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FBCH Magazine 20091112

  1. 1. FBConnection: Chronicle Helping people connect to God . . . Special . . . and discover His purpose for their lives! Points of Interest V o l u m e 3 , I s s u e 6 N o v / D e c 2 0 0 9 • GriefShare • Home for the Holidays • Image Shoppe Christmas Presentation • The Splendor of Christmas • Survey Says • Christmas Eve • Operation Christmas Child • CAT ‘n Mouse Update
  2. 2. Page 2 FBConnection Chronicle: A ministry information publication Published by: First Baptist Church 9280 Maple Avenue / Hesperia, CA 92345 1-760-244-4109 Editor: Robin Y. Martin Pastoral Staff Support Staff Wayne Stockstill, Senior Pastor Preschool Ministry Staff (ext. 108) / fbc@fbch.org Maygan Bartosh Richard Spring, Pastor of Church Development Gail Barwise (ext. 104) / rspring@fbch.org Emily Isaccs Cherish Kangas Robert Grissom, Pastor of Administration Sharon Perry (ext. 105) / rgrissom@fbch.org Sarah Sanders Brian Kaiser, Pastor of Worship Arts Children’s Ministry Leadership Team (ext. 107) / bkaiser@fbch.org Dawna Avery Jim and Wanda Mole, Directors of Student Ministry Stacy Padgett Staff (ext. 201) / youth@fbch.org Student Ministry Leadership Team Pastoral Sherry Cleveland, Director of Children’s Ministry Dawna Avery (leave messages at ext. 106) / children@fbch.org Reba Champoux Administrative Nathan Freeman Brandy Smith, Director of Preschool Ministry Fidel Gonzales Support (ext. 120) / preschool@fbch.org Ron and Carolyn Heyward Bill Trott, Pastor of Hospital Visitation Ministry Odena Jones (leave messages at ext. 106) / fireroadbill@msn.com Brenda Kraus Dave and Cheryl Olson Administrative Staff Stacy Padgett Richard Amos, Facilities Manager Jeannie Rash (ext. 102) / ramos@fbch.org Lance Way Lucy Flood, Accountant Computer Network Ministry Team (ext. 101) / lflood@fbch.org Sammy Martin, Systems Administrator Fidel Gonzales, Webmaster Doris Groveunder, Financial Secretary (ext. 103) / dgroveunder@fbch.org Audio/Visual Ministry Team Richard Amos Claudia Kingston, Executive Secretary David Anderson “He who (ext. 106) / ckingston@fbch.org Travis Dickerson has not Robin Martin, Data-Graphics-Publications Manager (ext. 100) / songbird1954@charter.net El Kingston Robin Martin Christmas Ron Murphy, Audio/Visual Coordinator Sammy Martin Roger Sanders in his heart (leave messages at ext. 106) / media@fbch.org Custodial Staff June Warwick, Special Events Ted Holmes will never (leave messages at ext. 106) / juneandbill@fbch.org Russell James find it Darron Price Glenn Trowbridge under a tree.” —- Roy L. Smith FBCH Ministry Contacts Baptism Assistance Ministry: Judy Cutright Deacon Ministry: Duane Thompson Guest Services Ministry “Thanksgiving, Greeters: Arceal Morgan Ushers: David Johnson after all, Harmony Ministry: DeWayne Williams Kitchen Ministry:, Ron and Julie Murphy is a word of Library Ministry: Ann Bender Men’s Ministry: Mike Lemons action.” Glenn Trowbridge MOPS Ministry: Susan Esterline Sewing Ministry: Arceal Morgan —- W. J. Cameron Women’s Ministry: Lynda Kaiser YACS: Odena Jones FBConnection: Chronicle
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 6 Page 3 When shall we all learn that the good news needs the telling, and that all men need to know it? Comings and Goings . . . . . . . . . Church Members % Peter Teuis Mildred Coffey John McKown % Barbara Auw Family Members % Michael Auw • Father of Carl Brewster % Betty Canez • Father of Carlos Briceno Life is real! % Rey Canez • Mother of Barbara Flood Life is earnest! % Lucio Hernandez • Mother of Patty Jones % Raquel Hernandez • Sister of Bob Kindaid And the grave is % Sally Ann Herrick • Mother of Claudia Kingston not its goal; • Son of Tom Smillie % Elizabeth Lopez % Samuel Lopez Dust thou art, % Valeeta Wilson to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. —- unknown—- Taken from Apples of Gold Real Life and Death help complied by Jo Petty are parts of for deep the same great hurt adventure. Do not fear to die and do not shrink from the joy of life. Grief Share is a nondenominational group and features biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics. You are —- unknown —- welcome to begin attending the Grief Share group of FBCH Taken from Apples of Gold at any session. Each is “self-contained,” so you do not have complied by Jo Petty to attend in sequence. You will find encouragement and help whenever you begin. For more information about Grief Share at FBCH, please contact Judy Gleason.
