Florida East Coast Raiway Past & Future
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Florida East Coast Raiway Past & Future



The history and the future of the Florida East Coast Railway.

The history and the future of the Florida East Coast Railway.



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Florida East Coast Raiway Past & Future Florida East Coast Raiway Past & Future Presentation Transcript

  • The Florida East Coast Railway Past & Future Richard A. Shores Artwork by John Robbins
  • FEC History FEC Rail Corridor • Henry Morrison Flagler • Key West Extension 10 Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Beach • 1935 Hurricane 95 Daytona Beach • 1963 Labor Strike Orlando Orlando Tam pa • End of Passenger Service 4 Titusville Interm odal Term inal Cocoa Beach St. Petersburg Fort Pierce 95 Port of Palm Beach • Global Marketplace 75 Fort Lauderdale / Port Everglades Miami Miami FEC Highway Services FEC Track Port of M iam i NS Track CSX Track Ports & Terminals NY005L5Y_1.wor 2010 |2
  • Strength Through Innovation • Key West Extension • End of Train Device “red man” • TOFC to Gunderson Well Cars • Concrete Ties |3
  • FEC Mainline & Performance • 351 Mile Class One Mainline (60 to 80 MPH) o Continuous Welded Rail on Concrete Ties • Record Setting On-Time Performance o 2000 Consecutive Days Without Service Failure for UPS • One of The Safest Railroads in The United States o Repeated Winner of The E.H. Harriman Award • Location, Location, Location o Passes Through The Heart of Many Coast Cities |4
  • PANAMA CANAL ROUTE: PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (UP, BNSF) SHIFTING FROM LAND-BRIDGE TO REVERSE LAND BRIDGE Price –Inflation Trend: - Alameda Corridor Fees - Environmental Fees OVER-UTILIZED ROUTE: - Captive UP & BN Rail Route - Congestion & Capacity Issues SOUTH FLORIDA ( FEC-JAX-CSX/NS) Price-Stability: - No corridor Fees - No Environmental Fees UNDER-UTILIZED ROUTE: - FEC & Connections to CSX / NS - Surplus Capacity - SB Loaded Export Opportunity |5
  • The Panama Canal Expansion • Panama Canal expansion will allow larger vessel passage (expected completion in 2014) − Currently can accommodate 4,800 TEU vessels − Post expansion, Canal will accommodate +13,000 TEU vessels which will allow for faster all-water times to the East Coast for the more cost efficient “large vessels” (larger vessels are 30% more cost efficient) |6
  • Port of Miami Prepares For Mega Container Ships with Nine (9) Super Post Gantry Cranes for large vessels • Seaports vs. River ports o o o o • Maintaining 50ft Depth Loading Equipment Clearance Issues Traffic Congestion Improvement Funding o o o FED TIGER II $22.7M Florida DOT $11.0M Miami-Dade $3.0M o FECR $11.0M |7
  • Tremendous Potential From A Single Container Ship Per Day. Double- Stack Well-Cars In Unit Trains 1 Double-Stacked Well Car Holds 4 TEUs 120 Car Unit Trains Will Be Under 7500 Feet and Will Hold 480 TEUs. One 12,000 TEU Mega Container Ship = 24 to 26 Intermodal Unit Trains. |8
  • The Return Of Passenger Service |9
  • The South Bay Extension • Same Track Miles To Fort Pierce • Over 350 Crossing Grades avoided • Greater Speed Would Reduce Trip By one hour • Reduce Congestion On Both Railroad and Highways | 10
  • Thank You For Your Attention! Images & Artwork Provided By: • • • • • • • Florida East Coast Railway (slides 1, 4, 8, and logo) Florida East Coast Railway Society (Banner Photos) Google Earth (Maps & Aerial Views) (Slides 7 & 9) John Robbins (Slide Format) (Artwork On Slides 2, 5, 6, and 10) Richard A. Shores Collection (Lower Photos Slide 3) Seth Bramson Collection (Photo Slide 3) South Florida East Coast Corridor Study (Slide 9) | 11