Official Guide of Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference 2013

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This is the official guide of the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference presented by Bahama Breeze. A one-day gathering of the state's biggest bloggers and social media pros, FLBlogCon is being …

This is the official guide of the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference presented by Bahama Breeze. A one-day gathering of the state's biggest bloggers and social media pros, FLBlogCon is being held this year at Full Sail University on Saturday, September 21. (And we're sold out early!)

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  • 1. Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Full Sail University Official Conference Guide Presented by Bahama Breeze
  • 2. I’d like to personally welcome you to the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference presented by Bahama Breeze. Now in its third year, FLBlogCon is a one-day gathering of Florida’s biggest bloggers and social media enthusiasts. As the conference founder and host, I welcome you to this incredible opportunity to learn, experience, discover, network, laugh, and enjoy. My planning team and I are committed to providing a quality conference with valuable information, and we look forward to meeting you in person! Welcome!Welcome! -Bess Auer This year’s theme is “Aiming for Awesome” because each of us has the potential to reach our personal perfection.
  • 3. FLBlogCon was founded on the principles of openly sharing experience and expertise with others. This conference provides one day where we cast aside differences in backgrounds, blogging topics, and competitive goals, and instead embrace coming together in the spirit of cooperation, helpfulness, and friendship. We know you will embrace this philosophy and focus on the great role models of professionalism set by yourself and your fellow bloggers. Most importantly, we want all bloggers to feel welcome and included, no matter their experience or background. Thank you for helping to make this happen! #FLBlogCon13 Remember to use this hashtag whenever you tweet, pin, or post to Facebook and Instagram! Our Philosophy
  • 4. Jeanette Scott Facebook: 63,000 Fans Twitter: 9,800 Followers @JsEveryDayFash Klout: 73 Ben Reed Facebook: 950 Combined Fans Twitter: 3,600 Combined Followers @OrlndoWaterHole @AdventureswBen Klout: 65 Brian Wilson Facebook: 1,600 Fans Twitter: 6,820 Combined Followers @CentralFLTop5 @TheNiceBrian Klout: 47 Josh Murdock Facebook: 313 Fans Twitter: 2,350 Followers @ProfessorJosh Klout: 72 Katy Widrick and Twitter: 14,600 Followers Klout: 70 Our Planning Team
  • 5. FLBlogging For Good Blog Post Entry: 1.Write a blog post about Second Harvest Food Bank. (250-word minimum) 2.Post your link to FLBlogCon’s Facebook page here. 3.Boom! You are entered to win a $100 Visa Gift card for best blog post. Instagram Entry: 1.Take a photo of a meal arranged on a plate. 2.Post it to your Instagram account. 3.Caption it however you want but you must include this message: “1 in 5 FLoridians don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” 4.You also must use the hashtag #FeedFL 5.Boom! You are entered to win a $100 Visa gift card for best Instagram. FLBlogCon is thrilled to announce the 2nd Annual “FLBlogging for Good” Campaign as part of FLBlogCon 2013. This year we’re “Aiming for Awesome” by giving away two $100 Visa Gift Cards to two talented and lucky bloggers who tell the best stories of our participating non-profit: the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Click here for full details. Post deadline: Saturday, September 14 Win a $100 gift card or a gift basket! #FeedFL Enter one of two ways: #FeedFL
  • 6. What to Bring Dress: •Dress is casual. This is an all-day conference, so be sure to dress comfortably! •Yoga is even being offered as a mid-day break, so remember to bring a towel on which to sit if you plan on participating. (The yoga is for all skill levels.) Electronics: •Full Sail University is equipped to provide us with some kicking wi-fi, so bring on your devices! Smart phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, etc. •Bring a charger - we’ll have plenty of power strips for you to recharge! •Be sure to plan your day beforehand by visiting our online agenda and download your personalized schedule to your smart phone. •Remember, we are paperless, so you want to have a device to download conference materials as well as to follow along via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. •And use #FLBlogCon13 when you tweet or post to Instagram. Other: •If you don’t have a mobile device, you will want to print your agenda and bring it with you. •Cash or credit card for t-shirts, books, a new headshot, tip after a massage, etc. •Parking, Florida Dairy Council snacks, Barnie’s Coffee, Bahama Breeze Lunch, and the Ford After Party are all included. •Bring your business cards, so you can network with other bloggers, brands, and PR pros in attendance. •Prepare your elevator pitch - what is your blog about? Be sure you can describe it succinctly and effectively to others. •Bring a smile and put your best foot forward. Remember, we are ALL there to learn from each other, no matter our blogging experience or skill level.
