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  • 1. Social Media Made Simple 5 No-Fail Advanced Strategies To Get You Real ResultsPractical Training for LWL Launchers Presented by Amy Porterfield Social Media Consultant and Trainer
  • 2.
  • 3. Today’s Expert Presenter•! Amy Porterfield, Social Media Consultant and Trainer•! Co-Author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (June 2011)•! Creator of “The Simple Social Media Formula”-an online training program designed to eliminate social media overwhelm while getting you massive online exposure
  • 4. What You’ll Learn: 5 Tested and Proven Social Media Strategies
  • 5. What You’ll Learn: Focused on ACTION (goal: get things moving!)
  • 6. What You’ll Learn: The Simple Social Media Formula
  • 7. Facebook increased by100 million new users (now 600+ million). (Stats by Pingdom)
  • 8. 20.7 million new Facebook users just in the U.S.
  • 9. Each month: 30 billion pieces ofcontent (links, notes, photos, etc.) are shared on Facebook.
  • 10. Each day 2 billion videosare watched on YouTube.
  • 11. The average Internet userwatched 186 online videos per month (USA).
  • 12. Every minute 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.
  • 13. In 2010, users sent 25 billion tweets and added 100 million+ new users.
  • 14. There’s over600 million search queries on Twitter each day.
  • 15. A new member every second (says LinkedIn CEO).
  • 16. 100% of Fortune 500Companies have executives using LinkedIn.
  • 17. 50% of LinkedIns users are decision makers in their company.
  • 18. Companies that have a business blogattract 55% more website visitors than non-blogging companies.
  • 19. 43% of U.S. companies will market via a blog by 2012
  • 20. Companies that blog have more Twitter followers and Facebook fans.
  • 21. That’s me with my husband and son . . . !
  • 22. Paul Colligan, YouTube Expert! -Live Webcast-!Tony Robbins Infomercial Shoot, Fiji! Mari Smith, Facebook Guru ! (Blog World Interview)!
  • 23. “Ship It!”! It’s all about taking ACTION.
  • 24. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.
  • 25. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.•! Identify it.
  • 26. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.•! Identify it.•! Defeat it.
  • 27. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.•! Identify it.•! Defeat it.•! Make something happen.
  • 28. Facebook Strategy!You’re only as good as your last post.
  • 29. Facebook Strategy!What’s your Profile Strategyfor your business?
  • 30. Facebook Strategy!One surefire way to createengagement is with “FriendsLists”--they allow you to focusyour communication.
  • 31. Facebook Strategy!Create a “Friends List” campaign.
  • 32. Facebook Strategy!Step #1: Take InventoryAre you using all of themas intended? Takeinventory and deletethe lists you don’t use.
  • 33. Facebook Strategy!Step #1: Reviewyour listsFor business, 5-10lists aremanageable.
  • 34. Friends Lists Campaign!Step #2: BuildYour CampaignCreate a GoogleDoc and pre-planhow you will useeach list.Document it tomake it real!
  • 35. Friends Lists Campaign:2 Outcomes !1.! Customize & Personalize Your Facebook Communication!2.! Monitor The Posts of Your Core Lists!
  • 36. Friends Lists Campaign! Pull up your specific FriendsList and monitoronly their posts at one time. ! Great way tocollect powerful intelligence!!
  • 37. Friends Lists Campaign!Answer these questions: •! Name of List •! Purpose of List •! How often will you post to the list? •! What is your core call to action?
  • 38. Friends Lists Campaign!Name of List: Social MediaExaminer Fans
  • 39. Friends Lists Campaign!Purpose of List: Get toknow more, offer valuearound social media content
  • 40. Friends Lists Campaign!Posting schedule: Once a week
  • 41. Friends Lists Campaign!Core call to action: Send them tovaluable content links, including myown blog and YouTube videos(Tip: Even if it’s a “soft CTA” you stillneed one!)
  • 42. Additional Facebook Resources! 3 Reasons Facebook Trumps Twitter for Business facebook-trumps-twitter-for-business/ Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide facebook-101-business-guide/
  • 43. Get The Slides!Go!
  • 44. Online Video Marketing! Making videos takes time and effort (2 things that are often hard to come by!)
  • 45. YouTube Strategy!It’s tough to take thatleap and start churningout videos.
  • 46. YouTube Strategy!Why is video so powerful?Rapid rapport building!
  • 47. Build a Playlist Channel!Step #1: Set Up Your Channel•! Choose a channel name(keywords work here)•! Brand your channel Use keywords throughout yourdescription and bio
  • 48. Build a Playlist Channel!Step #2: Start “Creating” Content:- Create playlists that incorporateother people’s videos-Think of titles of playlists that willcatch the eye of your viewers and ideal audiencemembers
  • 49. Build a Playlist Channel!Step #2: Start “Creating” Content:- “Favorite” great videos and makeone a featured video (or do this withyour own)
  • 50. Build a Playlist Channel!Step #2: Start “Creating” Content:- Send friend invites
  • 51. Post a Bulletin to Friendsand Subscribers!