  4. 4. Page 4 November 14th 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Cost: $6.50 Creating Traditions and Making Memories! For more information about this event, contact June Warwick.
  5. 5. Volume 3, Issue 6 Page 5 I look forward with great anticipation to On December 27th we will all come our Thanksgiving-Christmas season this together in a Celebration of our Lord’s year. We will once again be sharing in the Birth through a joint worship experience Operation Christmas Child ministry. at 10:00 am. That will be the only worship Remember the shoe boxes for needy service for that day. There will be no children around the world? All boxes Sunday School, no discipleship, or any brought in by November 15th other ministry activities will be delivered to Operation conducted on that day. Christmas Child. All boxes brought in after November 15th Johnny Hall, from Muslim will be delivered to Tijuana, Bible Day Organization, Mexico, by our local missions will be with us for a team. musical concert that day. On November 22nd we will have All who have heard him our Thanksgiving Worship the several times he has been here in the past have The Celebration during the evening loved him. If this will be worship hour. A number of our your first time to hear him, own people will be bringing you will find his musical their reasons for thanks to God. gift and love for the Lord Purpose Formerly, we have had this exciting and refreshing. service on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving December 27th will also be Thursday. However, so many of our Missions Ingathering of our folks have requested that time for preparation of their Day. Plan to have your own family Thanksgiving offering for missions ready celebration, we decided to try for that day. Christmas this approach this year. =================== Starting on November 29th we will begin our celebration of the The Church does not Purpose of Christmas. Here is the preaching schedule for the superstitiously observe five Sundays of the Christmas days, merely as days, but season: as memorials of important November 29th —- facts. Christmas might be Celebration (Pastor Wayne Stockstill) kept as well upon one day December 6th —- of the year as another; but Salvation (Pastor Richard Spring) there should be a stated December 13th —- day for commemorating Reconciliation (Pastor Wayne Stockstill) the birth of our Saviour, because there is December 20th —- danger that what may be done on any day, Infiltration (Rick Curtis, DOM of HDBA) will be neglected. December 27th —- ~~~Samuel Johnson Commemoration (Pastor Wayne Stockstill)
  6. 6. Page 6 When I was young my parents belonged to a “River Rafting Club”. It was exciting and scary all at the same time! I remember feeling out of control and not Brandy Smith liking the unpredictability of the river. I also remember enduring these adventures because my dad loved it and I wanted to be close with my dad so, I did it. Parenting a child is much like a ride down the rapids. When you decide to embark on a white- water rafting adventure, first you must go through some very concentrated training. In river school, you will read the manual, sign it, agreeing to follow all the rules. For many these will provide a sense of security, for others however, it is nothing more than “suggestions”; rules do not really hem them in. Managing conflict between “rule-followers and rule-breakers” is crucial to a safe trip. The guides will attempt to teach you everything you will need to know if things suddenly go terribly wrong. When you first get into the raft, the surrounding beauty mesmerizes you so that you almost do not notice what is ahead of you. You can quickly forget that you have just placed yourself in the path of an unimaginable challenge. Of course, you have a life preserver securely attached to your torso and have been strategically placed within the raft to experience the maximum amount of exhilaration and thrill that one could encounter. The guide’s job is to let you fully experience the wonder of the rapids that surround you, and keep everyone safe while doing it. The waters are peaceful at first; so much so, that you almost do not notice the subtle changes taking place. Soon, you are aware that the rapids are moving at a much faster pace and intensifying by the minute. Now, you begin to realize that you have entered turbulent waters, otherwise known as “transitions”. These huge rapids do not follow a particular pattern; they may swirl back and forth and then jump back into a pool just too suddenly thrust you forward again. From here, you will almost immediately encounter the most intense and dangerous waters of the river. These rapids will shock you and make you wish you were still on shore. Navigating these waters takes precise skill and a great deal of experience. They present both problems and challenges that will require either a passive or an aggressive approach. The guide will shout to you and instruct what you are to do. Though the people in the boat must work together, either answers or questions will arise. Although, some decisions are made in advance, others must be made quickly! The ability to strike this delicate balance will determine whether you build strong bonds of trust or breed mistrust as you travel down the river. Though you may feel terrified and uncertain about what to