Future Biorefineries, Annaleena Kokko


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FIBIC Seminar 20.11.2013

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Future Biorefineries, Annaleena Kokko

  1. 1. FIBIC Future Biorefineries Development of the competence platform in wood biorefinery R&D D.Tech. Annaleena Kokko, Program Manager, FuBio Joint Research 2 WP leaders: Risto Korpinen, Alistar King, Antti Ojala, Jonas Hartman, Jarmo Ropponen, Niina Saarinen-Aaltonen, Eemeli Hytönen
  2. 2. Position of SHOK programs FOCUS AND INDUSTRIAL RELEVANCE Spin-out company Commercial Industry-led Value chain Main playground of SHOK programs Joint Research TIME FuBio JR2
  3. 3. FuBio – Future Biorefinery program • FuBio program • 5 year (2009-2014) program entity of FIBIC • Currently, the on-going programs are FuBio Joint Research 2 and FuBio Cellulose (both 1.6.2011-31.5.2014) • Main objective: to establish a world-leading competence platform in the field of wood biorefinery R&D in Finland & for Finland • Focus of FuBio: Novel value chains, in which wood is refined into new materials & chemicals • A competence platform comprises many attributes, for example • • • • • People Business concepts Processing technologies R&D and testing facilities, and Networking
  4. 4. Competence platform of FuBio New Cellulose Products and Process Technologies FuBio JR2
  5. 5. Hydroxy acids from black liquor Intermediate black liquor to foul condensate VA Water CO2 CO2/ UF ED EVAP CHR to foul condensate EVAP HA ISA NaOH Lignin to green liquor dilution to evaporation or recovery boiler Water Intermediate black liquor UF Water CHR H2SO4 IEX VA to foul condensate EVAP HA ISA Na2SO4 Lignin to green liquor dilution to evaporation or recovery boiler Water Intermediate black liquor UF VA To foul condensate Water CHR ED EVAP HA ISA NaOH Lignin to green liquor dilution to evaporation or recovery boiler to foul condensate Intermediate black liquor Lignin CO2 CO2+ H2SO4 to evaporation or recovery boiler FuBio JR2 VA H2SO4 COOL CRST Inorganics EVAP/ NF to green liquor dilution To foul condensate CHR EVAP HA ISA HA – hydroxy acids ISA – Isosaccharinic acids ED – electrodialysis CHR – chromatography IEX – ion exchange UF – ultrafiltration EVAP – evaporation
  6. 6. Fractionation of biomass : biorefinery concept FuBio JR2
  7. 7. Fractionation by ionic liquids Phaseseparable ionic liquids (PSILs) Recycling Techno-economic modeling ‘Distillable’ ionic liquids (DILs) FuBio JR2 IONCELL ‘Switchable’ ionic liquids (SILs) Purification
  8. 8. Competence in biorefinery products 1) Production of glycolic acid ~15 g l-1 has been achieved by bioreactor cultivations of the engineered Kluyveromyces lactis strain – Koivistoinen, O.M., Kuivanen, J., Barth D., Turkia H., Pitkänen, J-P., Penttilä, M., Richard, P., Glycolic acid production in the engineered yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Kluyveromyces lactis, 2013, Microb Cell Fact 12: 16 pp 2) In health-promoting products: the work paves way for the development of high-value products from lignocellulosic material sources and is valuable as part of the industrial renewal process (4 IDs to date) FuBio JR2
  9. 9. Competence in biorefinery products 3) The developed lignin-fiber composite materials demonstrate competitive tensile properties when compared to commercial WPC materials (i.e. wood fiber reinforced polyolefins) (3 IDs, 1 patent application). 4) A concept for the production of 3D mouldable paper in paper mill has been developed. The paper material has in lab scale demonstrated better performance than commercial samples. (3 IDs) 5) The preparation process for cellulosic membranes utilizing IL as a solvent has been tuned to result UF membranes of properties equal to commercial RC-membranes. FuBio JR2
  10. 10. FuBio - Summary • The competence platform in wood biorefinery R&D has reached high international quality in several topics • Main competence impacts in the wood biorefinery R&D – To date 88 peer reviewed articles from the program – Over 115 international conference presentations – 34 MSc thesis finished – 5 PhD thesis finished & over 40 PhD thesis ongoing – 44 Invention disclosures – More than 10 patent applications FuBio JR2
  11. 11. FuBio - Summary • Currently the main industrial impacts of wood biorefinery R&D: – 5 of the patent applications are owned by an industrial partner or partners – Techno-economic modeling has shown feasibility in new business concepts – New processing technologies and solutions are available – R&D and testing facilities and cooperation among partners are excellent – Networking within Finland has developed into solid international cooperation – Multiple possibilities for the industry partners to start company driven product development projects together with experienced researchers – We are several steps closer to the next generation biorefineries FuBio JR2