Finding Journal Articles


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Finding Journal Articles

  1. 1. 1La Trobe University Finding Journal Articles Use these slides to learn how to:  Identify an Academic journal article  Search for a particular journal article  Search for any journal article  Search using the Business Source Complete database  Find more information Photo: by Anon CC BY 3.0 AU
  2. 2. 2La Trobe University Identify an Academic journal article Compare the different characteristics between Academic (or scholarly) journals and popular journals, like news and business magazines. Academic journal article News/Business Magazines Original research General information, reporting facts and providing opinions Written by academics Written by professional writers or journalists Peer-reviewed or refereed (experts in the same field have reviewed it) Not reviewed by experts Written for researchers/Academics, university students, professionals Written for a business audience Structure is formal with an abstract, introduction and bibliography Informal structure Examples: • Academy of Management Journal • Journal of Organizational Behaviour Examples: • Forbes’ Fortune • Business Weekly
  3. 3. 3La Trobe University Search for a particular journal article Use the Library Search option: 1. Select the Search tab from the Library’s homepage 2. Enter the article title and the author’s last name 3. Click the Go button to start the search 4. In the results screen, select ‘view online’ 5. Click on the database hyperlink to go to the article Example: Collis, D. & Montgomery, C. 2008, ‘Competing on resources’, Harvard Business Review, vol. 86, no. 7-8, pp. 140-150.
  4. 4. 4La Trobe University Search for any journal articles About Databases  Databases are online search tools  They contain collections of journal articles and other resources  You can search a large number of journals at once  Choose a database from the list under your subject area  Login with your University username and password  Recommended and popular business databases: ̶ Business Source Complete ̶ Emerald Full Text ̶ ABI/Inform Global To search for articles, use an online Library database.
  5. 5. 5La Trobe University Search using the Business Source Complete database 1. Go to Business Source Complete and follow the prompts to login 2. Type in your search terms 3. Limit your results to Scholarly journals 4. Click Search Tip: login to Business Source Complete from the Databases tab on the Library homepage. Select ‘B’ from the A-Z list and scroll down to the link for Business Source Complete.
  6. 6. 6La Trobe University Need more information?  Online videos (linking to YouTube): • Using the Library Search Tab – Topic Searching • Business Source Complete Database – Finding Journal Articles • Business Source Complete Database – Keyword Searching and Techniques  Searching for Journal Articles – see the online tutorial in the Business & Management Library Skills Module  Searching for information – see the online Library Skills Module  Referencing – see the Academic Referencing Tool for examples of how to reference your sources using the Harvard Referencing Style guides.php