Technological Advancements in India


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Technological Advancements in India

  1. 1. Technological Advancements in India Presented by Aditya Jain Dileep Goli Alekhya Afzal Alam
  2. 2. Introduction• History of technological developments inIndia•Technological advancements in various sectors – Telecom, IT, Space Research, e- Governance
  3. 3. History of Technological Advancements • Harappan Civilization (4000-3000 BC) – Urban Dwellings and Sanitation Technologies • Mohenjodaro – Sailing Craft • Vaastu Shashtra – Material Engineering, Hydrology, and Sanitation • Shushrut Samhita
  4. 4. Space Research• ISRO – 1960, Vikram Sarabhai – Father ofISP• Aryabhatta - April 19, 1975• SATCOM Applications – INSAT• Remote Sensing Applications – IRS(Resourcesat, Cartosat, Oceansat)• Bhuvan• Ongoing Projects – Chandrayan – 1,ASTROSAT, Megha Tropiques
  5. 5. Telecommunication• India with 1.2 billion people, now has 858.37 million mobile phone subscribers and is world’s 2nd largest in mobile users• 17% of the mobile users in the world• 3G• Mobile Number Portability
  6. 6. Source:
  7. 7. Internet• It has the world’s 3rd largest Internet users with over 108 million• 81 million users in Sep 2010• 108 million users in Sep 2011• Expecting 130 million users by Sep 2012
  8. 8. Diversified Technology• Aakash Tablet (World’s cheapest tablet)• Aadhar (UIDAI)• 6D technology
  9. 9. National e-Governance DivisonSource:
  10. 10. e-Governance• NeGP – 27 Mission Mode Programs (MMPs) Central MMPs State MMPs Integrated MMPs Banking Agriculture CSC Central Excise & Customs Commercial Taxes e-Biz Income Tax (IT) e−District e-Courts Insurance Employment Exchange e-Procurement MCA21 Land Records EDI For eTrade National Citizen Database Municipalities National e-governance Service Delivery Passport Gram Panchayats Gateway Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Police India Registration& Tracking Road Transport Pension Treasuries e-Office Source:
  11. 11. Ministry of Agriculture Resource Information Marketing Census Mach.Coop. Crops Exten. States / Uts / Districts Fert Credit PPQ DMHort PP RFS TMOP IRS Attached/subordinate offices FARMER ICAR Institutes
  12. 12. Ongoing ICT Projects of DAC• DACNET (Department of Agricultural Cooperation)• NADAMS (National Agricultural Drought Advisory and Management Systems)• AgRIS (Resources Information System)• AGRISNET• APHNET (Animal Production and Health Informatics Network)• Water Resources Informatics System• APEDA ( Agriculural & Processed food products Export Development Authority• GIS-RS(Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing)• NPRE (Nuclear , Plasma & Radiological Engineering)• AGRICULTURAL CENSUS
  13. 13. Sub-networks under AGRISNETThe following sub-networks will strengthen these portals:• FERTNET: Fertilizer Network• HORTNET: Horticulture Network• PPIN: Plant Protection Network• VISTERNET: Agricultural Extension Network• CROPSNET : Crops Information Network• SEEDNET: Seeds Informatics Network• ACINET: Agricultural Credit Informatics Network• AGMARKNET: Agricultural Marketing Network• ARISNET: Agricultural Research Information System Network