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Venezuela--2011 FDA Gobal Electoral Fairness Audit Report

by on Jun 28, 2011


2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Venezuela.

2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Venezuela.

FDA auditors give Venezuela 85% overall score for electoral fairness.



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  • Freedumb Freedumb Jose you are uninformed about Finnish democracy for example.

    The Sweden controlled Finland until the 1850s. Even today Sweden (both small minority in Finland and 'real' Sweden) has a grip on Finnish politicians, economy and the media. As far as I have heard about this hidden (censored) subject, many Finnish newspapers, political parties and so on are in one way or another dependent on Swedish economic power.

    Journalists do not dare to publish anything about these subjects on Sweden and its background, and Swedish political and monetary power, because they fear to be fired, claimed one source on the internet.

    In a small country like Finland, politicians and big business agree on everything.

    Many Finns don't know much about this subject, only the Internet has made possible to discuss about hidden Swedish power in Finland.

    The erosion of Finnish democracy stems from historical and economic reasons, and most significant political corruption.
    2 years ago
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  • FDAdvancement Foundation for Democratic Advancement at Foundation for Democratic Advancement The FDA audits four areas of the Venezuela electoral system because they cover broad aspects of the electoral process. The FDA acknowledges that electoral laws may not necessarily correspond to the implementation of those laws or the public’s response to them. The implementation and response could be positive or negative, in terms of electoral fairness. Nevertheless, laws provide the foundation for democracy, framework for the electoral system, and an indication of electoral fairness. A country's constitutional and/or electoral laws are part of the reality of its democracy.

    The FDA compliments its process audits with grounds assessments which measure the correlation between process and actualities. The FDA believes both aspects of the electoral system are important, and that conducting a process audit first, allows for instance FDA researchers and auditors to identify areas that need examination.

    The FDA audit considers corruption from the standpoint of checks and balances such as legislative process in terms of enforcing the Election Act, complaints process, scrutineers etc. However, the audit does not cover acts of corruption which any electoral system, or any system for that matter, is susceptible to. For example, the ongoing 2012 robo-call scandal at the Canadian federal level of government. This scandal demonstrates the importance of strong electoral process as a deterrence against corruption.
    2 years ago
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  • JoseBorges6 Jose Borges This is a ridiculous report... What is the point of an 'audit' of electoral laws without a corresponding audit of an actual election's adherence to said laws by the involved parties? The election finance section is most telling of the 'auditors' ignorance in this particular conclusion: That the election finance rules even the field by not permitting 'rich' private parties from excessive contributions to opposition candidates. Does the 'auditor' really believe that state funds are equally available to the incumbent candidates and opposition? Does he also believe that the overwhelmingly state controlled media 'fairly' allows equal time to the opposition candidates? And finally, Mr. Garvey concludes that Venezuela and Bolivia are on a 'par' with France, New Zealand, Norway and Finland???? SCORES???? What a joke!!!! who funds this organization anyway???? Is this Canada based foundation for real???? 2 years ago
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Venezuela--2011 FDA Gobal Electoral Fairness Audit Report Venezuela--2011 FDA Gobal Electoral Fairness Audit Report Document Transcript