  • 7. Important Links FLBlogCon: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - For the Conference: Online Agenda - Official Guide - After the Conference: Slideshare - We are proud to be paperless!
  • 8. Take aVirtual Tour Online Right Now! Sign Up to Take a Tour While at FLBlogCon! The Venue
  • 9. Parking Directions: •From University Blvd. •Turn South at the light on Driggs Ave. Address for Your GPS: 141 University Park Drive. Winter Park, FL 32792 Driggs Ave. Ale House McDonald’s Parking You will be parking near this building.
  • 10. Happening Here: •Check In •Swag Bag Pick Up •Red Carpet Photos •Meet & Greet with Orlando Magic’s Pat Williams •Meet for Full Sail Tour at Lunch Tweet us @FloridaMilk and tell us what you think of the yogurt parfaits! Florida Dairy Farmers Lobby
  • 11. Full Sail Live Happening Here: •Opening Keynote •Break Out Sessions •Closing Keynote
  • 12. Bahama Breeze Back Lot Happening Here: •Lunch by Bahama Breeze •Display of Ford Cars along “Ford Avenue” •Ford After Party Food by Sysco •Ford After Party Drinks by Pinnacle Vodka •Ford After Party Entertainment DRINK RESPONSIBLY
  • 13. Barnie’s Coffee Break Room Happening Here: •Relaxing & Networking •Barnie’s Coffee Extravaganza •Snacks by the Florida Dairy Farmers •T-Shirts by J’s Everyday Fashion •Head Shots by Macbeth Photos •Massages by Motherlove Massage •3-D Printer Demonstration
  • 14. Auditorium and Classrooms Happening Here: •Break Out Sessions •Bonus Sessions at Lunch A B Auditorium Classrooms A and B
  • 15. The Agenda We are paperless! Click here to view an interactive, printable agenda. 21 Save your schedule on your device!
  • 16. Business of Blogging Social Media Tools Website Building Beginner & Intermediate Quick Guide Media Kits:The Good, Bad, and the Ugly How Do Bloggers Make Money? Taking My Blog Full-Time Transparency in Blogging Building Relationships With Brands Blogging 101 Twitter 101 Facebook 101 Using Instagram Like a Rock Star CreatingVideo Content Becoming a Social Media Pioneer Using Twitter Chats Social Media Tips from a Ford Brand Specialist Using Social Media Creatively Making Google+ Work forYou Using Offline Interactions to Increase Online Engagement Blogging: Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of It RockYour SEO Psychotic Cross- Content Training Widgets and Gadgets, Part II Remember we are paperless! Click here for an online agenda and to read more about each session.
