DeVry Online: An Introduction to Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)
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DeVry Online: An Introduction to Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)



An introduction to the many membership benefits offered by Phi Beta Lambda

An introduction to the many membership benefits offered by Phi Beta Lambda



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  • LISA:In order to understand Phi Beta Lambda or PBL, it is important that you have a snapshot of the organization as a whole. We are a non-profit educational association with a quarter million members preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. There are four divisions. The high school is the largest division with 212,000 members, while the middle school division has more than 18,000 members. PBL, the postsecondary division, has approximately 11,000 members and the Professional Division reaches over 3,000 members.FBLA-PBL is recognized by several educational associations as well as the U.S. Department of Education.
  • CHANDRA: FBLA-PBL has nine goals, all designed to give students the edge to be a successful business leader.PBL is a market leader and the business student organization of choice for thousands of college students and gives them the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, networking, teambuilding, and c ommunications through innovative and creative competitive events, membership, and leadership programs.Students learn the soft skills needed to increase their confidence as they transition from student to business professional.
  • CHANDRA: As active members, PBL students receive membership card and a free certification test by Brainbench, one of our national partners.All members receive access to the online PBL Business Leader, which is published three times during the year.
  • LISA: We live in a world full of millions, perhaps billions of business people.  So what names ring across time in the business world? Who has touched millions of people with their leadership? You might be thinking Bill Gates or Henry Ford. But the name I think of first as a leader in business is Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. In more than 70 years FBLA-PBL has distinguished itself as a global and timeless leader that produces strong leaders.  As a member you compete, serve, travel, meet friends, lead, and achieve through leadership programs , networking with business leaders form across the country at our conferences at the state and national level.Whether it is accounting, management, marketing, finance, economics, or any other of the more than 50 individual, team, and chapter events, our conferences offer a great opportunity to compete in a fun, upbeat environment against other students. PBL offers choices regardless if you are a first-year college student or finishing your four-year degree. Many events have sponsoring corporations and businesses that provide cash awards to winners at the National Level.
  • CHANDRA:In today’s highly competitive business environment, it takes more than just a degree to succeed. It requires business savvy, leadership skills, and technical knowledge.By becoming involved in PBL and the many different programs, students aquire the skills that will set them apart from the average graduate. Members will be better prepared for careers, graduate school, and for life!
  • LISA:There are challenging competitions in more than 50 different business, technology, and skill competitive events.The top 10 winners in each event receive trophies and cash awards at the National Leadership Conference.
  • LISA:The FBLA-PBL competitive events are offered in several different venues. Many of the events require an objective test which may be taken on computers or just taken as a pencil/pen test using a scrantron form. The tests have 100 questions and you are given 60 minutes to complete the test.
  • CHANDRA:Interview events are fun and prepare you for your future jobs. Remember for the Job Interview you need to apply for a job you qualify for by the end of the school year. Your resume needs to reflect correct information, but for FBLA the Merit Corporation is a fictitious company so apply for a job in business related field. It may be a summer position/internship, etc. For PBL, members may select a company of their choice.For FBLA, an application is also required. It can be found on FBLA-PBL’s website. Make every effort to provide the judges a copy of the application that has been keyed/typed. Have someone review your resume & letter of application to make sure they are correct and absolutely free of grammatical and spelling errors– don’t lose points in this category.
  • CHANDRA:PBL’s Future Business Executive are events to showcase your accomplishments in your organization. For this event, it is important that you prepare a resume and letter of application. Be sure to stress your involvement in FBLA or PBL. For Future Business Executive, also be sure to focus on job experiences.
  • CHANDRA:Many of the PBL events require a team of two-three members. The majority of these events require the team to collaborate and take a test with the top scores advancing to the final performance. When taking a collaborative test, designate one team member to be the “scribe” or computer operator.
  • LISA:LISA:PBL has two speaking events, Public Speaking and Impromptu Speaking.Public speaking is a prepared speech, based on one of the goals of FBLA-PBL. Time is an important factor in this event. Carefully plan and practice your speech. You will have points deducted from your score if you are over OR under 30 seconds or more.Impromptu Speaking topic will be given to you on site and you will have a 10-minute prep time and 4 minutes to deliver the speech. You will be able to jot down your thoughts during this time.
  • LISA: We are excited that Certiport feels that our FBLA-PBL members are the best and are looking for the top 1 to 3 students who excel in one of the 2010 Microsoft Office Specialists tests. The U.S. has not had any winners and Certiport is hoping that one of our FBLA-PBL members may be the one!
  • CHANDRA:FBLA-PBL has plenty of social media venues.Go through the various sections of the National Web site– there is a wealth of information on conferences, scholarships, programs, and activities. In addition, FBLA-PBL has a Facebook page, a twitter account, linked in groups, and a national blog.
  • LISA:Our curriculum-related programs provide our members with unique opportunities to practice the skills and knowledge that they are learningin the classroom. Let’s focus on two programs that your local chapter can plan for. America Saves is a program of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) centered around America Saves Week (February 19-26), and is national effort aimed teaching and motivating students to save moneythrough financial action—making a commitment that they will spend less than they make and save the difference. CFA provides training to advisers and students, materials, resources, and many events are sponsored by business partners and include cash awards.i-SAFE, a non profit foundation and worldwide leader in Internet Education, offers online training for members to getting involved in service learning activities ranging from conducting student assemblies to speaking to parent groups.Information on these programs and all of our partners can be found online under Membership Benefits.
  • LISA:Our organization also encourages local chapters to promote our National Celebrations. November 15 is recognized each year as American Enterprise day and is set aside to salute and promote the American free enterprise system and to teach others about it. FBLA-PBL week is the second week of February. During this time, chapters are encouraged to publicize their success, boost their membership, and gear up for their Spring activities. Many chapters plan special activities for each day of the week.
  • CHANDRA:Many chapters Sponsor high visibility community service activities that will help generate publicity.Get involved with other organizations in your school and their activities, or invite them to join yours. Ask for everyone’s opinions on chapter events. Don’t forget, people work hard for what they are a part of building.
  • LISA:The National Leadership Conference (NLC) concludes the year and sets the stage for the upcoming school year. The best and the brightest of PBL convene to compete in leadership events, share their successes, and learn new ideas about shaping their career future through workshops and exhibits. Next year’s NLC will be here before you know it, so make plans now to make sure that your chapter is in attendance. The dates will be:PBL – June 24-27
  • LISA: FBLA-PBL provides students with many different travel opportunities. The National level offers a leadership conference in the Fall that is designed to jump-start your FBLA-PBL year. This conference will be offered in three different locations: Indianapolis, Indiana; Denver, Colorado, and Charlotte, North Carolina.All three sites offer motivating speakers, networking opportunities, and exhibits. An NFLC promotional video that can be shown at a local chapter meeting is also located in this area of our Web site.
  • CHANDRA:OK . . . We had a number of questions submitted during the presentation, and we’ll start getting to those now. If we run out of time, wewill e-mail you individually to answer any question that we were not able to get to.The first question . . . .

