Who Wants to be an FBLA-PBL National Officer?


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Looking for the leadership experience of a lifetime? This presentation details the opportunities and responsibilities of an FBLA-PBL National Officer.

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  • Marisa: Welcome to FBLA-PBL’s webinar titled, “Who Wants to Be an Officer?”During this session, FBLA-PBL Membership Director Lisa Smothers, FBLA National President Taylor Sarman, and PBL National President Jake Barreau will offer FBLA-PBL members and their advisers tips and tricks to make candidates stand out from the crowd as they prepare to campaign to win! My name is Marisa Preuss and I am the Communications/Publications Manager. I will serve as today’s moderator. We encourage you to submit questions at any time during the broadcast using the GoToWebinar tool bar at the top right of your screen. We will go over questions at the end of this presentation.Just as a reminder, we will be recording this webinar at will be available to download on our YouTube channel tomorrow.Ok. I will now turn it over to our Membership Director, Lisa Smothers.
  • Lisa: Thank you Marisa.Being a national officer is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences that a student can have as a member of FBLA-PBL. It takes commitment and responsibility, but it’s also a lot of fun. FBLA and PBL members may run for office at the local level, the state level, or the national level.Local and state guidelines for running for office are different with every chapter and every state. Check with your local and state advisers for information and guidelines.At the National level, there are 8 FBLA National Officers and 8 PBL National Officers that are elected at the annual National Leadership Conference each year. The parliamentarian for each team is an appointed position. The person who files and application and has the highest test score on the parliamentary procedures written exam is appointed to this position. There is a national parliamentarian for each team.The National Officer Candidate Guide, which contains the requirements and guidelines for all national officer candidates is located on the home page of the national Web site at www.fbla-pbl.org.
  • Lisa:Lisa: Before you can lead others, you must be able to lead yourself. In FBLA-PBL this is made available and recognized though an understanding of our organization of the many benefits and opportunities that itprovides to members and advisers.Beinga great leader is by inspiring those around you. This means first leading your local chapter by focusing on growing your membership, inspiring the members of your chapter to get involved in local, state, and national activities, and attending state and national conferences.It is now my pleasure to turn this session over to our two special guests. FBLA National President, Taylor Sarman and PBL National President Jake Barreau. Both of these members have have run successful officer campaigns on the local, state, and national levels.Taylor and Jake – the floor is now yours.
  • Taylor: If you become a local, state, or National officer your contribution will be measured in direct proportion to your understanding of the FBLA-PBL organization. In addition, many states after different state projects, so it is important to check with your state adviser and not only become knowledgeable about state projects, but to help get your chapter actively involved in them. Arkansas FBLA-PBL, for example, raises money state-wide for the Children’s hospital each year.At the National level, one of the best programs that potential officer candidates can participate in is the Business Achievement Awards (BAA) for FBLA and the Career and Membership Achievement Awards (CMAP) for PBL. These programs focus on participating in projects and activities designed to grow local chapters—something that is critical for candidates at any level of the organization to participate in. Candidates or potential candidates, if you did not make the March 1 cut-off deadline for this year, no problem. You can have your adviser register you for the program and start working on it now for recognition in the 2012-13 membership year. There is no paperwork. Everything is online and interactive!Finally, don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside of the box and propose ideas for new local, state, or even national projects. One of my platform goals when running for FBLA National President last year was to introduce a new national service-in-sync project. This project, which involved reading to younger students, was completed by chapters throughout the country during FBLA-PBL week in February.Did you know that our national web site lets you submit ideas for national projects? Check out the NEW innovation center on our Web site. Maybe the next national activity or project will be your idea.Jake Barreau, a three-term PBL National Officer, will now discuss the importance of attending conference and offer some tips as to how to score a campaign win.