  • 17. Opening Keynote •SeniorVice President of the Orlando Magic •Best-Selling Author •Father of 19 Children •Cancer Survivor •Motivational Speaker Click here to read more about Pat. @OrlandoMagicPat Presented by Bahama Breeze
  • 18. Beginner & Intermediate Blogging 101 •Full-time blogger •Founder and host of FLBlogCon and Blogger Bootcamp •Owner of Florida Swim Network and Auer New Media Click here to read more about Bess. @Bess_Auer
  • 19. The Business of Blogging Media Kits: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly •Executive producer at Bolder Broadcasting •Founder of #fitblog chats •Healthy living blogger •Mom blogger Click here to read more about Katy. @Kwidrick
  • 20. Social Media Tools Becoming a Social Media Pioneer •Full-time Blogger •Co-Founder of Pin Chat Live •Leading food blogger •Featured speaker Click here to read more about Christine. @CooktheStory
  • 21. Website Building Using Offline Interactions to Increase Online Engagement •Leading Disney Expert •Producer and host of WDW Radio Show •Best travel podcast for 7 years in a row (‘06-‘12) •Author and speaker Click here to read more about Lou. @loumongello
  • 22. Beginner & Intermediate Twitter 101 •Editor of award-winning blog •Community director at Co-Lab Orlando •Creative consultant •Freelance Fundraiser Click here to read more about Brian. @TheNiceBrian
  • 23. The Business of Blogging How Do Bloggers Make Money? •Full-time blogger •#10 Most-Followed Fashion Blog (Les Cashiers) •Walmart spokesperson •Collaborator with brands such as InStyle, Macy’s, and more Click here to read more about Jeanette. @jseverydayfash
  • 24. Social Media Tools Using Twitter Chats •Award-winning blogger •Owner of Ella Media •Featured on Univision, NBC, •Roundtable discussions with First Lady Michelle Obama Click here to read more about Melanie. @ModernMami
  • 25. Website Building Blogging - Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of It •Teaches New Media Marketing at Full Sail •Attorney and speaker •Host of Marketing Smarts podcast Click here to read more about Kerry. @kerrygorgone
  • 26. Enjoy a tropical escape in the Bahama Breeze Back Lot with a refreshingly delicious lunch prepared by Bahama Breeze! Lunch
  • 27. Midday Yoga Break •Certified Personal Trainer •Fitblogger •Marathoner •Voice of Run Disney races •Author Click here to read more about Carissa. @CarissaAnneB Bonus Session After Lunch
  • 28. Bonus Session After Lunch Google Glass Experience •Official Google Glass Explorer •CMO of Mize, Inc. •Leader in social mobile payment technologies Click here to read more about Bruce. @MyIntersperse Presented by
  • 29. Bonus Session After Lunch Take a Guided Tour of Full Sail University Click here to sign up!
  • 30. Blogger Get-Together! Bonus Session After Lunch You asked for more time to network, so here it is! Full Sail University has plenty of space for you to arrange a get-together with fellow bloggers. Want to have a short meet-up with fellow fashion bloggers or talk with other travel bloggers? Tweet out your blog niche and choose a place to meet: Hey travel bloggers, let’s meet at Barnie’s Coffee in the Break Room at 12:45. A few reminders: •Be welcoming to all bloggers who want to attend (Remember the FLBlogCon philosophy!) •Please be respectful and not dominate the conversation •Brands and companies should not be present at these meet-ups as they are truly for bloggers only •Watch your time - the next session starts at 1:30 pm
  • 31. Bonus Session After Lunch 3D Printer Demo By Orange County Library Systems Come check out the latest technology in 3D printing. Personnel will be on hand to give a demo and answer questions. Located in the Barnie’s Coffee Break Room, this is your chance to see how it all works!
  • 32. Beginner & Intermediate Facebook 101 •Full-time blogger •Founder and host of FLBlogCon and Blogger Bootcamp •Owner of Florida Swim Network and Auer New Media Click here to read more about Bess. @Bess_Auer Yes, again!
  • 33. The Business of Blogging Taking My Blog Full-Time •Full-time blogger •Co-Organizer of the Food Blog Forum Orlando •Collaborator with brands such as Land O’ Lakes, Sierra Mist, Kitchen Aid and More Click here to read more about Julie. @thelittlekitchn
  • 34. Social Media Tools Social Media Tips & Strategies •U.S. Social Media Manager for Ford Motor Company •Top 5 Game-Changer Social Media Marketing Campaigns (Mashable) Click here to read more about Karen. @unterekless Presented by Ford Motor Company
  • 35. Website Building Rock Your SEO •Owner of On Target Web Solutions •Owner of The Contentinators •Tech expert for The Daily Buzz and Fox News Click here to read more about Tom. @tomjelneck
  • 36. Beginner & Intermediate Using Instagram Like a Rock Star • Director of Social Media for Full Sail University • Brought Full Sail to #19 of the Top Social Media Colleges in the U.S. • 1,100% community growth • 3,000% increase in social media engagement Click here to read more about Melissa. @Melissa_Albers
  • 37. Beginner & Intermediate Using Instagram Like a Rock Star • Social Media Strategist for Full Sail University • 800% community growth • Development of three new social media channels for Full Sail Click here to read more about Jimi. @JimiKunkel
  • 38. Transparency in Blogging The Business of Blogging •Stand-Up Comedian •Best-selling Author •Published columnist •Blogger Click here to read more about Adam @avitable Caution: Adam’s presentation may include adult language and is not for the easily offended!
