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Jeanette Scott: How Bloggers Make Money #FLBlogCon13
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Jeanette Scott: How Bloggers Make Money #FLBlogCon13


Published on

Jeanette Scott's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

Jeanette Scott's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. “How Do Bloggers Make Money?”
  • 2. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Today We Are Talking About: Tactics for Monetizing: 1. Affiliate links 2. Banner ads 3. Sponsorships 4. Freelancing 5. Free items 6. Related programs 7. Paid content Myths of Monetizing: 1. It’s yucky 2. It’s not lucrative 3. It alters content 4. It’s passive 5. It’s expensive 6. It’s that simple
  • 3. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Tactics for Monetizing
  • 4. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 1. Affiliate Links  Advantages: use them anywhere, use them anytime, link to whatever you are most passionate about.  Programs: - ShopStyle (a PPC program) - RewardStyle - Amazon Associates - ShareASale - Commission Junction
  • 5. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 2. Banner Ads  Two types: networks and direct sales  Ad networks - install code in your sidebar, relevant ads from the network appear. Examples: Izea, Google AdSense  Direct sales - ad space sold directly to a company  Compute your CPM ($1 = per thousand impressions) to set a price
  • 6. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 3. Direct Sponsorships  Paid content on your blog  Paid spokesperson  Provide full disclosure (required by the FCC)  Use CPM and your “hourly” rate to set a price
  • 7. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 4. Freelance Gigs  Writing gigs -  Other services within your industry: personal shopping, personal trainer, in-home chef  Besides income, these opportunities can provide SEO and credibility
  • 8. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 5. Free Items  It may not be cash, but free items can save you money  Consider selling the items later on eBay or Craigslist
  • 9. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 6. Related Programs  Multi-level marketing programs  You can sell jewelry, nutrition products, Tupperware  These are full and part-time programs that work well when paired with a blog
  • 10. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 7. Paid Content  eBooks  YouTube  Or even a short PDF with exclusive content
  • 11. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Implications of Monetizing
  • 12. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #1: It’s yucky  My personal story: lemonade from lemons  Blogging uses the same methods to monetize as trusted publications  Provide full disclosure  Blogging can be a powerful source of income, and help you financially
  • 13. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #2: It’s not lucrative  Examples from other bloggers: 10k from one photo, 50-70k per month  These #s should not be intimidating. You may never reach that level, but it’s encouraging and motivating knowing that the potential is really that high.
  • 14. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #3: It alters your content  I was already linking to things, I just needed to monetize the links.  As you learn to use different methods, you may alter your content slightly. But these changes can benefit your readers. You can monetize and provide better content at the same time.
  • 15. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #4: It’s passive  Not all websites are monetized, and income doesn’t just happen.  You don’t have to wait for a company to hire you to make money. You already have tremendous earning potential available through affiliate links and banner ads. So go out and get it!  My income is completely set without ANY sponsorships from companies.
  • 16. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #5: It’s expensive  You don’t need to put in money to make money. Blogging costs are very small, with a high profit margin.  That said, investing in your blog is not a bad idea. It’s just not necessary to raise a lot of capital to get started.
  • 17. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #6: It’s that simple  The big secret: tactics will get you nowhere!!  Anyone can add a monetization tactic to their blog, but that won’t make you money. Where you really shine, is producing the content you are passionate about. That’s the true key to monetization.
  • 18. “Of any activity you do, ask yourself: If I were the last person on earth, would I still do it?” - Steven Pressfield, War of Art
  • 19. @jseverydayfash #FLBlogCon13 Myth #6: It’s that simple  Arnold would still be at the gym, Stevie Wonder would still play piano.  If you would still be doing the things that you blog about, that is your sweet spot.  Monetizing is not about the tactics you use, but about you doing what you were born to do.
  • 20. “Creative work [blogging] is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It's a gift to the world and every being in it. Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you've got.” - Steven Pressfield, War of Art