DeVry Online: An Introduction to Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) DeVry Online: An Introduction to Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) Presentation Transcript

  • Phi Beta Lambda (PBL): Your Gateway to Greatness
  • FBLA-PBL Overview• Quarter Million Members• 6,400 active local chapters• Divisions – FBLA – FBLA-ML – PBL – Professional Division
  • Our MissionTo bring business and education together in apositive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.
  • Our GoalsDevelop competent, aggressive business leadership.Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work. Create more interest in and understanding of American businessenterprise. Encourage members in the development of individual projects, whichcontribute to the improvement of home, business, and community. Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and fosterpatriotism.Encourage and practice efficient money management.Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty.Assist students in the establishment of occupational goals.Facilitate the transition from school to work.
  • PBL Members Receive: • Membership Card • Free Certification Test • Scholarships • National Publications • Outstanding Leadership Opportunities
  • What Can PBL Do for You?Leadership DevelopmentBusiness Networking √Career Expo/Interviews √Resume BuilderCompetition  State Level  National Level
  • Linking Members to JobsCollege Jobs
  • CompetitionFBLA-PBL’s National AwardsProgram recognizes and rewardsexcellence in a broad range ofbusiness and career-relatedareas.Through state-based competitionat the spring State LeadershipConferences, students compete inevents testing their businessknowledge and skills.Top state winners are theneligible to compete for nationalawards at the NationalLeadership Conference eachsummer.
  • Objective Tests• Online vs Scantron• 100 multiple choice questions• Examples: – Networking Concepts – Hospitality Management – Accounting
  • Interview Events• Job Interview – Send or bring number of required copies of materials for judges (resume, letter of application, job application) – FBLA—Merit Corporation is a fictitious company – PBL—a company of your choice – Apply for business or business related job you will be qualified for by end of year
  • Interview Events continued• Future Business Executive (PBL) – Send or bring number of required copies of materials for judges (resume and letter of application) – FBE – highlight your PBL involvement along with your work experience• Future Business Teacher (PBL) – Resume and Letter of Application – Lesson Plan
  • Collaborative Tests/ Role Play Performances• Team events requiring written test and performance• Team work• Designate a leader of group• Top teams advance to performance• Interact with the judge in performance
  • Performance Events• Speaking Events – Public Speaking – 4 or 5 minute, prepared topic – Penalized if 30 seconds under or over – Notes permitted but DON’T READ – Present in front of podium – Tie topic back to one of FBLA-PBL Goals• General Tips – Eye contact, hand gestures
  • NEW! 2012 Worldwide Competition Microsoft Office• Sponsored by Certiport• 3 slots for FBLA-PBL qualifiers• Open to students ages 13-22• Finals in Las Vegas, NV, July 29-August 1• Start practicing now to be the best – perfect scores and time is essential!
  • Take Advantage of Our Social Media• National Web site –• Social Media – Twitter – LinkedIn – Facebook – FBLA-PBL blog – YouTube – Flickr
  • National Programs• Stock Market Game• America Saves Week• Job Shadow Day• Brainbench• i-SAFE• Junior Tours
  • Promote National Celebrations• American Enterprise Day – November 15• FBLA-PBL Week – 2nd Week in February• Community Service Day – Saturday of FBLA- PBL Week
  • Community Service Activities
  • 2012 National Leadership Conference • Competitive Events • Exhibits • Motivational Keynote Speaker • National Officer Elections • Networking • Personal and Career Development Workshops
  • 2012 National Fall Leadership Conference• Nov. 2-3, 2012 Indianapolis, IN• Nov. 9-10, 2012 Denver, CO• Nov. 16-17, 2012 Charlotte, NC – Exhibits – Leadership training – Membership and conference awards – Motivating and entertaining speakers – Networking – Personal and career development workshops
  • Questions• If we run out of time and are not able to answer your question, you will receive an individual e-mail response.• Contact us anytime at
  • Connect With