  • Jake: Thank you Taylor. Hello members and advisers, I am Jake Barreau, your PBL National President.FBLA and PBL members have the opportunity to travel at the local, state, and national levels. With more than a quarter of a million members in FBLA-PBL, we have a vast network at our fingertips. Meeting members at conferences is a great way to get your name out there and potentially find a job. More importantly, this is a great conference for local and state officers to interact with other officers from throughout the country and share successful projects and ideas. Candidates for national office will have the opportunity to speak to conference attendees and interact with voting delegates for two days in the campaign hall.The 2012 National Leadership Conference, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas,will feature motivational sessions on a variety of topics and offer such attractions as the Alamo, SeaWorld, and Six Flags.Whether you are a local or a state officer, I encourage you to attend the Institute for Leaders (IFL), which will be held in conjunction with the National Leadership Conference. Did you know that there are sessions designed just for FBLA and PBL officers? These innovative workshops will concentrate on providing officers with strategies for public relations, corporate partnerships, participation in FBLA-PBL leadership programs, and tips on how to make FBLA or PBL the “must join” organization on campus.National Officer candidates are encouraged, but not required, to attend IFL.
  • Jake: Now let’s turn to how to organize a winning officer campaign.There are different requirements for offices at each level or our organization. Advisers have the duties of the different officer positions for the local and the national levels in their FBLA or PBL Chapter Management Handbook. For State Officer positions, please contact your State Adviser.Make sure you review the duties and the qualifications for the office that you are seeking. Get a copy of the campaign guidelines and rules.The most important thing that you can do is to talk to the current officer for the level and/or position for which you want to run. By doing this, you can find out what to expect if you are elected: time commitment required, conferences and meetings that you need to attend, etc. You can also find out about any current project that you can include in your campaign platform.Now that we have talked about the different levels of officers that FBLA-PBL has, let’s focus on preparing a national campaign. Did you know that many members decide to run for a National Office when they are Freshman or Sophomores? They begin climbing up the leadership ladder and focus on building their experience with competitive events, leadership positions, and participating in national programs.Let’s take a look a the requirements for the different National Officer positions.
  • Taylor: Only active members are eligible to hold national office. Dues must be paid by March 1 for FBLA or by April 15 for PBL. A candidate must have at least one full year remaining in his/her business program. He or she must hold or have held an elective office in his or her local or state chapter. For PBL, candidates must hold or have held an elective office in his/her local chapter corresponding to or higher than the one that they are applying for.A candidate must be present at the National Leadership Conference, and officially certified by the Officer Screening Committee to be eligible to campaign.Let’s focus on the position of the five Regional Vice Presidents. These national officers assist the presenting in the promotion and development of their respective regions and focus on membership growth and retention. They preside at the two Regional meetings at the NLC, and manage regional web site and action councils. Candidates for this position give their two minute campaign speech at the Regional Campaign Rally. A 15-minute question-and-answer session (total for all candidates) immediately following the campaign speeches also occurs in this session.
  • Taylor: Each state may nominate members of the parliamentary procedures team representing them at the National Leadership Conference, or the individual who scored the highest on the written parliamentary procedures test at their State Leadership Conference, as a candidate for National Parliamentarian. Candidates for this position must attend the Candidate Briefings Session and take the written parliamentary procedures exam at the National Leadership Conference. Since this office is a non-elected position, candidates for National Parliamentarian are the only officer candidate that do not go through candidate interviews. The individual that has met the qualifications for office, filed and application, and has scored the highest on the written parliamentary procedures exam is appointed to this position.Once appointed, this officer’s main duty is to adviser the President of the orderly conduct of business in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and the Bylaws. This year’s FBLA National Parliamentarian promoted parliamentary knowledge and awareness by producing a quarterly newsletter for state and chapter parliamentarians throughout the country.The National Parliamentarian also spearheads the team’s public relations plan to promote the March of Dimes, our national community service partner.
