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Empowering the Masses: Brooklyn Public Library's Information Literacy Efforts
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Empowering the Masses: Brooklyn Public Library's Information Literacy Efforts


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Presentació corresponent a la conferència impartida per Kerwin Pilgrim, director de l'àrea de formació d'adults de la Brooklyn Public Library, el 19 de març de 2013 a la Facultat de Biblioteconomia i …

Presentació corresponent a la conferència impartida per Kerwin Pilgrim, director de l'àrea de formació d'adults de la Brooklyn Public Library, el 19 de març de 2013 a la Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació de la UB

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  • Developing Stories, Building Communities: Brooklyn Public Library's Services for Young Jobseekers and Entrepreneurs. Once upon a time libraries weren't taken seriously as contributors to the economy. Yet, libraries have always participated in workforce development by fostering literacy in youths and adults. Now, at a time when diverse jobseekers everywhere, especially young adults, face the toughest of job markets, libraries are being asked to do even more. Like other libraries throughout the US, Brooklyn Public Library has answered this call by constructing innovative programs, strategic partnerships, and user centered practices that promote youth, workforce, economic, and community development. Developing Stories, Building Communities will share Brooklyn Public Library's challenges, initiatives, and progress in changing the conversation about the role of libraries and their relevance.
  • New York City is home to 8.2 million people, of whom approximately 3.9 million people make up the City’s labor force.
  • In addition to our buildings which serve as community centers, we also provide
  • Transcript

    • 1. EMPOWERING THE MASSES: BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY’S INFORMATION LITERACY EFFORTS “These trends are grounded in the new realities of today’s knowledge economy, where it is difficult to achieve economic success or enjoy a decent quality of life without a range of basic literacy, language and technological skills. A distressingly large segment of the city’s population lacks these basic building blocks, but the public library has stepped in, becoming the second chance human capital institution. No other institution, public or private, does a better job of reaching people who have been left behind in today’s economy, have failed to reach their potential in the city’s public school system or who simply need help navigating an increasingly complex world.”Center for an Urban Future Report, January 2013 Presented by: March 2013 Kerwin Pilgrim Brooklyn Public Library Director of Adult Learning
    • 2. Outline Introduction BPL Overview and Background Brooklyn Demographics Service Overview and Statistics Information Literacy Standards Services to Address Info. Literacy Programs to Address Info. Literacy Special Programs Resources to Address Info. Literacy Adult Literacy Business and Workforce Development
    • 3. According to a recent report published on New York City libraries: “O ne wa y o r a no the r, N w Yo rk e ne e d s to be tte r le v e ra g e its libra rie s if it is to be e c o no m ic a lly c o m p e titive a nd re m a in a c ity o f o p p o rtunity .”Center for an Urban Future’s“Branches of Opportunity”January 2013
    • 4. Brooklyn Public Library (BPL)Overview
    • 5. Service Overview  Circulation  Print: Books and Periodicals  Non-Print: Multi-Media (DVDs, Audio books, CDs)  Digital: e-books, e-video, and e-audio  Programs  Adults (including seniors)  Young Adults (13 to 21)  Children  Technology  Computer  Internet and Wireless Internet  Laptops  Databases
    • 6. Information Literacy Standards  An information literate individual is able to:  Determine the extent of information needed  Access the needed information effectively and efficiently  Evaluate information and its sources critically  Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base  Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose  Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access andAmerican use informationAssociation of College and Research Libraries Library Association, ethically and legally
    • 7. Services to Address Info.Literacy Reference  In Person  Electronic  Chat  Email Book a Librarian
    • 8. Programs to Address Info.Literacy Database Classes  Value and Benefits of using databases  Selecting a database  Search strategies Internet/Computer Basics Outreach  School/Class visits  Teacher professional development  Weekend visits from college readiness programs
    • 9. Special Programs Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Techies Computer Volunteers (T4) Multi-cultural Internship Program Brooklyn Collection’s Brooklyn Connections Growing Dollars & $ense Financial Literacy PowerUP! Business Plan Competition  Using the Library/Database searching Summer Youth Employment Program/Part Time students  Intro. to library resources  Evaluating sources Proposed Program  Super Searcher Institute
    • 10. Resources to Address Info.Literacy Tutorials  Catalog  Databases  Brooklyn Daily Eagle  Learning Express Library Pathfinders/Explore a Topic  Links to tutorials Youtube channel  Instructional Videos
    • 11. Adult Literacy at BPL 5 Adult Learning Centers-Adult Basic Education  Small Group Instruction  Trained Volunteer Tutors Adult and Young Adult Pre-GED Program  Structured classes using blended learning  Experienced teachers and support system English for Speakers of Other Languages  Classes with experienced teachers  Complemented by conversation groups
    • 12. Business and Workforce DevelopmentServices One on One Services (provided by librarian staff)  STEP one on one job readiness counseling  Book a librarian one on one research help Popular Workshops  Resume writing and interviewing  Starting a business and finding financing  Computer Basics and Using Microsoft Word Special Grant Programs  PowerUP! Business Plan Competition  Growing Dollars and $ense Financial Literacy education Partnerships  Workforce One job placement centers in two libraries  Dept. Labor employment counseling and orientations (one on one)  SCORE business counseling (one on one)  Office of Financial Empowerment financial counseling (one on one)  NELP legal business counseling (one on one)  Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce monthly member meetings
    • 13. Thank You Questions Contact info.  Kerwin Pilgrim 