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Fitman presentation for fines
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Fitman presentation for fines


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1FITMAN PROJECT PRESENTATIONFINES CLUSTER MEETINGBRUSSELS, MAY 6TH 2013TXT PROJECT COORDINATION TEAMclaudia.guglielmina, sergio.gusmeroli@txtgroup.comFInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 1Brussels, May 6th 2013
  • 2. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 2Brussels, May 6th 2013FITMAN FactsheetProject No: 604674Project Full Name: Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturingDuration: 24 monthsStart date: April 1st 2013Partnership: 29 partners, 9 countriesStrategic Objective: FP7-2012-ICT-FIFI.ICT-2011.1.8: Use Case scenarios and early trialsTotal Eligible Cost: 18.034.000 EUROEC Contribution: 12.890.000 EURO
  • 3. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 3Brussels, May 6th 2013FITMAN BeneficiariesSME Networks & Associated S/T (15)Core Consortium (10)Original Equipment Manufacturers (4)
  • 4. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 4Brussels, May 6th 2013The FI PPP Workprogramme
  • 5. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 5Brussels, May 6th 2013Target outcomes after phase 2:i. Working experimentation sites building upon common components and Generic Enablers asprovided under the Core Platform Objective complemented by the identified use case specificcapabilities;ii. Selected test applications implemented on these experimentation sites;iii. Validation of the openness and versatility of the Core Platform and its software development kit,through implementation of mixed use case scenarios originating from more than one use caseproject;iv. A detailed plan for how to move into phase 3, including detailed plans for the large scaleexpansion of platform usage facilitated by local and regional stakeholders including SMEs.Phase 2 Funding schemes- Up to 5 IPs, with priority given to maximising the spectrum of use cases covered. Indicativebudget distribution and duration- 13.5 M€ per use case project; at least 10% of the budget expected to be allocated via OpenCalls to allow for local solution providers & system integrators to get involved.- Duration: max 24 monthsObj. 1.8 Phase II
  • 6. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 6Brussels, May 6th 2013Mission and ObjectivesThe mission of the FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries) project is toprovide the FI PPP with a set of industry-led use case trials in the Smart, Digital and Virtual Factoriesof the Future domains, in order to test and assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FI-WAREGeneric Enablers, this way contributing to the social-technological-economical-environmental-politicalsustainability of EU Manufacturing Industries.In order to accomplish the mission statement, the FITMAN project will deliver:• One FITMAN Generic Platform for Manufacturing Industries, as a collection of several Generic EnablersImplementations of Fi-WARE Chapters (WP1);• Three FITMAN Specific Platforms for Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories, as a collection of severalSpecific Enablers Implementations belonging to Factories of the Future and Future Internet EnterpriseSystems research (WP3)• Eleven FITMAN Trials Platforms as instantiation of the selected Generic and Specific Enablers for 11industry-driven multi-sectorial Trials (WP4-5-6)• One generic and flexible Trials Verification and Validation Framework, encompassing concepts,methods and tools for Manufacturing Trials (WP2);• One open-to-all FITMAN Phase III Package, to support FI-WARE PPP Phase III obj 1.8, Expansion of UseCases, access to FITMAN Reports / Prototypes (WP8)
  • 7. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 7Brussels, May 6th 2013Industrial Trials and Impact• Eleven FITMAN Trial Experimentations and Lessons Learned by deploying and evaluatingthe FITMAN Trials Platforms in realistic Smart-Digital-Virtual Factories IT and business cases:• Smart Factories Trials: TRW (LE) automotive supplier – Safe & Healthy Workplace,WHIRLPOOL (LE) white goods manufacturer – Mobile workforce, PIACENZA (SME)textile/clothing – Cloud Manufacturing, COMPLUS (SME) LED smart lighting –Collaborative Production.• Digital Factories Trials: VOLKSWAGEN (LE) automotive manufacturer – PLM ramp-up forreduced Time to Market , AGUSTAWESTLAND (LE) aeronautics manufacturer – Trainingservices for blue collar workers, AIDIMA (SME) furniture – Mass Customised Production,CONSULGAL (SME) construction – As-designed vs. As-built Interoperability.• Virtual Factories Trials: APR (SME) plastic industry – Collaboration valorisation, TANet(SME) manufacturing resource management – Networked Business Innovation, SEGEM-MacBo (SME) machinery for wood industry – Project-based Collaboration.
