FIBERTOWN Colocation Data Centers


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FIBERTOWN data centers deliver the latest in pod design to provide companies with secure, redundant and efficient colocation options. We protect your mission critical IT infrastructure from disruptive events and ensure maximum availability through fault tolerant connectivity, power, cooling and security.

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FIBERTOWN Colocation Data Centers

  1. 1. Production and Disaster Recovery Data Centers<br />High availability, 100% uptime SLA, flexible power configurations.<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Need more data center space for demanding/growing IT systems?
  3. 3. Seeking disaster recovery and business continuity solutions?
  4. 4. Current colocation provider not meeting current demands?</li></ul>Two interconnected locations…<br />
  5. 5. Colocation Checklist…<br />What really matters?<br />✔ Fault Tolerant, High Availability<br />✔ Fast, Reliable Connectivity<br />✔ 100% Uptime SLA<br />✔ Flexible Power Configurations<br />✔ 24x7 Security and Monitoring<br />✔Superior Customer Service<br />
  6. 6. Tier IV-Designed<br />Bryan Data Center<br />Far enough away for safety, close enough for convenience.<br /><ul><li>Fault tolerant, high availability N+1 power and cooling
  7. 7. 100% uptime SLA since 1997
  8. 8. Out of reach of hurricanes without the congestion of Dallas or Austin</li></li></ul><li>N+1 REDUNDANT POWER<br />Fault tolerant power design with no single point of failure.<br />Three utility rooms deliver A-B power to customer pods<br />Flexible power configurations (165 watts per square foot)<br />Four UPS systems from diverse substations<br />GENERATOR CONFIGURATION<br />Three 2MW generators deliver N+1 protection<br />Four days of backup diesel fuel, contract with fuel supplier<br />Emergency Operations Center guarantees first available power<br />
  9. 9. N+1 FAULT TOLERANT COOLING<br />Delivered through a unique service aisle design for added protection and redundant availability. Hot/cold aisle forced return.<br />CARRIER-NEUTRAL CONNECTIVITY<br />Bryan data center is 150 ft. from the world’s fastest and most reliable telecom providers.<br />
  10. 10. SECURITY<br /><ul><li> SAS 70 Type II
  11. 11. Dedicated 24x7 Network Operations Center
  12. 12. A 24x7 security with video surveillance
  13. 13. Dual-authorization biometric and key card access
  14. 14. VESDA smoke detection
  15. 15. HFC 125 gas fire protection</li></li></ul><li>BUSINESS CONTINUITY CAMPUS<br />Ready to activate at a moment’s notice<br />Fortune 500 companies along the Gulf Coast rely on FIBERTOWN to design, build and manage custom DR office space.<br /><ul><li>Dedicated space - no first come, first serve
  16. 16. Lowest real estate costs in Texas</li></ul>Business continuity solutions are backed by our Tier IV-designed data center with hot connectivity to multiple Tier 1 carriers and 100% uptime SLA.<br />
  17. 17. New FIBERTOWN colocation data center in North Houston – <br />open for customer installation in July 2011.<br /><ul><li>Pod-designed for maximum use of resources
  18. 18. 2N power and cooling infrastructure
  19. 19. Designed and built by Digital Realty Trust</li></li></ul><li>2N POWER DELIVERY &<br />N+1 GENERATOR SYSTEMS<br />Fault tolerant with no single point of failure.<br />Utility rooms deliver A-B power to customer pods<br />Flexible power configurations <br />(165 watts per square foot)<br />Four 625kVA UPS systems delivered as 2N<br />Four 2MW generators deliver N+1 protection<br />Onsite backup fuel - contract with local supplier<br />
  20. 20. FAULT TOLERANT COOLING DELIVERED AS 2N<br /><ul><li>Multiple CRAC units deliver redundant and concurrently maintainable closed-loop cooling.
  21. 21. Chilling station is on the roof, set upon steel columns reaching below the building floor.
  22. 22. Steel mesh walls surround chillers and pumphouses to guard against winds and debris.</li></li></ul><li>SAS 70 TYPE II SECURITY<br />Offering the latest in security to protect your mission critical assets.<br />Dedicated 24x7 Network Operations Center, 24x7 security office, video surveillance, biometric and key card authentication, private parking, perimeter fence and loading dock.<br />CARRIER-NEUTRAL CONNECTIVITY<br />Located at the interexchange of major telecom providers along the main fiber route from Dallas to Houston. Already on-net with many Tier I carriers.<br />
  23. 23. Thank you<br /><br /> We’d love to have you for a tour! <br /> Learn more about our unique features and visit the facility.<br />