  • 39. Social Media Tools Using Social Media Creatively •Founder of •Formerly Jason Sadler •Sold his last name for $45,500 •Featured on the Today Show, CNBC, CBS, and more Click here to read more about Jason. @iwearyourshirt
  • 40. Website Building Psychotic Cross Content Training •Global director of social media at Kaseya •Leading blogger •Featured speaker and thought leader Click here to read more about Justice. @justicemitchell
  • 41. Beginner & Intermediate Creating Video Content •Video Brand Ambassador for •DIY blogger •Texbook marketing, social media, and e-campaigns Click here to read more about Katie. @KatiesCucina
  • 42. The Business of Blogging Building Relationships with Brands •Latina blogger •Featured in the Huffington PostVoces •Writer for Telemundo’s Hola Ciudad •Brand Ambassador for Britax, Neutrogena, and Aveeno Click here to read more aboutYadira. @clubdelasdiosas
  • 43. The Business of Blogging Building Relationships with Brands •Top 10 Best Latina Mommy Bloggers •Top 10 Bloggers in Business •Top Latino Social Media Stars and Leading Hispanic Bloggers •Owner of Mami Innovative Media Click here to read more about Joscelyn. @JoscelynRC
  • 44. The Business of Blogging Building Relationships with Brands •5,800+YouTube subscribers •Beauty blogger •Green living blogger •Featured on AOL Latino Click here to read more about Karina. @ConSaboraKaFe
  • 45. The Business of Blogging Building Relationships with Brands •Founding member of Social Influenz •Owner of Mami Ink Media •Top 10 Mommy Blogger (Latina Magazine) Click here to read more about Sili. @MyMamihood
  • 46. Social Media Tools Making Google+ Work for You •Co-founder of Google Plus Daily •Oversees a Google+ community of over 45,000 members Click here to read more about Clayton. @C_Pritchard
  • 47. Website Building Widgets & Gadgets, Part II •Educator, designer, and speaker •Leading EdTech Blogger •Valencia Foundation Board of Directors member Click here to read more about Josh. @ProfessorJosh Presented by
  • 48. Closing Keynote •CEO and Co-Founder of Marketing Nutz •Top 10 Social Media Influencer (Forbes) •Top 10 Business,Tech, and Leadership Twitter AccountsYou Must Follow (Huffington Post) •Best-selling author Click here to read more about Pam. @pammktgnut Presented by Sysco
  • 49. Continue the networking at our full-blown Ford After Party! ✓Check out the latest Ford cars ✓Taste delicious dishes prepared by Sysco Foods ✓Enjoy a variety of drinks, including some from Pinnacle Vodka ✓Dance to the music and let loose in the Bahama Breeze Backlot ✓It’s all included in your conference registration
  • 50. Bahama Breeze, the island-inspired restaurant that brings guests the feeling of a Caribbean escape, is back and excited to be the 2013 Presenting Sponsor. Bahama Breeze will also give an exclusive preview of an upcoming national event to FLBlogCon attendees, along with giveaways, music and great food! Featuring the food, drink and vibrant atmosphere found in the Caribbean, the restaurant is known for fresh, delicious seafood, distinctive chicken dishes and flame-grilled steaks. Popular menu items include Jerk Chicken Pasta, Coconut Shrimp, Fresh Pan-Seared Salmon Pasta, and a daily fresh fish menu, which offers guests the freshest ocean fare. Thirsty guests can choose from an extensive bar menu with a selection of handcrafted tropical drinks. The restaurant’s line of premium tropical drinks, “Legendary Island Cocktails,” includes authentic, custom- made drinks sourced from world-famous locales and created with the same techniques and ingredients that made them famous. Popular cocktails include the Goombay Smash, a Bahamian classic featuring dark and spiced rums mixed with fresh orange and pineapple juices, and the Painkiller, a smooth and creamy dark rum cocktail that originated at the Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands. 13 Locations in Florida Website Facebook Twitter
