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  • 1. TEACHER MENTOR PROMOTION Francis H. Hodges EDL/500 Personal Leadership October 8, 2012 Dr. Thomas Ashley
  • 2. CONTENT Introduction Supporting Evidence Conclusion References
  • 3. WHAT IS A LEADERA leader is a person who motivates people to carry out the mission and vision of any organization (Blankstein, 2004). Effective leaders have the qualities to mentor and inspire others.“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams
  • 4. PERSONAL STRENGTHSAccording to the StrengthsFinder 2.0 evaluation, my strengths are asfollow:LearnerRestorativeBeliefAchieverContext
  • 5. STRENGTHS Learner  Loves to learn  Always drawn to the process of learning  Want to continuously improve Restorative  Adaptat dealing with problems  Good at figuring out want is wrong and resolving it
  • 6. STRENGTHS CONT’D Belief  Have certain core values that are unchanging  Has a defined purpose for their life Achiever  Great deal of stamina  Hard worker  Has great satisfaction from being busy and productive
  • 7. STRENGTHS CONT’D Context  Enjoys thinking about the past  Understands the present by researching its history
  • 8. Each individual Learnerstrengthcompliments theothers. Context Restorative Belief Achieve
  • 9. COMPETENCY TO LEAD Effective verbal and written communication skills Competent in classroom technology Versatile
  • 10. PERSONAL LEADERHIP STYLE Democratic/People –oriented (Primary)  Includesteam members in process  Helps develop people skills  Encourages creativity Autocratic (Secondary)  Task oriented  Micro-manage  Rigid
  • 11. CONCLUSIONMy personal strengths and my leadership styles will be effective in being a efficient leader/teacher mentor. My strengths will lead me to becoming a efficient and effective leader. It can help me build positive relationships and help me reach my goals and assist others in reaching their goals. My leadership styles will help in mentoring and inspiring others to develop their strengths and take on difficult task.Developing my strengths is only a small part of becoming an effective leader, I must also develop my weaknesses into possible strengths.
  • 12. REFERENCES Blankstein, A. (2004). Failure is not an option. Corwin Press. Rath, T. (2007). Strengths finder 2.0. New York: Gallup Press.