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  • Welcome to March for Babies 2013!Today we are going to provide tools and resources to help your school and organization have a successful March for Babies season.
  • Before we get into the training, I wanted to provide some important facts about why we are all here today. Each week in the United States, over 81,000 babies are born. Over 10,000 are born too early and 561 will never celebrate their first birthday. By participating in March for Babies you are making a difference for all babies. Please feel free to share these facts with your members.
  • OFT: OFT is your one stop shop for setting up and customizing your individual & team’s fundraising page. Volunteers who use the OFT raise over $100 more than those who don’t?Join your team online at You can also register a new team on this site if you cannot find your own. Remember to include FBLA or PBL in your team nameUpload a photo of your team or the child/family you are walking in memory or honor for. Update your message and invite others to join you in your efforts. Be sure to include why you are and/or how you got involved with the March of Dimes. Show your progress bar so everyone can see how far your team is moving along. SOCIAL MEDIASocial Media is a great way to let people know how to get involved with March for Babies. Dedicate your status to your March for Babies Personal fundraising page. Thank those who have donated via your social media channels to encourage others to do the same. Set up weekly or daily challenges or goals (such as today is the 27, I want to help me raise $27 today; skip your coffee today and donate $5 to healthy babies; Thank you Joe Smith for your donation, I just need $100 to make my goal). Use benchmarks to update the world “We are just three $10 donations from goal!” OFT:
  • *Give students 30 seconds to a minute to write down 10 people they can ask for donations for. Depending on time, instruct them to take another 30 seconds to write down 10 more people. Let them know this is an activity they can do with their members. They can also have a letter writing meeting, in which students spend the time writing letters to potential donors. Get food donated and make it a party!
  • Plan AheadPlan location, date (and rain date), time, and event at least one month priorMake sure your event appeals to a WIDE audience:Set a theme that appeals to campus, Make it instantly recognizable and easy to promoteRemember to include your team’s page on all promotion material Ensure that you plan a UNIQUE and TAILORED event:An event that sets you apart from the crowd and gains people’s interestFashion Show , Dance Marathon, Karaoke Night, QuidditchWork with clubs, organizations on campus to have a booth at their event or to host an event together.
  • BRAINSTORMING SESSIONList out various ways to raise funds & meet (and exceed) your goals (separately & together)Finalize the list & create a plan (timeline)COMMITTEESCreate various committees based on the plan you set (carwash committee, promotional committee, fundraising committee, etc). There are a variety of roles people can fill, including marketing, day-of support, photographing all events and actual March for Babies, finding support from other organizations. Appoint leaders based on the interest of individuals. Depending on the size of your team, form committees. Check up with each leader’s progress weekly, biweekly, or a schedule that works best for you.
  • STAY MOTIVATEDSend updates to team every few weeks & include team’s progress. Follow up individually those having difficultly fundraising. Include the mission in your updates and at your meetings to remind members how important their efforts are. Build team spirit by setting up day to make signsand banners to post on March for Babies day. Host a t-shirt making party to create your team shirts for the day of walk. Arrange for a pre-March for Babies pizza party or outing.Motivate the team to fundraise by offering this as a prize to the whole team if collectively you reach your goal HIGHLIGHT MEMBERSRemember the importance of highlighting your fellow members in order to encourage all members to be successful. Recognize the individual fundraising leaders. Praise those who received a matching gift. Award those who successfully complete their assigned tasks. Create competition by awarding those who reach a certain amount of donations by a specific date. Bring in baked goods, create certificates or recognize them at your next meeting and through social media. If your team reaches (or exceeds) their goal, throw a pizza party or a similar celebration. A local business may be able to donate the food. Seeing your name in writing is also a great inspiration. Invite your school media (newspaper, radio/tv station) to a meeting or event to showcase the work being done by your team.
  • Your support is helping babies, everywhere. By donating to my walk you are giving to those who are too young and too little to ask for it. *Diaper comparison on video
  • Let’s talk THANK YOU!Time to have a Thank you Party:Let’s brainstorm!And, THANK YOU! For your dedication and commitment so that every baby has a healthy start.
