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Nora's power pt presentation

  1. 1. Disability and Abuse Project Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D., Director July 5, 2012Friend’s Health Connection Webinar
  2. 2. Disability and Abuse Project When disability and abuse intersect, we take action.Our Focus• Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of people with developmental or intellectual disabilitiesOur Mission• To identify ways to reduce the risk of abuse, to promote healing for victims, and to seek justice for those who have been victimizedAction Areas• Public awareness, education and training, policy development, law enforcement, and professional consulting
  3. 3. Executive Committee
  4. 4. Activities of the Disability and Abuse Project are coordinated and directed byan Executive Committee.Dr. Nora J. Baladerian is the Project Director.Jim Stream is the Principal ConsultantThomas F. Coleman is the Legal Director and Website Editor.Nora has decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, educator, andadvocate.Jim has extensive experience in agency management and delivery of servicesto people with disabilities. He is also an advocate.Tom has nearly 40 years of experience as a legal advocate involving civil,criminal, and constitutional law.What they have in common is a passion for justice, a strong desire to bringnational attention to the ongoing problem of disability and abuse, and acommitment to convince governmental agencies and nonprofit organizationsto address this problem more effectively.
  5. 5. Projects and Activities
  6. 6. The National Survey on Abuse of People with DisabilitiesStatement of NeedThere is very little data collected and very little researchon the abuse of people with disabilities. This populationhas been systematically excluded from data collectionefforts.ActionThis survey asks about attitudes, beliefs and experiencefor those with any type of disability, any type of abuseacross the lifespan.
  7. 7. The National Survey on Abuse of People with DisabilitiesThis survey will close on July 31, 2012We are seeking respondents who are people withdisabilities, their family members, carers, teachersand other school professionals, therapist specialists,administrators, child abuse, vulnerable adult andelder professionals, criminal justice and victimadvocate professionals, and others.Please take the survey and forward to your contactlists.
  8. 8. Dr. Nora’s BlogMonthly Blogs are posted by staff or Guest BloggersA Special Independence Day for MickeyPosted on July 4, 2012 by Nora J. Baladerian Ph.D.Today, my heart is full. Full of joy for Mickey. Full of sadness for Mickey. Full of joy forMickey’s brother Joseph and his wife, Gabie. Full of sadness and frustration at the LosAngeles County Sheriff’s Department in Lancaster and the APS agency there, too.Mickey is a 36 year old man with developmental disabilities. He lived with his parents. InDecember, Joseph and Gabie, visiting over the holiday season, witnessed Mickey beingabused right in front of them. The father had Mickey naked, with handcuffs tethering hishands behind his back and handcuffs around his ankles. He dragged Mickey out to thebackyard to hose him down, after he had defecated and urinated on himself. Dragged.The dad also hit Mickey with a belt •
  9. 9. Project ConsultantsThe individuals listed on this page areConsultants to the Disability and Abuse Project.As such, the Project Director calls upon themperiodically for advice on specific issues relevantto the Project.Each of the Consultants brings a uniqueperspective to these issues and lends valuableexpertise to the important work that we do.
  10. 10. News FeedThe Disability and Abuse Project of Spectrum Institute supports thisnewsfeed. Articles are of interest to individuals with disabilities andthose supporting and working with and for individuals with disabilities.These are articles involving people with disabilities across the life span,any type of disability and any type of maltreatment, abuse, or crime orarticles regarding law enforcement issues and individuals withdisabilities. We have a particular focus on individuals withdevelopmental disabilities. We welcome your input and feedbackabout this service.Please note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, soyou can easily scan through the articles for those within your state orother states in which you have a particular interest.
  11. 11. News Summary for July 2, 2012Prepared by Anne M. KincaidPlease note that the articles are listed in alphabetical order by State, so you can easily scanthrough the articles for those within your state or other states in which you have a particular interest.Dr. Noras Top Articles1. “Athens Man Accused of Raping Disabled Stepdaughter” --- An Athens man is facing 20 counts ofrape, incest and sexual abuse for allegedly having sexual contact with his mentally disabledstepdaughter… --- News Courier --- June 24, 2012 (ALABAMA) “Ex-Florida Principal Accused of Fatally Stabbing 2 in Violent Crime Spree” --- A former Florida middleschool principal stabbed four people Friday at a group home for the hearing impaired, killing two ofthem, then struck five others ... --- CNN --- June 22, 2012 (FLORIDA) “Man Ordered to Trial in 1994 Slaying of Disabled Woman” --- A man who was linked by DNA to the1994 rape and killing of a mentally disabled woman in Colorado Springs will face trial on charges of first-degree murder ... --- Colorado Springs Gazette ---- June 23, 2012 (COLORADO) “Police: Elderly Man Molested Mentally Challenged Child” --- The Killeen Daily Herald, your source fornews, sports, business & classifieds. Serving the Killeen, Copperas Cove, ... --- Killeen Daily Herald ---June 21, 2012 (TEXAS) “ ‘I’m Retarded Photo Stirs Controversy for Texas School Officials” --- A picture is worth a thousandwords, but its the word featured prominently in a photograph that has parents in Magnolia upset. ----KVUE --- June 21, 2012 (TEXAS) “Yearbook Labels Students ‘Retarded’” ---- Seniors at Texas Mesquite High School will have to wait topick up their yearbooks because of two errors in the publication. Some of ... --- KSN-TV --- May 23, 2012(TEXAS) “Special Ed Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault” --- The accused is a special needs assistant at theNorth York elementary school. ... TORONTO - A 56-year-old man who works with special needs childrenat an ... ---- CANOE --- June 24, 2012 (CANADA)
  12. 12. ResourcesThis page contains links to resources relevant toissues involving disability and abuse.This section of the website contains resourcesdeveloped by the Disability and Abuse Project.Materials from other sources will be added tothis section in the future.
