Christine Pittman: Becoming a Social Media Pioneer #FLBlogCon13


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Christine Pittman's presentation slides from the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference.

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Christine Pittman: Becoming a Social Media Pioneer #FLBlogCon13

  1. 1. HOW TO BE A SOCIAL MEDIA PIONEER: A WORKSHOP Led by Christine Pittman @cookthestory Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference
  2. 2. @cookthestory SOME PIONEERING Google Hangouts on air with @katiescucina Found out about it: – WofM (conference) Benefits to me: – Face to face contact with bloggers, fun Benefits to my blog: – Search engine rankings, video content
  3. 3. @cookthestory SOME PIONEERING Found out about pinchats: – WofM (Bess! At Lady Bloggers meet up) Benefits to me: – A business was born, fun Benefits to my blog: – Increased repins, click throughs and Pinterest followers – Attractive to brands
  4. 4. @cookthestory SOME PIONEERING Group Giveaways Found out about them: – Randomly a fellow blogger (@lovenconfection) asked me to organize one with her Benefits to me: – Esteem of others (it’s a lot of work though!) Benefits to my blog: – A LOT of new followers on social media and newsletter. There are perks to being the organizer too. – New brand contacts
  5. 5. @cookthestory SOME SMALLER PIONEERING Rich Pins Found out about them: – Watching the big guys (@recipegirl) Benefits to my blog: – Another avenue for branding – A link to my site’s pins on my pins – Call to action on pins
  6. 6. @cookthestory SOME SMALLER PIONEERING **HINT** Click share to save this recipe to your timeline so you can find it next time you’re thirsty… Found out about it: – Watching the big guys (@recipegirl) Benefits to me: – None, slight embarrassment (feels insincere) Benefits to my blog: – More shares, more views, more clicks
  7. 7. @cookthestory WHY THIS PLATFORM? What is your favorite social media platform? What is your single favorite thing about it?
  8. 8. @cookthestory WHY THIS PLATFORM? How does it benefit you personally? How does it benefit your blog?
  9. 9. @cookthestory WHY THIS PLATFORM? What is your least favorite social media platform? How does it benefit your blog (why do you use it even though you dislike it)?
  10. 10. @cookthestory THE SOURCE OF YOUR ORIGINALITY What is something that you do in social media that very few others do? How did you come up with it or where did you hear about it?
  11. 11. @cookthestory IS IT WORTH PURSUING? Why do you like doing it? Why do your readers like it?
  12. 12. @cookthestory IS IT WORTH PURSUING? Is it working for your blog? How do you know?
  13. 13. @cookthestory WHEN (IF EVER) TO GIVE UP? Remember: Even successful things sometimes need to end before they get too tired (e.g. Seinfeld). What have you stopped doing? How did you know it was time to stop?
  14. 14. @cookthestory THE POWER OF TALK My blog has grown a lot in the past year. Almost all of the ideas and inspirations have come from talking with others.
  15. 15. @cookthestory THE POWER OF TALK Where do you talk to other bloggers? What have you learned from them?
  16. 16. @cookthestory THANK YOU for your ideas and for all the great talking we’ll do today.