Leaders for the Cure


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Leaders for the Cure - Corporate networking group in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region

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Leaders for the Cure

  1. 1. Corporate Programswith the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  2. 2. About CBCF2Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is a community-driven breast cancer charity and thelargest funder of breast cancer research in Canada. We are dedicated to funding researchthat makes a difference and we support and advocate for the breast cancer community.Since our inception over 25 years ago, CBCF has invested over $93million in the mostrelevant and innovative research of over 600 grants, with 180 research projects taking placein 2012.CBCF ranks in the top 5 national charities measured forsupport and in the top 3 for brand perception(C’volution,TrojanOne)CBCF is grateful to our community of supporters whoshare a common bond and commitment to help create afuture without breast cancer.
  3. 3. Making an ImpactCBCF funds advancements in earlier detection, improved diagnosis and more effectivetreatment, which to date have helped to reduce mortality rates by nearly 40 per cent.However, breast cancer is still the most common cancer in Canadian women. And with onein nine women still being diagnosed, there is much to be done.- CBCF is working to stop breast cancer before it starts and reduce the number ofwomen who are diagnosed with breast cancer- CBCF funds advancements in earlier detection, improved diagnosis and more effectivetreatment- CBCF works to ensure that women and their loved ones are better supported whenthey experience a breast cancer diagnosis3
  4. 4. Leaders for the Cure
  5. 5. Gordon Hicks – President, BLJC Veni Iozzo – SVP Marketing, CIBC Jon Taylor – Partner, Govan Brown Tim Christmann – Partner, Deloitte Jean Blacklock – President,Leaders Board Co – Chair Leaders Board Co-Chair Leaders, Board Member Leader Prairie Girl Cupcake, LeaderLeaders for the Cure is a peer-to-peer program that provides meaningful opportunitiesfor Ontario’s corporate community to help the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation(CBCF) create a future without breast cancer.Leaders for the Cure
  6. 6. *- Source: 2010 Edelman Global Good PurposeStudyLeaders for the Cure BenefitsThere are many benefits to becoming a Leader for the Cure:•Leaders for the Cure provides opportunities to meet and work alongsideinfluential executives from other organizations.•Demonstrate leadership in both your workplace and community insupport of our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.•Exclusive access to CBCF and Leaders for the Cure signature events.•Receive monthly newsletters to keep you up to date on events, memberaccomplishments and breakthrough research that your support helps fund.•Recognition of your support on the CBCF website, in our Annual Reportand in Leaders for the Cure newsletters.
  7. 7. How to Become a Leader for the Cure7There are three ways you can engage with Leaders for the Cure and gain valuableopportunities to work with other corporate visionaries:•Leader•Annual personal commitment of $1,000.•Support Leaders initiatives.•Raise awareness of CBCF within your organization.•Cabinet Member•Contribute $10,000 annually through personal giving, corporate donations and/or•fundraising a fundraising campaign.•Actively encourage inspirational giving from other corporate executives.•Support Leaders initiatives.•Raise awareness of CBCF.•Board Member•Please contact us if you’d like to become involved at this strategic level and•make a significant contribution towards the Leaders fundraising goal.
  8. 8. Together we can create a future without breast cancer.JOIN THIS DYNAMIC GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS!Nicole D’Ascenzo, Funds Development Officer20 Victoria Street, 6thFloorToronto Ontario, M5C 2N8PH: 416.815.1313 x 213ndascenzo@cbcf.org www.cbcf.org/leaderswww.cbcf.org/leaders