  • 52. Post a Bulletin to Friendsand Subscribers!
  • 53. Post a Bulletin to Friendsand Subscribers!-On your subscribers’ recent activitymodule (on the homepage)!-On your channel page in your recentactivity module!
  • 54. Build a Playlist Channel!Step #2: Start “Creating” Content:- Leave THOUGHTFUL comments onother people’s channels in your niche
  • 55. Build a Playlist Channel!
  • 56. Build a Playlist Channel!
  • 57. Additional YouTube Resources! 16 Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing successful-online-video-marketing/ 5 Steps to Achieving Success With Video Marketing achieving-success-with-video-marketing/
  • 58. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas! - Educate - Train - Teach
  • 59. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas!Answer your mostfrequently askedquestions
  • 60. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas!Do a productreview
  • 61. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas! Tell a story
  • 62. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas! Talk about your case studies and results
  • 63. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas!Debunk Myths!
  • 64. YouTube Strategy: !7 Quick Content Ideas!Take yourviewers behindthe scenes
  • 65. Business Blogging Strategy!Biggest challenge:Getting moreinterested readers tosee your blog.
  • 66. Business Blogging Strategy!Start a “Blog Sharing ActionGroup”•! Start with 10 core people in your close network•! Agree to tweet and post each other’s blogs regularly•! Use an automation tool to make it really stick
  • 67. Business Blogging Strategy!Experiment with the TwitterFeed Tool
  • 68. Business Blogging Strategy!
  • 69. Business Blogging Strategy!
  • 70. Business Blogging Strategy!
  • 71. Business Blogging Strategy!
  • 72. Business Blogging Strategy!
  • 73. Additional Blogging Resources!Twitter Feedhttp://twitterfeed.comGet More Exposure & Build Powerful JVRelationships With This AutomatedTwitter Strategy…
  • 74. Twitter Marketing Strategy!More than 600 millionsearches PER DAY onTwitter.
  • 75. Twitter Marketing Strategy!Know what your customers aresearching for--it’s their language thatreally counts.
  • 76. Twitter Marketing Strategy!Know what words yourcompetitors are using--stay onestep ahead of them.
  • 77. Twitter Strategy: !Kinaxis’ Keyword Campaign! One keyword a month--created a lead generation campaign around that keyword. Included a white paper, blog posts, social media mentions, etc. Source: Rob Birgfeld, SmartBlogs!
  • 78. Twitter Strategy: !Kinaxis’ Keyword Campaign!The results?Kinaxis had a 270% increase in trafficto its domain and a 320% increase inleads generated online since kickingoff the social campaign. Source: Rob Birgfeld, SmartBlogs!
  • 79. Twitter Strategy: !Social Keyword Campaign!#1: Choose one critical keywordeach quarter
  • 80. Twitter Strategy: !Social Keyword Campaign!#2: Create a lead-generationstrategy on that subject (whitepaper giveaway, mini-videoseries, report, etc.)
  • 81. Twitter Strategy: !Social Keyword Campaign!#3: To create a buzz andexposure, create blog postsrelated to that particular keywordand offer opportunities todownload the giveaway
  • 82. Twitter Strategy: !Social Keyword Campaign!#4: To create even more buzz,include videos on YouTube andpresentations on SlideSharefocusing on the keyword of thequarter.
  • 83. Additional Twitter Resources!Twitter Search Time Social Search
  • 84. Social Marketing Strategy:It’s All About The ExperiencesTo stand out in social media, you have to make thatlittle extra effort others won’t.What can you do to create value for your fans andget you even greater interaction and exposure?What’s your secret sauce? What do your clientspraise you for? Use that as fuel.
  • 85. Case Study:Expert Fridays via Social Media Examiner Why They’re Great •! It’s a 3-way win: the fan, the expert and SME •! Extra content for blog posts, newsletters, etc. •! You can easily repeat the process.
  • 86. Expert Friday Example with David Garland!
  • 87. Expert Friday Example with David Garland!
  • 88. Expert Friday Example with David Garland!
  • 89. Case Study:Expert Fridays via Social Media ExaminerCheck SME out at:Website: www.SocialMediaExaminer.comFacebook:
  • 90. Case Study:Twitterviews with Joel CarlsonWhy They’re Great•! They’re unique, so they stand out.•! Two audiences converge, giving both parties greater exposure.•! Sets Joel as the expert interviewer. Great social proof and expert recognition.
  • 91. Case Study:Twitterviews with Joel Carlson Twitterview example with @priorfatgirl!