  • Taylor: Candidates for National Treasurer must have completed one year of accounting, bookkeeping, or recordkeeping by the time of their election at the National Leadership Conference.This officer is responsible for keeping an accurate record of all National Officer travel throughout the year and manages the National Treasurer’s Council. One of the main responsibilities of this office is to spearhead a student campaign to obtain new sponsorships, exhibitors, and scholarship. This year’s FBLA National Treasurer has already secured a $3,000 that will be used to sponsor one of the FBLA competitive events at this year’s National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas.Finally, the National Treasurer also helps to secure items to make the NLC silent auction a success!
  • Jake: Candidates for National secretary most possess the ability to take minutes and have completed one year of typewriting/keyboarding instruction by the time of their election at the National Leadership Conference.This officer is responsible for preparing the National Officer Team Program of Work, minutes of conference calls and meeting, a spreadsheets with contact information for state key contacts, keeping track of all National Officer Travel, and preparing a monthly team summary report of activities.This person also is responsible for reminding the other officers about deadline dates and articles for national publications and preparing the national officer team electronic scrapbook.This year, both the FBLA and the PBL National Secretaries have done a great job of using social media and working with their team to write blog posts, posting on the FBLA-PBL National Face book page, and sending tweets.
  • Jake: The FBLA-PBL National President must be able to motivate his or her team. This officer presides over National Officer team meetings and business meetings of FBLA or PBL, depending on which division he or she belongs to.This officer is a member of the National Board of Directors and at National Officer Training, and is responsible for directing the National Officer Team Program of Work which focuses on three areas: Customer Service, Relationships, Resources, and Image and Awareness.This person must have strong communication skills because he or she communications with state officers and state advisers throughout the year and is important for the creating and presenting the National Officer Mid-Year Report in January and the Annual Report in the Summer at the Board of Directors Meeting.He or she also represents the organization at trade shows such as the National Business Education Association (NBEA) and the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE).
  • Taylor:If you are planning apply for a National Officer position for the 2012-13 membership year, there are some things that you can begin working on now.Print the National Officer Candidate Guide and application forms from the National Web site. Review the qualifications and rules with your local adviser.Contact your State Adviser and find out the procedure that your state has for nominating national officer candidates.Once your state approves your application, they will sign off on it and forward it to the National Center to the attention of Ms. Jean Buckley. It must be received by May 15.Start making a plan and select your campaign manager. Set a budget for your campaign—at the national level, there is a $2,000 limit. You will also need to prepare a financial statement showing your income and your expenses.At the National level, usually the entire state gets behind their National Officer Candidate. Make a contact sheet for your campaign staff, and in the late states of your campaign, make a schedule for the National Leadership Conference. I would recommend having four or five members sign up for different shifts during the different campaign hours.
  • Taylor: Your speech, although it is only 2 minutes, is one of the most important parts of your National Officer campaign. Some candidates use a cordless microphone without the podium while others use the podium. Use the style that makes you the most comfortable and will allow you to present a polished final product. The time is monitor and strictly enforced. No audio-visual equipment may be used during campaign speeches and business attire must be worn.Only the National Officer candidate may participate in the speech. There are now introductions, skits, or props allowed.Successful candidates tie in both a theme and their platform ideas or goals. The earlier you begin working on your speech, the more input you can get from others. Deliver it in front of the entire chapter and even the speech or forensics coaches at your school.Prepare questions that you think delegates could ask you.Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
  • Jake: Make sure that your platform and goals are attainable. Many candidates come up with a colorful booth display and a catchy theme. For example, FBLA National Treasurer Drew Marx used: Earn High Marx for FBLA – Vote Drew Marx for National Treasurer.Tie your theme into every aspect of your campaign and be creative!
  • Jake: As you are planning your campaign and working on materials such as posters, involve as many local chapter members as you can. When you get to the National Leadership Conference, make sure that all the members of your State are enthused and on board---it will show!Always plan for more materials than you will need—especially any brochures or flyers the contain your qualifications and your goals.Remember to smile and be enthused whenever you are in public, NO MATTER WHAT!Finally, make sure that you have a positive relationship with your opponents.