  • March for Babies FBLA-PBL Webinar

    1. 1. March for Babies 2013:Steps to Being a Top Chapter
    2. 2. Send Us Questions• @FBLA_National or @TeamYouth• s• YouTube comment
    3. 3. *Each week…Over 76,900 babies are born in theUnited States Over 9,200 are born too early 540 will never celebrate their first birthday1 in 9 babies are born too soonThank you for walking for stronger, healthier babies*Facts provided by
    4. 4. Did you know…• In 2012 schools teams and youth organizations in total raised more than $3.3 million. FBLA-PBL raised more than $477,000, alone!• In 2012 the #1 Youth walker raised more than $80,000• 2012 FBLA-PBL Leader Board: – #1 FBLA State (Arkansas): $49,000+ – #1 PBL State (Georgia): $14,500+ – #1 FBLA Chapter (Wallkill Valley HS – NJ): $20,000+ – #1 PBL Chapter (Copiah Lincoln Community College – MS): $4,600+
    5. 5. How to Be a Top Team in 12-13FUNDRAISINGOnline & OfflineAPPOINTING LEADERSBrainstorming & Meeting (andexceeding) GoalsINSPIRING MEMBERSMotivation & Recognition
    6. 6. Online Fundraising ResourcesOFT = Online Fundraising Tool• Join or register your team at• Customize your photo & update your message.SOCIAL MEDIA• Dedicate your status to your page or tweet about your team’s progress• Thank those who have donated• Set up challengesUtilize the new iPhone/Android App for easy fundraising on the go!
    7. 7. Offline Fundraising: Recruiting Donors ACTIVITY: Write down 10 people you can ask for donationsExamples of who to ask:• Friends at school/classmates• Family members (think extended family as well!)• Sports teams or other clubs/organizations• Religious group• Neighbors• Teachers• Members of your sorority/fraternity• Employer/Colleagues at work• Members of the community (family doctor or dentist)
    8. 8. Offline FundraisingEVENTS• Plan Ahead – Location, date (and rain date), time• Appeal to a WIDE audience – Set a theme – Make it instantly recognizable & easy to promote• Plan a UNIQUE and TAILORED event – Fashion Show, Coffee House, Karoke• Work with other clubs & organizations at schoolCheck out the March for Babies Youth Captains Guide(available at – How to plan a school event (pg. 10) – More fundraising ideas (pg. 13)One pager “how-to’s” and informationalvideos also available.
    9. 9. Additional TipsMAXIMIZE YOUR CONTACTS• Utilize email signatures & badges• Update everyone on how close your are to goal – Email, letters, social media• Use benchmarks to update the world – “We are just three $10 donations from goal!”• Set up an informational table/ booth at school – Encourage people to donate right then and there – Card donations? Set up a computer with wireless connectionFOLLOW UP• Contact people who were interested in donating, but haven’t committed• Send Thank You notes to those who have donated and let them know how close you are to goal
    10. 10. Brainstorming & Meeting GoalsBRAINSTORMING SESSION• List out various ways to raise funds & meet (and exceed) your goals (separately & together)• Finalize the list & create a planCREATE COMMITTEES• Assign roles & responsibilities – Marketing, Fundraising or Specific Event, Day of, etc.• Depending on size, form committees & appoint leaders• Check up on progress
    11. 11. Motivation & RecognitionSTAY MOTIVATED• Send updates & include the mission• Follow up individually those having difficultly fundraising• Build team spirit – Make banners, signs & t-shirts – Pre-March for Babies partyHIGHLIGHT MEMBERS & COMMITTEES• Fundraising leaders, matching gifts, milestones – In print, at meetings, with awards• Create competition between members and committees• Celebration party
    12. 12. Including the MissionThe mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the healthof babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. We carry out this mission through research, community services, education and advocacy to save babies lives. March of Dimes researchers, volunteers, educators, outreach workers and advocateswork together to give all babies a fighting chance against the threats to their health: prematurity, birth defects, low birthweight.
    13. 13. Where to find more help• Your local chapter (• March for Babies Blog at•••••
    14. 14. What works for YOU?• Share your greatest success with fundraising, online or offline!• Questions?
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