expect, the goal here is to have fun and stay in the boat. I say this not to imply that being a parent is or should be a fearful experience, but to simply illustrate the spontaneously changing currents experienced when navigating through relationships with our children. I became a mother on April 27, 1991 when I gave birth to my daughter Katharine Dayna. We were amazed at her beauty and completely taken with our new daughter. Like most new parents, we had gathered all the information we could about becoming parents, but as we all know, nothing really prepares you until you have a child of your own. We had decided I would leave my fulltime teaching position and become a fulltime mom. I chose to nurse my new baby because it was the most natural thing to do, or so I thought. However, little did I know that your baby could become what I like to refer to affectionately as a nurse-a-holic baby! My precious baby turned me into a 24 hour service station! I nursed everywhere and anywhere. Side streets, parking lots and yes, even restrooms! She would cry until she almost passed out unless I nursed her. The valve in her stomach was not fully developed so she consequently threw-up most of what she took in. I nursed in 5 minute increments, burping in between hoping she would be able to keep it down. I kept a small closet in my diaper bag/car because it was inevitable she would cover me every time. I learned very quickly to plan for the unexpected. As Katie got older, I quickly began to realize I had a very smart little girl. She had an adventurous spirit, funny personality and was quite determined to do things on her own. It was common for books to accompany her while potty training, especially her favorite, “Dobson’s Strong-willed Child”. Katie often exhibited behavior that would cause even the most intuitive parent to scratch their head in disbelief; once, she removed her panties, tinkled on the bedroom floor, cleaned herself up and blamed it on her brother, who was 12 months old, and in diapers! It took me quiet a while to figure out what had happened. The give-away were the wipes she deposited in the trash in her room. I was completely shocked at the thought that she could concoct such a devious little plan. Of course, she flatly denied it, which resulted in a spanking to which she then admitted to her scheme. Katie was methodical when it came to concocting a plan. Another time, she bribed her younger brother to climb a ladder. I heard faint screams from the back yard and when I arrived, I was shocked to see my three- year old son perched atop the roof of our shed paralyzed with fear. She flatly denied coaxing him up there to look for caterpillars but, once again, she received a spanking and then admitted to her scheme.
  7. 7. Page 7 Katie is now 18, and what an amazing young woman she is. She is a gifted singer, an amazing artist and is fluent at sign language. Although she has grown into a beautiful young woman, some things will never change. She still has the tendency to scheme, except that now it is for good reasons. She is still rambunctious and loves to run and jump on my bed while her dad and I are still in it, play fight with her dad and relentlessly crack jokes. She still smiles with her whole face and her eyes light up when she is happy. When I think of a common theme that is prevalent throughout our relationship, it is communication. Sometimes it is communication. done loudly, other times it is quiet. Often times, it‘s lengthy, while other times it’s short and direct. We text, email and even write notes! We are a talking family! The point here is that we communicate often. People today live hectic lives and often times there isn’t much time for relationships let alone conversing with one another. Communicating with your children is crucial to building strong relationships that will last. This does not mean that we do not argue, yell or disagree at times. We do and sometimes a lot; but so much of the time, it is just a matter of taking time to understand where each other is coming from. When you are intentional with people, whether it is showing your love for them, listening or just spending time together, it has the greatest impact. Katie and I have worked very hard at our relationship. It hasn’t come easy for either of us. We are deeply passionate about what is important to us and at times, this has created conflict. We are both strong in point and opinion. We both have much to say and more to hear. While we equally respect one another, we are not always tolerant of our differences. With that said, we overwhelmingly love each other and seek to get along and have fun together. We desire to one day have an amazing friendship founded on the strong bond we have developed throughout our mother-daughter relationship. While it is still early in our journey, we are still very much in the throws of living as mother and daughter. Katie, along with her best friend Sabra, our boys 17 and 10, as well as my husband and myself, live in the same small house where she has been raised for 18 years. The girls share a room and a car to commute to both college and work and our family schedules are chaotic to say the least! After assisting them, they are now recognized as adults although they are still living at home. My husband and I have had to transition into this new phase and at times, it has