  • Taylor: The impression that you make on other people will have a significant impact on how they judge the entire association, as one of the major duties of an FBLA-PBL National Officer is to serve as an ambassador of our organization at state conferences, trade shows, and national conferences. The thing the determines the typical candidate from the strong candidate is the question and answer session following the campaign speeches and how candidates handle questions from delegates during campaign booth hours. Project yourself as a professional student leader and show enthusiasm when you speak of FBLA-PBL. Always have an “elevator speech” prepared (No more than 30 seconds to a minute long) to give to anyone prior to answering the first question. My elevator speech was as follows . . . . .
  • Taylor: One of the most important things that you need to focus on with your campaign brochure is your campaign goals. Voting delegates want to know what you are going to do for the organization and ultimately, how it will affect their local and their state chapters.Your brochure should have an attractive and easy-to-read layout. Photos and graphics help! Current National Officers can answer questions and advise, but they cannot provide quotes to candidates. Any photos of the candidate and current national officers should NOT be put in brochures, as they have to remain objective. Many candidates also include a letter to the delegates as part of their campaign literature.
  • Jake: Each National Officer Candidate, with the exception of the National Parliamentarian, is assigned to an area in the campaign hall for a campaign booth for two days of campaigning. This is a 10x10 area so all items must fit within those dimensions.Successful candidates have a campaign theme, brochures that clearly define their goals, candy, and theme items. Many candidates get donations of either items for money to help defray their campaign costs. There is a $2,000 limit for campaign booths/items.Candidates and campaign staff must be dressed in business attire and may campaign in their own campaign booth area.
  • Taylor:Remember: applications for all National Officer Candidates have a receipt deadline of May 15. Your state adviser must forward the application to the National Center so that it arrives prior to or on this date. Only hard-copies are acceptable.All National Officer Candidates must attend the Candidate Briefings Session at the NLC. This session will take place at 7:30 p.m. and for PBL will be on June 23 and for FBLA on June 28.All National Officer Candidates with the exception of the National Parliamentarian must go through interview screening. Each interview will last approximately 15 minutes. Your interview panel will consist of members of the National Board of Directors and current National Officers. Candidates, their local advisers, their state advisers, and their campaign manager should attend. Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the interview time.All National Officer Candidates, with the exception of the National Parliamentarian must have a campaign booth and prepare and present a 2 minute speech at the NLC. Candidates for National President, Secretary, and Treasurer will give their speeches during the Campaign Rally that immediately follows the Opening General Session. Regional Vice Presidents will give their speeches the following day during the Regional Campaign Rally in their respective Regions.Candidates will be assigned to a area in the campaign hall for their campaign booths. All candidates and campaign staff must be dressed in business attire during campaign hours.Voting will be done by ballot with a majority vote required for election. If a majority is not reached, the teller’s report will be read prior to re-voting. If no candidate receives a majority vote on the third ballot, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes will be dropped from the fourth ballot. If necessary, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped from each subsequent ballot until one candidate receives a majority of votes.Election results will be announced during the Awards of Excellence Ceremony. There will be no rehearsal for the officer installation.There will be a mandatory New Officer Orientation/Breakfast for new officers, their local adviser, and their state adviser from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on the morning following the Awards of Excellence Program. This meeting is business casual.
  • MARISA: OK . . . We had a number of questions submitted during the presentation, and we’ll start getting to those now. If we run out of time, wewill e-mail you individually to answer any question that we were not able to get to.The first question . . . . I’d like to thank each of you for your participation today. I hope you have a great week!
  • MARISA: Ok, that’s all the time we have for today. Please don’t miss next month’s webinar titled “Road to San Antonio” on April 25 and 4 pm EST. Join our Education and Conference Directors as they team up to prepare you for everything you need to know about the National Leadership Conference this summer. Also, don’t forget you can find all of our past webinars archived on our YouTube channel as well as on the national Web site Media Gallery. They’re a great resource to include in your next chapter meeting!That’s all for today. Lisa, Jake, and Taylor… I’d like to thank each of you for your participation today. And thank you all for attending and I hope you have a great week!
  • Who Wants to be an FBLA-PBL National Officer?