  • 8. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 8Brussels, May 6th 2013FITMAN & GEs Galaxy
  • 9. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 9Brussels, May 6th 2013Automotive Supplier (Spain; led by: TRW Automotive + Innovalia; LE)White Goods OEM (Italy; led by: WHIRLPOOL + Politecnico Milano; LE)Textile/Clothing (Italy; led by: Piacenza + Softeco; SME)LED Lighting (Germany; led by: COMPlus Automation GmbH + Fraunhofer Institute; SME)Automotive OEM (Germany; led by: Volkswagen + Fraunhofer IPK ; LE)Aeronautics OEM (Italy; led by: AGUSTA WESTLAND and TXT e-Solutions ; LE)Construction Industry (Portugal; led by: Consulgal + Uninova; SME)Furniture (Spain; led by: AIDIMA + Universitat Politecnica de Valencia; SME)Plastic Industry (France; led by: A.P.R. + University Lumiere Lyon 2; SME)Manufacturing Resource Management (UK; led by: TANet and Coventry University ; SME)Machinery for Wood (France; led by: SEGEM-MacBo + University Bordeaux I ; SME)FITMAN 11 TrialsDigital FactoryVirtual FactorySmart Factory
  • 10. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 10Brussels, May 6th 2013FITMAN: the FInES roots• Many FITMAN beneficiaries participated in EI Cluster and are actively animating FInES Cluster• The concept itself of Generic (and domain Specific) Enablers (which is at the basis of the FI PPPTechnology Foundation project) is derived from the “ICT commoditization” trend which was pre-announcedby the ISU (Interoperability Service Utility) and fully developed in the “Internet as Universal BusinessSystem” FInES Task Force. In FI-WARE, Utility Services are now available under six different Chapters tohelp developers build their own services and applications, as generic building blocks.• FI PPP Phase III, the expansion of the use cases (service consumers) on a territorial basis (a new PPPpostulating a stronger relation between Local Public and Private bodies) as well as the creation of anopen-to-all, participatory ecosystem of service providers is indeed in line with COIN ISU 3.0 visionincluded in the FInES ISU-UBS Task Force document• One FITMAN Task (T3.4) is devoted to address (from a technical viewpoint) Enterprise Interoperabilityissues, in particular to develop FITMAN specific enablers aimed at allow ERP systems compatibility (ESRwording). Many outcomes from recent FInES projects will be exploited here (e.g. COIN, iSURF, COMMIUS,SYNERGY, NISB)• Some FITMAN Trials took inspiration by the 10 FInES running projects in the Factories of the Future(mostly MSEE ComVantage IMAGINE Adventure) coordinated by Innovalia in the FoF Cluster• FITMAN Trials reference architecture derived from the MSEE project and from the preparatory workperformed in the FInES Arch Task Force (see after)
  • 11. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 11Brussels, May 6th 2013Draft Reference Architecture for TrialsCloud ManufacturingKnowledgeFuture InternetCore PlatformGeneric EnablersApplications/Services EcosystemsService Delivery FrameworkCloud Hosting and I/face to Network DevicesInternet of Things and Data/Context MgmtSecurity, Privacy and TrustBusiness EcosystemIndividual Factory/EnterpriseFuture Internet CloudInteroperability ofServices/PlatformsAlignment ofKnowledge/ModelsHuman-centricManuf. ModelsIoT-based IntelligentManufacturingEcosystem Skills& KnowledgeEcosystem Manuf.CapacityDomain Ontologiesand ModelsEcosystemCollaboration&Innovation Platform& ServicesProduct Life Cycle Management PlatformService Life Cycle Management PlatformInnovation Life Cycle Management PlatformCollaborative Business Process / Project MgmtProduction Planning and SchedulingSmart Factory(In)Tangible AssetsDigital Factory(In)Tangible AssetsVirtual Factory(In)Tangible AssetsEnterprise [Mobile]ApplicationsPlatform & ServicesEnterprise Resource Planning ERP SystemCustomer Relations Management CRM SystemSupply Chain Management SCM SystemManufacturing Excution System MESAutomation, Control and SCADA SystemPlus XIFINetworksStorageComputeFITMAN SEs:COINMSEEIOT@WorkCOMMIUSOpen sourceTrials specificLegacy SystemsIntegration as aService
  • 12. FInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 12Brussels, May 6th 2013FITMAN: the FInES H2020 PPThe FInES H2020 PP has been developed along 5 main thematic areas also relevant to FITMAN:• FI-PPP. The role of FITMAN in the FI PPP is mainly to reinforce its business innovation capability in non-ITindustrial domains in collaboration with other Phase II projects (such as FISpace) and in close synergy withthe FoF PPP and its “ICT for Manufacturing” Grand Challenge.• Web Entrepreneurship. FITMAN includes a Phase III preparation WP which is in charge to drive theexisting industrial Trials towards disruptive innovations such as business models or service innovations. Thisoften requires the creation of a start-up or spin-off, rather than trying to adapt the existingorganizational structures to the new needs• Sensing Enterprise. Many FITMAN Trials could be considered Sensing Enterprise Trials with a massive useof IoT technologies (Smart Digital Virtual) and the aim at reconciling real and virtual worlds throughadaptive and proactive digital enterprise systems and applications. The initial interpretation of the IoTChapter by FI-WARE (data capture towards a centralized cloud back-end) is currently under discussionand now seems to evolve towards a more distributed and autonomous architecture, as required by the SE• Digital Enterprise. This is the common aspect for all FITMAN Trials, where digital images of all enterpriseatomic assets need to be modelled, composed and orchestrated in complex, intelligent artifacts.• Collective Awareness Platforms. Social sustainability is one of the pillars of the FoF STEEP concept, fullyadopted in all FITMAN Trials. Some of them are moreover directly addressing Consumer Goods, addingrelevant aspects such as reputation, sentiment analysis, image analysis and recommendation systems.
  • 13. 13FITMAN PROJECT PRESENTATIONFINES CLUSTER MEETINGBRUSSELS, MAY 6TH 2013TXT PROJECT COORDINATION TEAMclaudia.guglielmina, sergio.gusmeroli@txtgroup.comFInES Cluster Meeting, FITMAN Project Presentation 13Brussels, May 6th 2013