  13. 13. 1. VICTIMS WITH DISABILITIES: The Forensic Interview A training video and guidebook focusing on the 8 essential steps in achieving asuccessful forensic interview of crime victims with cognitive and/or communicationdisabilities.2. VICTIMS WITH DISABILITIES: Collaborative, Multidisciplinary First Response A training video and guidebook focusing on the essential factors in interviewing andinteracting with individuals with cognitive and communication disabilities when firstresponders roll out to the scene.3. Curriculum: First Responders to Child Abuse Victims with Disabilities This course is designed as full-day training for law enforcement patrol officers andchild protective services workers who are first responders to allegations of child abuseinvolving children with disabilities. It is also meant for supervisory staff of the abovefirst responders, prosecutors and for other frontline workers.To order books authored by Dr. Baladerian, visit her personal, click on “Guidebooks” to place your order.
  14. 14. Tributes and ProclamationsWe post special days of recognition orcelebration, to increase awareness in many waysof people with disabilities, abuse and othercrimes affecting people with disabilities, andspecial advances in knowledge or service.
  15. 15. December 3, 2011International Day of Persons with DisabilitiesPresident Barack Obama today issued a proclamationrecognizing December 3 as "International Day of Persons withDisabilities."The proclamation begins by saying: On International Day ofPersons with Disabilities, we recommit to ensuring people livingwith disabilities enjoy full equality and unhindered participationin all facets of our national life. We recognize the myriadcontributions that persons with disabilities make at home andabroad, and we remember that disability rights are universalrights to be recognized and promoted around the world.To view the entire proclamation, click here.
  16. 16. What’s New on the WebsiteThis section points readers to newaccomplishments of the project.
  17. 17. May 21, 2012Prof. Dick Sobsey Joins the National Survey TeamThe Disability and Abuse Project is pleased toannounce that Professor Dick Sobsey has becomethe Principal Survey Analyst for the 2012 NationalSurvey on Abuse of People with Disabilities.Dr. Sobsey is a Professor Emeritus of EducationalPsychology at the University of Alberta in EdmontonCanada. He currently serves as Director of the JPDas Developmental Disabilities Centre and Directorof the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre.
  18. 18. FaceBook Fan Page
  19. 19. We encourage you to go to the website and clickthrough to the FaceBook Fan Page or just usethe link below. “Like” us, and stay tuned as wepost our activities there and engage in livelyinterchanges with each other. bility-and-Abuse- Project/294246930618848
  20. 20. ListservThe Disability and Abuse Project operates a "Google Group"also known as a Listserv which allows members to shareinformation and exchange views through an automated emailprogram.Hundreds of professionals who deal with issues involvingdisability and abuse participate in the Listserv. Membersinclude law enforcement personnel, academics, serviceproviders, therapists, educators, and advocates.Participants receive emails, sometimes several per week. Thenumber of emails depends on how many members decide toshare information with each other. This varies from week toweek.
  21. 21. Sample Request for AssistanceHi Nora and other Listserv members:In my project working with SANE’s, they expressinterest in learning how to know if they aregetting informed consent from person with ID(intellectual disabilities).Do you have any tips or resource suggestions?Thanks.Pam Dickens, North Carolina
  22. 22. Psychological Treatment
  23. 23. Energy Psychology TreatmentThought Field Therapy, the first of the EnergyPsychology Treatments is extremely effective fortrauma victims, particularly those with cognitiveand/or communication disabilities.No verbal communication is required. All that isrequired is that the patient mentally focus onthe trauma, while the therapist guides thepatient through a series of acupressure point(energy meridian) stimulation practices.
  24. 24. Treatable Conditions with TFT• Addictive urges • Nightmares• Anger • Obsession & OCD• Anxiety • Rejection• Bashfulness • Phobias• Depression • Physical Pain• Embarrassment • Rage• Fear • Sadness• Food cravings • Shame• Grief • Surgery Recovery• Guilt • Trauma• Hypertension Jet lag • Voice Therapy
  25. 25. Benefit of Therapy• Release can be achieved in a matter of minutes or it may take one or more additional sessions with the therapist. The client may be given some tapping sequences to use at home if the negative symptoms reappear. As with any form of therapy, there are no guarantees, except that TFT does not cause harm. The patient is not required to say anything about the trauma s/he experienced.
  26. 26. Disability and Abuse Project• Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D. Dr. Baladerian is a clinical psychologist with a private practice focusing on trauma and abuse. She conducts seminars and trainings for first responders, agency personnel, and service providers. Dr. Baladerian is often consulted by attorneys engaged in litigation, both civil and criminal, for forensic evaluations and strategic advice in cases involving disability and abuse.