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Join Conference Director Richard Bowen and Membership Director Lisa Smothers for a run down of all you need to know for the 2014 National Leadership Conference (NLC) for 2014.

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  • LISA:Hello and welcome to Webinar Wednesday! Today’s session, “2014 NLC – Excellence in Action” will offer a preview of the 2014 National Leadership Conference.  My name is Lisa Smothers and I am the FBLA-PBL Membership Director. I will serve as today’s moderator. Speaking today from the National Center is Richard Bowen, Conference DirectorHe’s here to give you the inside scoop on preparing for the NLC and how to make the most out of your trip to the NLC. We encourage you to submit questions at any time during the broadcast using the GoToWebinar tool bar at the top right of your screen. We will go over questions at the end of this presentation.As a reminder, we are recording this Webinar and it will be available for download on the National web site in the Adviser’s Only area.I'd now like to introduce our presenter, Richard Bowen.
  • RICHARD:Welcome! I’m glad to have you aboard today. Today we will be highlighting the upcoming National Leadership Conference in Nashville. PBL starts June 24 and FBLA starts June 29. Please note that all information we are sharing today is on our website at www.fbla.org/2014NLC.To start, We all know that Nashville has very strong ties in the country music entertainment industry. It all started way back when at the Grand Ole Opry which is located next to the Opryland Resort.
  • RICHARD:The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center is a huge and expansive convention hotel…. A visit to Opryland is an adventure in itself. It’s over 2,800 guest rooms are all connected via 3 atriums. Note: Although Opryland is enclosed in a glass dome that is temperature controlled , out side temperatures will be hot and humid so plan ahead for any activities when you plan to be outside..
  • RICHARD:The Resort is divided into 4 themed areas. When you get your room keys, you will note that they are color coded to match up with the 4 color themed areas of the map. Cascades - Teal, Conservatory - Green, Delta - Red, and Magnolia - Gold.The first thing we are going to cover is how can you get around the hotel. As you can see by the hotel map the resort is very spread out.Make sure you allow enough time to get from point A to point B. Walking time from your guest room to competitions, workshops, etc.The conference attire is Business. The Dress Code should be strictly follow for all conference activities. Casual events are the March of Dimes mini Walk, Final night social events. Comfortable shoes can be worn to get around the resort, but remember to bring your dress shoes with you for events.Dining at Opryland is also an adventure. They have many themed restaurants located in each Key area of Opryland; Further details on Opryland dining is posted on our web site. Located a short walk from Opryland is the Opry Mills outlet mall which also has restaurants and a food court. Resort transportation is also provided.
  • RICHARD:Now lets review the convention center of the resort.  Its internally connected to the guest room areas and located on 3 levels. - The main level is the Ballroom area. - Above the ballroom area is the Mezzanine area of which there are 3. - Below the ballroom level is the Ryman Hall area which has meeting and exhibit space.
  • RICHARD:Now lets look closer at each of these areas. The Ballroom level consists of the Delta, Governor's, Presidential, and Tennessee Ballrooms.
  • RICHARD:The Mezzanine areas are Delta, Magnolia and Presidential. Please note that the 3 mezzanine areas are not connected and need to be accessed via the ballroom level.
  • RICHARD:The Ryman Studio’s and Ryman Ballroom are on the lower level. The RymanExhibit Hall B is where online testing and certification test are located. The Ryman Exhibit Hall C1-2 is where the FBLA General Session and Awards of Excellence will be held.
  • RICHARD:Now let’s talk about our exciting program. The conference begins with our Premier program the “Institute for Leaders”, an intensive day and a half training program which starts the day before each NLC.It’s where you will find FBLA-PBL’s most dedicated members, outstanding speakers, and powerful business leadership training. Who Should Attend IFL? FBLA-PBL officers, new or veteran advisers, aspiring entrepreneurs, or any future business leader who knows his/her ambitions will require innovative leadership should attend.More information on the IFL program is in the NLC Guide which was sent to all the chapters in March and is alsoon our Web site.
  • Richard:We have a great lineup of Keynote speakers for our 2014 NLC.John Khalilianwill be our PBL Keynote. Besides being a nationally known speaker he’s also been in various media sources, including being a past Ford Model. He keeps the audiences attention with his warm charisma, comical story telling, and thought provoking messages.Sabrina Thompson will be our FBLA Keynote. Beside her many accomplishments, in 2012 she went on the wildest adventure of her life and appeared on “Survivor” where she was runner-up. Check out the websites for these dynamic speakers.
  • Richard: Don’t Forget to join in the fun for the March of Dimes Mini-Walk. Held from 5:30pm-6:30pm. For PBL June 26, and July 1 for FBLA.We will once again have social events after the Awards of Excellence programs. June 27 for PBL, and July 2 for FBLA. Both held from 9:30pm-11:30pm.Don’t forget, we also have a wide selection of discounted tour options. Sign up online at our Web site.