    1. 1. Who Wants To Be an Officer?How to Prepare for Local, State, and National Office
    2. 2. Three Different Officer Levels Local State National
    3. 3. FBLA-PBL Builds LeadersBefore you can leadothers, you must be able tolead yourself.
    4. 4. Understand Our MissionTo bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.
    5. 5. Knowledge is Key
    6. 6. Attend the NLC and IFL in San Antonio, Texas
    7. 7. Learn How to Score a Campaign Win Look over the duties of your local, state, or national officer positions Talk with your local/state adviser to get more information on running for an office Get a copy of the FBLA-PBL National Officer Candidate Guide Talk to current officers for the level and/or position for which you want to run
    8. 8. Duties of the Regional Vice Presidents Assist the president in the promotion and development of their respective regions Preside at the Regional Meetings at the NLC Manage Regional Web Sites Manage Regional Action Councils
    9. 9. National Parliamentarian• Advise the President of the orderly conduct of business in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and the bylaws• Promote parliamentary knowledge and awareness• Point person for the March of Dimes
    10. 10. National Treasurer Assist the National Office in keeping a record of all national officer travel Manage the National Treasurer’s Council Spearhead getting sponsorships, exhibitors, scholarships Secure items for the NLC silent auction
    11. 11. National Secretary Prepare the National Officer Team Program of Work and updates Prepare minutes of meetings Prepare a spreadsheet of State Officer and Key State Contacts Monthly Team Summary Report Develop content/post on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc. Prepare National Officer Team electronic scrapbook
    12. 12. National President Preside over National Officer Team meetings and business meetings of FBLA or PBL Serve as a member of the National Board of Directors E-blasts to State Officers/State Advisers National Officer Mid-Year and Annual Report
    13. 13. Candidate Check List Turn in your application – receipt date – May 15 Start making a plan, select a campaign manager Set dates of when you want things done, pace yourself Set a budget for your campaign Make a contact sheet for campaign staff In the late stages of your campaign, make a schedule for the national conference
    14. 14. Other Tips Find a balance between professionalism and fun in your speech Make sure you tie your platform/theme into it Make your ideas easy to understand, don’t be wordy Get input from others and practice in front of them Think of questions that you think delegates might ask you and create answers on note cards
    15. 15. More Tips• Create a reasonable/attainable platform• Come up with a catchy theme that ties into your platform • Try to include your name within your theme • Come up with something that is catchy or rhymes (e.g. Earn High Marx for FBLA – Vote Drew Marx for National Treasurer)• Tie your theme into every aspect of your campaign
    16. 16. Additional Ideas Try to find a way to incorporate your chapter(s) and its members into your campaign Always plan for more materials than you will need, but don’t be too excessive Practice your speech – make sure to adhere to the time limit. Remember to always smile whenever you are in public, NO MATTER WHAT! Have a positive relationship with your opponent(s), you will most likely have to work with them in the future
    17. 17. Have an Elevator Speech• Both voting delegates and conference delegates will ask candidates questions in the campaign hall• Make sure to have an elevator speech ready that includes your unique platform goals
    18. 18. Brochures
    19. 19. Campaign Booths Have give-always: candy, theme items, stickers Include platform on brochures Ask for donations from businesses
    20. 20. Reminders Application Candidate Briefings Interviews at NLC Campaign Booth Speech No rehearsal for installation New Officer Orientation/Breakfast
    21. 21. Questions If we run out of time and are not able to answer your question, you will receive an individual e-mail response. Contact us anytime at general@fbla.org
    22. 22. Connect With Uswww.facebook.com/fbla-pblwww.twitter.com/fbla-pblyoutube.com/fblapblincflickr.com/photos/fbla-pbl
    23. 23. Webinar Wednesday “Road to San Antonio”  Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 4:00 pm EDT Archived Webinars on YouTube  Going for the Win: Preparing for Competition  Involving the Pros  Navigating Your Way Through the BAA  Involving Your Elected Officials