45 Tips in 45 Minutes

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Develop an Effective Communications Strategy for Your Project: 45 Tips in 45 Minutes, Pat Wood, FCN Director of Communications, 2005

Develop an Effective Communications Strategy for Your Project: 45 Tips in 45 Minutes, Pat Wood, FCN Director of Communications, 2005

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  • 1. Develop an Effective Communications Strategy for Your Project: 45 Tips in 45 Minutes Patricia B. Wood Director of Communications Federal Consulting Group U.S. Department of the Treasury July 12, 2005 July 12, 2005
  • 2. Overview
    • What is your agency or cross-agency project and what do you need (or have) to do outreach
    • 45 + outreach and communication tips and resources
    • Brainstorm—share your ideas and successes
    • Wrap-up
  • 3. Your Projects and Needs
    • What are your projects
    • What outreach and communication strategies do you need (or have)
    • What do you expect from this workshop
  • 4. Develop Your Outreach Strategy
    • Make friends with your Public Affairs Office
    • Why do you want to publicize your project?
      • High score
      • Award
      • Good story
      • Good government
      • Educate a customer segment
  • 5. Develop Your Outreach Strategy
    • How does your project’s mission fit your agency’s or cross-agency goals and objectives
    • What about President’s Management Agenda?
    • Who is your audience?
    • What media reach your audience?
    • What is your message
  • 6. Working with Media
    • What media would want your story?
      • Newspapers (which newspapers?)
      • Radio
      • TV
      • Dot-com
      • Magazine
      • Newsletter
  • 7. Understanding Reporters
    • Work with your PA office to make a list of media that should be interested in your project and how to contact them
    • Find out what reporters, feature writers and columnists want
      • Schedule an appointment
      • Stories or story ideas
      • How? Fax, Phone, Email
      • What are their deadlines
  • 8. Relating to Media
    • It’s all about relationships, relationships, relationships
      • Introduce yourself—Call a reporter or columnist (or get your PA spokesperson to call)
      • Send out a press kit with general information, a one-page fact sheet, a few story ideas, and a cover letter introducing you or your team leader
  • 9. Relating to Media
    • Always ask a reporter: Is this a good time to talk?
    • Assume that anything you say to a reporter is on the record
    • Find out if you should pitch your story to the reporter or the editor
  • 10. Relating to Media
    • Always return a reporter’s phone calls
    • Always tell the truth
    • If you can’t answer a reporter’s question(s), say so and offer to get the information
    • Make a list of the officials who know your project who could be interviewed
  • 11. Writing Press Releases
    • Write short, interesting news releases or fact sheets in plain language
    • Put facts first, use quotes, and don’t put name of the head of the agency in the first paragraph
    • Find the angle or lead sentence that will grab the reporter
  • 12. Doing Media Interviews
    • Refine three positive talking points
    • Don’t use jargon
    • Personalize and humanize your information
    • Research your interviewer
  • 13. Doing Media Interviews
    • Never say “No comment.”
    • Never say anything off the record (assume everything is on the record)
    • Never say “uh.”
    • Never be interviewed without doing your homework.
  • 14. What Else Can You Do to Reach Your Audience?
    • Tell your employees first. They will tell others. Get your story in the newsletter & on the intranet.
    • Tell librarians—They love government information and pass it on.
    • Put your story on the Internet.
  • 15. Public Affairs Resources
    • 100+ Marketing and PR Ideas
    • http://www.sba.gov/managing/marketing/100ideas.html
    • PR Tool Kit
    • http://toolkit.prnewswire.com/smallbusinessadministration/writingtips.shtml
  • 16. Public Affairs Resources
    • Communicators Guide from the Federal Communicators Network
    • http://www.usda.gov/news/pubs/fcn/table.htm
  • 17. Public Affairs Resources
    • Join the Federal Communicators Network (FCN).
    • Complete this page and submit:
    • http://www.fcn.gov/members/join.htm
  • 18. How to Reach Me
    • Patricia B. Wood (Pat Wood)
    • Director of Communications
    • Federal Consulting Group
    • (202) 906-7049
    • [email_address]