  • RICHARD:Showing now are some deadline dates for the conference. I’ve Highlighted a few key deadlines.These can also be found in the 2014 NLC Guide on page 4.They include deadlines for: Internship and candidate applications; registration and voting: and Hotel Reservation cutoff. If these dates are not met, your students may not be eligible to vote, run for a national office, or have events prejudged.
  • LISA:Before we end…just a few housekeeping notes. Please remember that NLC attendees are required to be in Business Attire throughout the conference. This applies to advisers as well. The only exception is the social event. Just to clarify, open-toe shoes and sling backs are allowed but flip flops or bare feet are NOT. So ladies, please don’t be a slave to fashion. Buy comfortable dress shoes that you can bare to wear throughout the day. ASHLEY – Click mouse for slide transition… (pulls in the photo to slide and the “not allowed” symbol)
  • LISA: OK . . . We had a number of questions submitted during the presentation, and we’ll start getting to those now. If we run out of time, we will e-mail you individually to answer any question that we were not able to get to.The first question . . . .
  • LISA:Don’t forget to connect with usThanks for joining us today…………………………………………..
  • Webinar-2014 NLC Nashville

    1. 1. 2014 NLC Nashville Tennessee  PBL Dates  IFL June 23-24  NLC June 24-27  FBLA Dates  IFL June 27-28  NLC June 29-July 2
    2. 2. NLC 2014 National Leadership Conference EXCELLENCE IN ACTION! Nashville, Tennessee PBL : June 24-27 FBLA : June 29-July 2 2 Richard Bowen, Conference Director
    3. 3. Delta  Cascades  Conservatory 3
    4. 4. The Meeting Space is located on 3 Levels Mezzanine Upper Level Magnolia Presidential Delta Ballroom Main Level Tennessee Presidential Governor’s Delta Ryman Lower Level Ryman Blrm & Studio’s Ryman C-2 FBLA General Session Entrance Area Ryman B-2 - Computer Lab Ryman C-1 FBLA General Sessions Delta Island
    5. 5. Delta Ballroo m Delta Lobby A & Reg Desk Delta Lobby B Ballroom Level: Delta, Governor’s, Presidenti al, & Tennessee 6 Magnolia Mezzanine
    6. 6. Presidential Mezzanine Magnolia Mezzanine Delta Mezzanine 7 NOTE: Mezzanine Areas do not connect. You must go down to Ballroom Level, then go back up to the Delta, Magnolia, or Presidential Mezzanines Canal Rooms Bayou Rooms Belle Meade, Belmont, Cheekwoo d, Hermitage, and Magnolia Meeting Rooms Staircase from Tennessee Blrm Foyer
    7. 7. Computer LAB Ryman B-2 FBLA General Sessions Ryman C 1&2 Ryman Ballroom A - F Ryman Studio’s A – R Ryman Level Note: Ryman Area is BELOW Delta & Presidential Ballrooms 8 General Session Entrance C2
    8. 8. Institute for Leaders Innovation Adventure!  PBL IFL  June 23, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.  June 24, 8:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.  FBLA IFL  June 28, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.  June 29, 8:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.  IFL Registration is located at the Delta Ballroom A Registration Desk
    9. 9. Keynote Speakers Johan Khalilian Sabrina Thompson
    10. 10. Special Activities March of Dimes Mini Walk  PBL: June 26  FBLA: July 1 Social Events  PBL: June 27  FBLA: July 2 Discounted Tours Available on select days throughout the conferences  Nashville Shores Water Park  Historic Downtown Nashville  General Jackson Riverboat
    11. 11. Deadlines May 9: Receipt Deadline • PBL and FBLA NLC internship applications • NLC competitive events program entries including all forms, reports, and resumes (submitted by state chapter) May 12: Receipt Deadline • National Anthem audition CDs due May 15: Receipt Deadline • March of Dimes Mission LIFT report • PBL and FBLA national officer candidate applications May 16: Receipt Deadline • NLC school site computer test (submitted by state chapter) May 23: Receipt Deadline • NLC and IFL early bird registration and payment May 23: Receipt Deadline • Housing forms to the hotel • NLC or IFL registration refund requests June 1: Postmarked Deadline • Draft copy of national officer candidate speech, campaign materials, and financial statement June 4: Receipt Deadline • PBL local voting delegate registration June 6: Receipt Deadline • Last day additions or corrections for competitive events entries (submitted by state chapter) June 9: Receipt Deadline • FBLA local voting delegate registration June 13: Receipt Deadline • NLC, IFL, and certification exams preregistration
    12. 12. Dress for Success  Business attire is required for all activities except the social event  Applies to all students AND advisers  National dress code may differ from your state  For ladies, open-toe and sling-back shoes are fine  Comfortable walking for walking to/from the conference  Dress shoes for all conference activities
    13. 13. Questions  If we run out of time and are not able to answer your question, you will receive an individual e-mail response.  Contact us anytime at general@fbla.org  NLC related questions can be sent to conferencedir@fbla.org
    14. 14. Connect With Us facebook.com/FutureBusinessLeaders Twitter FBLA_National PBL_National youtube.com/fblapblinc flickr.com/photos/fbla-pbl