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Management slides Management slides Presentation Transcript

  • Management Report
  • Management at RBS
    Functions of Management
    High and middle level management
    Sales Managers (“Hunters”)
    Services Managers
    “Typical” Manager’s Routine
    Reach office 15 to 30 min. before 9.00 am
    Work with religious devotion and alacrity
    Highest level of Technical & Human skill
    All modes of communication (Direct & Indirect )
    Personal visits, Phone, internet (email and video conferencing)
    Relationship Manager- Busiest Routine
  • Management at RBS
    Work Agenda and Manager’s Education
    Assigned and assessed periodically
    Length of Training depending upon nature of job and manager’s past experience
    HR department’s role
    Creativity and entrepreneurship
    Service industry
    Product department: creative and “idea generating” people
    Rewards and recognition
  • Major elements in RBS Environment
    Recovering existing loans rather than issuing new ones
    Downsizing of workforce
    Foreign Bank “Royal Bank of Scotland”
    Issue of “war on terror”
    First foreign bank to introduce Islamic Banking
    Legal-political and international
    Affected by State Bank of Pakistan & European Union regulations
    Up to date IT department
    ATM and credit/debit card services
    24 hr banking, Balance Transfer Facility (BTF) and E statements.
  • Major elements in RBS Environment
    General banking- no particular customer profile
    Preferred banking for clients with balance over 1 mnRs.
    Barclays, Citi, Standard chartered, Faysal, AlFalah
    RBS has a reasonable market share but the local banks although dominate the industry
    Low Environmental Uncertainty
    Low Environmental Complexity - homogeneity
    Environment dynamism- fairly stable
    Business risk is always there
  • Problems & Decision Making
    Nature of common problems
    Non Crisis problems requiring programmed decisions
    Mostly customer related problems (miscommunication between the customers and the bank staff)
    Involvement of various levels of management according to the nature and severity of the problem.
    Group decision making
    Decisions made on policy matters through the consensus of the concerned people
    Formal and informal meetings and discussions
    Recommendations presented to senior/ supervisor
  • Strategic Management
    Corporate level strategy
    Growth strategy
    Business level strategy
    Differentiation Strategy
    Functional level strategy
    Different departments
  • SWOT Analysis
    Number in terms of assets
    Better position by having big accounts
    Bank follows KYC policy
    Role of Fraud Risk Management
    24 hours services with SMS banking
    Lack of rotation
    Customers not properly informed
  • SWOT Analysis
    Potential Growth in Islamic banking
    Modern ways of Communication
    Bank should employ best courier service
    Religious class can be problem
    Instability in Government Policies
    Depreciation of domestic currency
    Employees not loyal
    High competition
  • Porters Five Competitive Forces
    Rivalry among existing firms
    Availability of substitutes
    Threat of new entrants
    Power of buyer
    Power of supplier
  • BCG Matrix
  • Basic Elements of Organization Structure
    Job Design
    Job Simplification
    Regular work hours
    Vertical Co-ordination
    Span of Control and hierarchy levels
  • Basic Elements of Organization Structure
    Horizontal Co-ordination
    Lateral relations
    Information Systems
    Several departments like royal preferred banking, legal recovery, corporate, fraud risk, etc.
  • Organization Structure
  • Human resource management
    Management of various activities designed to enhance the effectiveness of an organization work force in achieving organization goals.
    The activities are human resource planning, staffing, development and evaluation, compensation and managing effective workforce relationship
  • Personal policy procedures manual
    • Manpower planning
    • Role of personal division at the head office
    • Job analysis for a job specification
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Promotion, transfer, demotion and retirement
    • Resignation
    • Management by objectives, performance standards, assessments and appraisals
    • Training plans and development
    • Salary and wages
  • Continued….
    • Personnel records and statistics
    • Industrial relations
    • Compliance management work conditions
    • Tax liability
    • Temporary recruitment
    • Internal communication & staff welfare
    • Delegation of authority & power of attorney
    • Foreign posting international assignments
  • Human Resource Planning
    The line managers usually assess the demand for a job vacancy.
    It is then forwarded to the head office, which after approving it sends it to HRM department
    Human Resource Department then initiates the Staffing procedure
  • Recruitment
    New employees are hired on basis of their qualification and experience
    For Management trainees, written tests of the candidates are taken
    For top positions experienced candidates are preferred.
  • Training and development
    It is a planned effort to facilitate employee learning of job related behavior in order to improve employee performance
    It is obligatory for each employee of the Bank to attend at least one training course (of a minimum duration of one full day) in a calendar year
    Branches, Area Offices and Head Office Divisions/Departments are to send their nominations
    Training and Development Centre
  • Training and Development
    Basic Course on General Banking Operations 4 days Officers working in general & consumer banking departments
    Account Opening & Customer Relationship 2 days Officers in-charge of account opening
    Clearing, Collections and Remittances 2 days Employees working in these areas
    Advanced Course in General Banking Operations 3 days Operations' managers
    Basic course in Processing of Credit Proposals 2 days Credit officers
    Analysis & Interpretation of Financial Statements 2 days Credit officers
    Credit Administration & Documentation 2 days Credit Adm. Officers
  • Training and Development
    Elementary Course in Trade Finance 4 days Officers working in trade finance
    Advanced Course in Trade Finance 3 days Experienced trade finance officers
    Time Management and Personal Effectiveness( 1 day Officers in Range III and above who have not attended this course)
    Customer Service Skills Workshops 1-2 days All RBS’ employees
    Telephone Handling Skills 2 days All RBS’ employees handling telephone calls
    Selling Skills 2 days All RBS employees at branches
    Performance Appraisal Workshop 1 day All RBS employees
  • Performance appraisals
    They are prepared by looking at employee’s achievement of given targets.
    Employees dealing with sales are judged by their sales target achievements
    Employees dealing with service are judged by their provision of service providence to the customers
    Supervisor input is also taken for his/her subordinate.
  • Compensation
    Compensation to employees is based on grades, formulated by the HR department.
    Bonuses for achieving or over achieving a target are also given.
    Medical benefits for employees and their spouses are also given to the permanent employees
    Promotions are based in performance and productivity.
  • Downsizing
    If an employee at RBS is terminated the bank policy in this regard is that the employee will get one-month salary.
    The branch or area manager has to refer the case to the HR department and they then go through with the process.
  • Motivation
    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    Psychological Needs
    Fresh Employees (CRO)
    Safety Needs
    Permanent (CRM )
  • Belongingness Needs
    Floor and Branch managers
    Esteem Needs
    Area managers
    Self Actualization Need
    Branch Banking Head, CBM, and CCO
  • Leadership
  • Powers…
    Reward & Punishment
    Expert Power
    Legitimate Power: : “Hierarchy follows and everyone is has to keep it”.
    Information Power
  • Behaviors
    To protect the interest of Company
  • Traits of a Leader
    Trouble Shooter (Disturbance Handler)
    Pressure Bearer
  • Thank you