  • 51. Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment and media industry. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has been recognized as one of the Top Five Game Degree Programs by Electronic Gaming Monthly, one of the Best Music Programs by Rolling Stone Magazine, and one of the Best Film Programs by UNleashed Magazine. Recently, Full Sail received the “21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning Award” from the United States Distance Learning Association, was named the “School/College of the Year” by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, and was recognized as one of the Top 100 Social Media Colleges by Full Sail offers on-campus and online Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s degree programs in areas related to animation, art, business, education, graphic design, film, marketing, web development, music, recording arts, sports, and video games. Full Sail graduate credits include work on OSCAR®, Emmy®, GRAMMY®, ADDY®, MTV Video Music Award, and Spike Video Game Award nominated and winning projects. Click here to learn more. Website Facebook Twitter Blog 118 Full Sail University graduates worked on 22 projects nominated for 2013 OSCAR Awards.
  • 52. Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 177,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit Click here to learn more. Website Facebook Twitter: @Ford_Southeast @yoursfd
  • 53. Website Facebook
  • 54. | | | | In Spanish: Florida Dairy Farmers represents more than 130 dairy farm families who are proud to produce nutritious milk. FDF works to  educate  consumers  about  the  state’s  dairy  farming  industry   and promote dairy foods as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our team includes Registered Dietitians who are always available as a resource to provide tips, recipes and expert nutrition advice for use on your websites and blogs. Contact us any time at 407-647-8899.
  • 55. Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen®, coffee, food and community. From sourcing the best coffee beans from family farms and premier growers to sharing our enthusiasm for fresh ingredients, we believe in making coffee an experience. We are thrilled to share our chef-inspired values with you in each bag of our artfully roasted coffees. We offer over 50 coffees, each hand selected to respect the pivotal role coffee has played in global cultural traditions. We are also committed to supporting earth friendly and organic practices by offering a selection of Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees.  The kitchen is a trusted place – a place for relaxation, sharing and conversation. It’s also a place where we create, stimulate, nourish, and satisfy.  Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen® delivers this with an added sense of discovery and inspiration.  In-store chefs create a personalized experience for each customer.  Rich in natural colors and materials, CoffeeKitchen® is full of sensory pleasures.  From the music to the rhythmic turning of coffee beans in the roaster, from the aroma of fresh coffees to savory food cooked-to- order, everything is crafted to perfection.  With the largest selection of personally brewed coffees in the country, hand pulled espresso and latte art, CoffeeKitchen® is all about this third wave of coffee. Facebook Instagram Learn More
  • 56. Website Facebook Twitter Yelp is the best way to find great local businesses! People useYelp to search for everything from the city’s tastiest burger to the most renowned cardiologist.What will you uncover in your neighborhood? Don’t forget to “check in” onYelp the day of the conference!
  • 57. With over 25 years of photography experience and an extensive client base, Macbeth Photography is always striving to grow professionally and creatively. Serving the Orlando community since 2006 has created a versatile portfolio and toolbox ranging from aerial photography to events. We would love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Come get your new headshot in the Barnie’s Coffee Break Room! Just $20 - Click here to register early to reserve your spot!
