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Seminar Lydian-FINN: Social Media & HR
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Seminar Lydian-FINN: Social Media & HR


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. finn 11/ 06/seminar 2012 Kristien vermoesen Managing Partner FINN Public Relations Twitter: @kris10vermoesen FB: media andthe employer brand
  • 2. finnintrorules of the gameplaying the gamesocial employer brandingtips & tricks, cases
  • 3. finnemployer branding “social”john cleese isthe inventor ofemployer brandingor something close enough to it...
  • 4. finnemployer branding “social”1990’s:> Backstreet boys> employer branding
  • 5. finnintrorules of the gameplaying the gamesocial employer brandingtips & tricks, cases
  • 6. finnemployer branding “social”EMPLOYEES WANT 2 THINGS1. attractiveness2. accuracy.
  • 7. finnemployer branding 101attractiveness =awarenessdifferentiationresonance &relevance
  • 8. finnemployer branding “social”that’s like b2c marketing! easy!the catch is the “accuracy” part
  • 9. finnemployer branding “social”#1 you can hideorganizationalchaos fromcustomersnot from employees
  • 10. finnemployer branding “social”employer marketing is a contract withprospective employees. Honour it, or losethe “customer”.
  • 11. finnemployer branding “social”put differently: you can’t impose it topdown“The employer brand is deeply rooted inthe culture and behaviour of the manydifferent types of people to be foundwithin any organisation” (Mosley)
  • 12. finnemployer branding “social”#2“accuracy” is not enough, you must alsobe perceived to be accurate
  • 13. finnemployer branding “social”consultants:“if we compareourselves to acar? oh, I’d sayaudi or bmw”
  • 14. finnemployer branding “social”“ah, yes:typicalconsultants”
  • 15. finnintrorules of the gameplaying the gamesocial employer brandingtips & tricks, cases
  • 16. finnemployer branding “social”1. research inside (qualitative itvs)2. research outside (interviews)3. LOOK for inconsistencies4. differentiation5. recruitment value proposition6. communication
  • 17. finnemployer branding “social”the most valuableinsightswillprobably hurt abit photo: Thomas Fano, used under creative commons licence
  • 18. finnemployer branding “social”these hard won insights might even serveas pr opportunities, because they showyou where you are different from therest of your sector.
  • 19. finnemployer branding “social”know who youare//know whoyou want//involve keyplayers//befriendly//goback to basics(shawn kessler, zero in recruitment: “how your midsize hospital can compete for the bestphysicians”)
  • 20. finnintrorules of the gameplaying the gamesocial employer brandingtips & tricks, cases
  • 21. finnemployer branding “social”obligatory picture
  • 22. finnemployer branding “social”
  • 23. finnemployer branding “social”it’s not about channels“how many, which ones, why this, why “not that, this is new
  • 24. finnemployer branding “social”what’s the goal?
  • 25. finnemployer branding “social” con version
  • 26. finnemployer branding “social”in employer branding= talent = talent pool = resumés = Listbuilding = crm
  • 27. finnemployer branding “social”
  • 28. finnemployer branding “social”3 sustainable strategies:aggregation/curationlight content + aggregation/curationdeep content + aggregation /curation
  • 29. finnemployer branding “social”employer branding = cultureaggregation & curation alone won’t cutit. You’ll need original content.
  • 30. finnemployer branding “social”relevant content for advicemanagement issuessector trendscompany initiatives
  • 31. finnemployer branding “social”“how to plan a career in engineering”“how to manage an international team”“how to transition from a sales positionto management”“how to manage teams in differentlocations”...
  • 32. finnemployer branding “social”“show, don’t tell”let employees tell about their projects,ambitions, cases...(they know more about what will appealto the targe demographic than you)
  • 33. finnemployer branding “social”jan de nul:“durvers &doeners”book++++video++website
  • 34. finnemployer branding “social”think beyond just textyoutube videoslideshare/issuu presentationFacebook app or gametwitter: retweet actions, etc
  • 35. finnemployer branding “social” porosity
  • 36. finnemployer branding “social”listen, respond, share, reward,measure
  • 37. finnemployer branding “social”online citizenship is about:■■ values■■ emotion■■ sharing■■ relevancebut also:■■ status & ego: “me”
  • 38. finnemployer branding “social”don’t expect• massive response• massive engagement(most people already have employers)lurking is fine, as long as your list growsand your job openings are filled withquality employees
  • 39. finnintrorules of the gameplaying the gamesocial employer brandingtips & tricks, cases
  • 40. finnemployer branding “social”show, don’t tell
  • 41. finnemployer branding “social”you don’t have to spend a lot of money.offer something of value to potentialrecruits. Value = contacts, insights,....
  • 42. finnemployer branding “social”
  • 43. finnemployer branding “social”integrate Employer branding in other pr,social, marketing initiatives
  • 44. finnemployer branding “social”atlas copco2011twitter++“pointofsale”++facebookpress+++
  • 45. finnemployer branding “social”include top management. Would yourather work for
  • 46. finnemployer branding “social”this boss?
  • 47. finnemployer branding “social”or this boss?
  • 48. finnemployer branding “social”research by Finn suggests that ceo’sproject a very hard “all business nosmiles” image in their dealings with thepress.finn/auxipress: “ceo media ranking”, 2011
  • 49. finnemployer branding “social”be relevant
  • 50. finnemployer branding “social”
  • 51. finnemployer branding “social”ask your employees what they like aboutyou (testimonials work!)
  • 52. finnemployer branding “social”
  • 53. finnemployer branding “social”experiment & have fun
  • 54. finnemployer branding “social”projectiveoffsite2011+++tumblr++video++qrcode++book++photo
  • 55. finnabout us
  • 56. finnemployer branding “social”pr | social | communication | branding
  • 57. finndid you enjoy this presentation?tell someone else about us. CLICK HERE TO TWEET ABOUT THIS WEBINAR!and of course, follow FINN on Facebook for exclusive content!kristien.vermoesen@finn.beTwitter: @kris10vermoesenRSSfeed:
  • 58. SOCIAL MEDIA@WORK10 spelregelsJan Hofkens, Advocaat – vennoot