been difficult for both them and us. Nevertheless, we are making it through. Everyone is pitching in at home, and we are working together to make this time a memorable one for us all. There is something incredible about seeing your adult child start to live and act as such. We expend so much time and energy in teaching and training that it is awesome to see it in action. Just as the river guide prepares you for the journey down the rapids, we must prepare our children for adult life. We never know what challenges await them, but we do know that if we are unwavering in our dedication and consistent in our preparation, we will see them through to adulthood. I am profoundly amazed at the growth of my daughter. She has a moral standard that is evident; she has established boundaries and set goals for both her career and personal life, while placing herself directly in the will of God. As rafters, we put ourselves in the care of our guide and we trust that what he tells us is for our best. He knows the river, and how to navigate it, and with out him we would surely be tossed out of the boat! While the action on top of the water is visibly rough, it is what is underneath that is so unpredictable. Without digging in hard, the undercurrent can smash you against a rock or flip you over endangering everyone. Like the river, raising children presents its challenges. Problems often arise because we fail to parent pro-actively, but rather re-actively. A strong pro-active approach to parenting will not only prevent some disasters along the way, but will also reinforce a loving relationship. We must learn to view boundaries and discipline as positive approaches to building Godly character. We as parents know what turbulent waters can be like. We have lived through the many “transitions” that they have yet to face. Taking a proactive approach means providing them the important tools needed to act, think and live a life that is pleasing to God and honoring to us as their parents. One of the most important things I tell other moms is be the example in your daughter’s life so she does not go looking for one elsewhere. This is where the mother/daughter relationship is first established. It is through this transparency that we reveal who we are and what we hope to be. Though we are far from perfect parents, a parenting manual provided us for, is that of the Bible. God’s written word is our life manual; in it, you will find answers to all life’s questions, heartaches and the many challenges we as God’s children must face. Raising children is no easy task, but God new that; he teaches us consistently through His word, and works out in our own lives the very things we must in turn teach them. In this life, God does not promise that things will always work out the way we hope. I am sure many of us know someone who is living in a shattered relationship and suffering a broken heart. It is especially difficult if it is a parent/ child or husband/wife relationship. It is easy to feel hopeless in situations like these, but if there is love, there is always hope. I recommend you read Annie Chapman’s book, “10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know”, especially the chapter entitled “Mercy for the Mean.” There is one last aspect to white water rafting that I did not allude to earlier. After vigorously paddling your way through the huge rapids, you will eventually end up in the calm waters. You cannot get there however, without first making your way down the wild rapids. It is exhausting work; it drains you physically, mentally and more often than not, spiritually. You can only experience these calm waters when you have committed to finishing the whole river. This is the glory of the finish; to raise a daughter and see her become a woman of God. To realize that she is ready to face life’s challenges with a heart of courage, a spirit of excitement, and the knowledge of whom she is in Christ Jesus. It is for us as moms to know that He, who began a good work, will carry it on to completion.
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  9. 9. Volume 3, Issue 6 Page 9
  10. 10. Page 10 Christmas C is for the Child born that night to be our light. (John 8:12) H is for holy is His name. (Rev.4:8) R is for rejoice with gladness & joy. (Luke 1:14) I is for Immanuel, God with us. Sunday Morning Bible Studies (Isaiah 7:14, John 1:14) 9:30 Sunday School Grades 1-2: Kings and Prophets Grades 3-6: Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob S is for the star that led the 11:00 Children’s Worship Wise men to Him. Starlight Station: Lessons from the life of Joseph (Matthew 2:2) T is for the truth and grace Sunday Evening: Knight School that was sent our way. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. (John 1:14) M is for Mother Mary November 15th will be the last session of Knight School before we take our winter break; Knight School will resume January 31, 2010. laying Him in swaddling clothes Wednesday Evening: Image Shoppe in the manger. 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. (Luke 2:7) A is for angels singing songs Children’s Christmas Musical Sunday, December 6, 6:00 p.m. December 2nd will be the last session of Image Shoppe before we take our winter break; Image Shoppe will of joy. resume January 27, 2010. (Luke 2:14) S is for salvation. —- Johnnie DesRochers.