  • 58. Website Twitter
  • 59. IZEA is a world leader in sponsored content - we help connect brands with our network of influencers. From parenting, food and fashion bloggers, right through to A-List celebrities, we specialize in the delivery of Influence at-Scale. We've completed 3.2 million+ social media sponsorships to date, have a network of over 750k registered social media influencers and represent 50k+ brands and agencies. Interested in sponsored blog content, tweets, photos, pins and video opportunities? Then you'll love IZEA! Website Facebook Twitter
  • 60. Website Facebook
  • 61. WebCongress is a digital marketing event born in 2008 in Barcelona and expanding the world, with editions in San Francisco, Miami, Bogotá. several European cities, and jumping to Asia.  Bringing together leading companies such as Facebook, Twitter or Google to meet digital marketers, agencies and businesses, with a strong educational focus, we offer one day of inspiration with keynote conferences, expert panels and round tables, and one day of workshops and classes, without forgetting the now famous WParty! This year is the 2nd edition of WebCongress in Miami, by claiming one of the 1000 FREE tickets to the UnConferences the 7th of November (register before August 31). Website Facebook Twitter Video
  • 62. TriNet is a trusted strategic HR partner to small and mid-sized businesses, providing critical HR-related services on an outsourced basis. TriNet's solutions help contain costs, minimize employer-related risks, and relieve administrative burden to keep an entrepreneur's focus on their core business functions. From employee benefits and payroll processing to high-level human capital consulting, TriNet's Professional Employer Organization (PEO) expertise and best in class systems relieve clients of many of the day to day administrative burdens that distract them from building and growing their businesses. TriNet specializes in serving fast-moving companies in fields such as technology and financial services, who recognize that top-quality employees are the most critical competitive asset. For more information, please visit
  • 63. Have you applied to win a set of free business cards? Click to enter
  • 64. SM Atlantic.Net is a market-leading Hosting Solutions Provider recognized for providing exceptional business hosting service, simplifying complex technologies, and building a brand that businesses trust since 1994. Atlantic.Net provides Virtualization Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting in the Cloud, Colocation, and Cloud Servers. We own and operate our SSAE 16 (SOC 1) TYPE II (formerly SAS 70) audited and certified data center infrastructure and are dedicated to implementing tailored hosting solutions that enable you to enjoy the benefits of cost savings. With Atlantic.Net, you can build, test, and deploy VPS Hosting in the Cloud in seconds on a highly redundant hardware platform. Try VPS Hosting in the Cloud today with a Free $10 Trial Credit and see what all the buzz is about! Free Setup, Free Backup, 1TB Free Data Transfer - No Contract & No Commitments. Call 800.521.5881 orvisit today to sign up. Atlantic.Net is also looking to partner up with bloggers who can assist us with our online content strategy. Please email to explore this mutually beneficial opportunity.
  • 65. Website Facebook Be sure to visit us in the Barnie’s Coffee Break Room for a complimentary chair massage!
  • 66. Olives have been with Mario from the very beginning. J. Mario Barolo started Mario Olives in 1937. Meanwhile, four generations of the Camacho family have grown and processed olives in the sunny groves of Andalusia, Spain since 1897. These two entities came together in 2008 to form Mario's corporate parent, Mario Camacho Foods. Today, we're headquartered right here in Plant City, Florida.  When you've been close to olives for such a long time, you learn some things along the way. So perhaps, it's not surprising that we've become known as a leader in new product and packaging innovation, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and making continuous improvements to provide the absolute highest quality in products and service. Today, we offer so much more than olives. Peppers, capers, onions, olive oil, cherries, jams and preserves, and probiotic herbal teas have joined them. Mario's sister brands include La Vieja Fabrica Fruit Spreads, Susaron Teas and Fragata. Mario now offers all sorts of healthy goodness - no wonder the typical response is "Mmm!" Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest Amazon
  • 67. Drop by and see our 3D printer in action! We’re in the Barnie’s Coffee Break Room. Be sure to visit your local branch or check us out online. Website Facebook Twitter
  • 68. Website Twitter Today’s swag bags were stuffed by Goodie Bag Marketing. Discover the easy way for you to create a memorable take-away from your next party or event!
  • 69. As one of the world's largest & most innovative power tool manufacturers, RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tools truly affordable. That's why RYOBI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners & value-conscious pro's. Learn more at and sign up for RYOBI Nation, our project sharing community. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @ryobipowertools  to stay up to date on new products, special deals and exciting offers from RYOBI Nation!