amazing-facebook-stats/ http:/ / news/ 2013/ 05/ how-many-photos-are-uploaded-to-internet-every-minute http:/ / brands/ celtra-15-must-know-stats-for-online-video/ http:/ / 4sVv9CHsY40 http:/ / instagram-statistics/ http:/ / 2013/ 06/ 21/ instagram-hit-5-million-video-uploads-within-24-hours/ http:/ / blog/ 2013/ 05/ 09/ how-top-brands-are-using-instagram-since-the-facebook-buy-study/
  • #InstaVine Appendix 2 http:/ / business/ technology/ la-fi-tn-vine-popularity-skyrocketing-despite-instagram- video-20130821,0,7354833.story http:/ / alltwitter/ vine-stats_b47276 http:/ / 2013/ 8/ 20/ 4641980/ vine-hits-40-million-registered-users-but-how-many-are-active http:/ / alltwitter/ vine-facts-tips_b48833 http:/ / top-viners http:/ / 2013/ 07/ 08/ instagram-vs-vine-iphone/ http:/ / facebook/ 2013/ 07/ 24/ zuckerberg-facebook-will-generate-a-lot-of-profit-from- instagram-ads-will-come-when-the-time-is-right/ http:/ / sites/ laurashin/ 2013/ 08/ 23/ ads-already-sneaking-their-way-onto-instagram/