  • 92. Case Study:Twitterviews with Joel Carlson
  • 93. Case Study:Twitterviews with Joel Carlson Check Joel out at: Website: Twitter:
  • 94. Case Study:MarieTV with Marie ForleoWhy It’s Great•! You get to know Marie at an entirely intimate level. You’re in her home and in her head.•! Topic focused: showcases her content, her expertise and her skills•! They’re fun and a bit edgy. They educate, empower and entertain at the same time.
  • 95. Case Study:MarieTV Episode Topics!
  • 96. Case Study:MarieTV Episode Topics!
  • 97. Case Study:MarieTV Episode Topics!
  • 98. Case Study:MarieTV with Marie ForleoCheck Marie out at:Website: www.MarieForleo.comMarieTV:
  • 99. Take Action . . . What will you create for your Signature Social Experience?
  • 100. Get The Slides!Go!
  • 101. Remember: “Ship It!” It’s all about taking ACTION.
  • 102. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.
  • 103. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.•! Identify it.
  • 104. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.•! Identify it.•! Defeat it.
  • 105. Take Seth’s advice:•! Nail it to the wall.•! Identify it.•! Defeat it.•! Make something happen.
  • 106. Designed To Work For !Your Unique Personality and Brand! [social media on your terms!]!
  • 107. 5 Training Modules!Social Media + Simple Strategy = Success & Sanity! [the simple social media formula]!
  • 108. Module One![the facebook marketing formula]!
  • 109. Engagement + “You Time” = More Money! [the facebook marketing formula]!
  • 110. Module Two![the online video formula]!
  • 111. Personality + Subscribers = More Clients! [the online video formula]!
  • 112. Module Three![the business blogging formula]!
  • 113. Content + Comments = Expert Status! [the business blogging formula]!
  • 114. Module Four![the twitter marketing formula]!
  • 115. Broadcasts + @Replies = $$ Opportunities! [the twitter marketing formula]!
  • 116. Module Five![the linkedin marketing formula]!
  • 117. Connections + Recommendations =! Higher $ Programs! [the linkedin marketing formula]!
  • 118. What’s Included:5-week video moduletraining sessions
  • 119. What’s Included:Each module includes:- Multiple training videos in each module- Each recorded- Transcripts- Accompanying audio
  • 120. [value-packed video training sessions]! The 5 simple and effective strategies in each module to get real results
  • 121. [value-packed video training sessions]! Model the best: real world examples
  • 122. [value-packed video training sessions]! A comprehensive list of EXACTLY what you should do yourself and what to outsource
  • 123. [value-packed video training sessions]! 5 MUST do actions for each social network
  • 124. [value-packed video training sessions]! Each video is recorded and transcribed
  • 125. “Members only” Private PortalOne year full access
  • 126. [kick-butt cheat sheets]!
  • 127. [kick-butt cheat sheets]!
  • 128. [kick-butt cheat sheets]!
  • 129. [value-packed video training sessions]! 5 MUST do actions for each social network
  • 130. [kick-butt cheat sheets]! 3 most COMMON MISTAKES most make on each network and how to avoid them
  • 131. [kick-butt cheat sheets]! Answers to the 5 FAQs
  • 132. [kick-butt cheat sheets]!Links to the hottest resourcesonline for each network
  • 133. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:! My easy system to generate hot testimonials and loads of social proof
  • 134. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:! The exact strategies we used to grow a Facebook page from zero to over 30,000 fans in about a year
  • 135. Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:! The secret, no-fail technique to instantly connect with top influencers in your niche
  • 136. Choose Your Payment Plan Option 1: One-Time Payment of $497 Option 2: Two-Installment Plan of $264
  • 137. 30-DAY MONEY BACKGUARANTEE. !If you’re not 100% satisfied,send me an email anytimeduring the first 30-days oncewe begin the program and Iwill refund your money.No questions asked!!
  • 138. Be the first to enroll:! FREE 30-minute social media phone assessment for the first 5 people to enroll today!
  • 139. To Sign Up, Go to:!!
  • 140. Go to Todays Opportunity’ ! in your members area ! For the special offer!!
  • 141.
  • 142. Connect with Amy!Website: www.amyporterfield.comFacebook: Slides:
  • 143. Become an Expert Presenter! -Available to Premium Members Only-!"#$%&"%(")"*+,(-.%/+#.#/&+(/0,/10"#2+(/304( ,"+3/-"*01"*+(52(+$#(67"&.%0"1"*+787/99"*%0/%3:.#.004(;(<-(+=(%(>0# 2/&(0">??"*004(/22?.9/$"%@ A"0/B+(<.*<;(<-(+C7"&"%0" ,,,@7/3.(#84"7/*%94@9"<0"D".%6
  • 144. Ladies Who Launch is committed to bringing youhigh quality resources. We want your feedback. Please fill out our short survey!