2011 Holiday/Awards Event Slides


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Slides featuring FCBR's Award finalists and winners from our 2011 Holiday/Awards event.

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2011 Holiday/Awards Event Slides

  1. 1. 2011Affiliate of the YearPresented by Christian Lasher y 2009 AOTY
  2. 2. Affiliate of the Year FinalistsDesiree Ilan Riddell LevyCh i iChristian Todd Lasher Gilchrist
  3. 3. Affiliate of the Year Desiree Riddell Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Bl Ribb H W
  4. 4. Young Professional g of the YearPresented by Chris Guillan2010 Co YoPro of the year
  5. 5. YoPro of the Year Finalists Brandon Bidwell Amy Black Josh Dowling Paul Hunter
  6. 6. YoPro of the YearBrandon Bidwell 8Z Real Estate
  7. 7. REALTOR® es o es Milestones
  8. 8. 10 Years Kendra Adams Joyce Marks Adana Barbieri Scott McIntosh Sarah Bennett Jeanette Meyer Sheila A. Benshoof Janet Musil Kelly Leigh Day Michael Nicholson Joanne DeLeon Anne Pielstick Roger P Dittus Patrick Russell .Sean M. Dougherty Adrienne Scharli Christopher Doyle Diane Sherry W. Hunter Fitts William Sutton Patricia Hardy Eric L ThompsonTracy Heckert-Cookman Michelle Heckert- Derrick A. Van Der Sluys Hill Mitch Weiner David G. Johnson Amy Wolff Richard Johnson James Woodrum
  9. 9. 25 Years Dennis Acott Duke SchaefferTimothy Hammond Janice Thayer Terry Hassett Susan Warren Mary Humpal Shirley Watson Scott Mullen Margo Wiebelhaus Patricia Olian
  10. 10. Rookie of the YearPresented by Louise Creager 2010 RKOTY
  11. 11. Rookie of the Year Kevin AnstettFin ists nali Daniel Crisafulli Allison Klein Kenny Layton Lloyd Smith Bonnie Tilford
  12. 12. Rookie of the Year Lloyd Smith Coldwell Banker
  13. 13. Distinguished Service Award Presented by Chris Guillian2010 Distinguished Service Award
  14. 14. Distinguished Service Award Carl Nelson
  15. 15. REALTOR® REALTOR® of the Y f h YearPresented by Susie Ewing 2010 ROTY
  16. 16. REALTOR® of the YearREALTOR®“Bearing” it All
  17. 17. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  18. 18. REALTOR® of the YearREALTOR®
  19. 19. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  20. 20. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  21. 21. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  22. 22. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  23. 23. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  24. 24. REALTOR® of the YearREALTOR®
  25. 25. REALTOR® of the YearREALTOR®
  26. 26. REALTOR® of the YearREALTOR®
  27. 27. REALTOR® of the Year
  28. 28. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  29. 29. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  30. 30. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  31. 31. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  32. 32. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  33. 33. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  34. 34. REALTOR®REALTOR® of the Year
  35. 35. 2011 REALTOR® of the Year REALTOR® Chris Hardy Of Coldwell Banker