  11. 11. Page 11 this world turns their hearts and minds away from God. Now is the time to reach out to children so that their lives can be changed for the glory of God. If you would like to know more children the truths of the Word of about Good News Clubs and/or God through songs, object lessons, help in a GN Club, please speak to missionary stories, memory verses Linda Trowbridge. You may reach and Bible lessons. her at 1-760-244-3232. No matter what the Bible story is, we always teach the children through the lesson about God the Creator, their sin and their need of a Savior. It is never enough to teach just the love of God, for the children need to realize that they are sinners and they cannot take away their own sin. The children, Good News Club, a ministry of Child this year, are struggling with the Evangelism Fellowship, is an after idea that they themselves sin and school ministry that reaches out to not just the “really bad people”. boys and girls with the gospel so When the children realize their sin they can come to know Jesus as and it’s consequence, then they can understand their need of a Savior. Sundays, their Savior and grow in God’s Word. We also present the good news that Wednesdays Jesus died for their sin and bodily or for MOPS! FBCH helps to sponsor two GNCs. rose again. We give an open One meets on Mondays at Maple invitation so that the children have Elementary (two years at this site) an opportunity to receive the Lord. and the other In each lesson When you m e e t s o n there is also an bring your Wednesdays at application for Lime Street the saved child child to Elementary (eight to encourage church —- years at this site). them and help We meet in the them grow in the —- you bring open beam Lord. your child to cafeterias unless it For many Christ! is really cold or there is inclement children GNC is weather. Our GNC the only gospel meets once a week training from for an hour and God’s Word they fifteen minutes may receive teaching the before the philosophy of
  12. 12. Page 12 CONGRATULATIONS SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SCRIPTURE SHOLARS!! Correctly answering 5 of 5: Fran Gee / Ann Jennings Correctly answering 4 of 5: Melody Lynch / Lillian Watson Answers from the September/October 2009 edition of the “Scripture Smarts” quiz are: 1. Dew (Judges 6:36-40) 2. C (2 Kings 8:9) 3. True (Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25 4. Names of Satan (John 8:44; Revelation 12:9-10; Matthew 12:24) 5. We do not know, although some Bible scholars think Paul the apostle wrote it. This was the last “Search the Scriptures” quiz for the FBConnection Chronicle. We hope that everyone who participated in this activity enjoyed it. Beginning in the January/February 2010 edition of the FBConnection Chronicle, a “Survey Says” section will be high-lighted. During the year various surveys will be taken within our church body and the results will be posted in this section. Please respond favorably to our “intern surveyors” when they approach you to take a survey. No names will ever be taken; we will only identify age groups, gender groups, etc. This will be an interesting way to learn more about our congregation as a whole. It will identify how we think about current social issues, how we exhibit our spiritual walk, and some of our habits as Christians. The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving. H. U. Westermayer It is literally true, as the thankless say, that they have nothing to be thankful for. He who sits by the fire, thankless for the fire, is just as if he had no fire. Nothing is possessed saved in appreciation, of which thankfulness is the indispensible ingredient. But a thankful heart hath a continuous feast. W. J. Cameron FBConnection: Chronicle
  13. 13. Volume 3, Issue 6 Page 13 Therefore since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily ensnares us, and run with endurance the race that lies before us, 2 keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that lay before Him endured a cross and despised the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of God's throne. @ the student center Helping Sunday Mornings 8:00 a.m. = Jr./Sr. High Bible Study students 9:30 a.m. = Worship (wc) 11:00 a.m. = Jr. High Bible Study Sr. High Bible Study connect to God Sunday Evenings 6:00 - 7:30 pm and discover His purpose An opportunity to express worship through creative movement, drama, singing, black light routines, signing, etc. Junior High Ministry for their lives! Wednesday Evenings 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Taking the time to . . . Senior High Ministry . . . get fueled up for the competition!
  14. 14. Page 14 TIME TO SEPARATE CHURCH AND athletic ability and charitable works, he criticizes Tebow for his SPORTS: A New Agenda Takes Shape belief that faith in Jesus is necessary for salvation. Specifically, (reprinted by permission from albertmohler.com) Krattenmaker cites the stated beliefs of the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. As he asserts, the ministry affirms the Sam Cook has had enough. A sports columnist exclusivity of the Gospel and rejects "the modern ecumenical for the Fort Myers [FL] News-Press, Cook movement." recently referred to quarterback Tim Tebow of In his USA Today column, Krattenmaker describes Tebow's the University of Florida Gators and told his beliefs as "a far-right theology." Yet, in his book Krattenmaker readers: "I don't know how many more 'God describes the same beliefs as "hardly fringe or half-baked." As he bless' comments I can stand from the 2007 explains, "On the contrary, they are quite consistent with the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback." long tradition of conservative evangelicalism in America and the Tebow, Cook argued, should play football and beliefs that more or less define the religious lives of millions of forget about his religious beliefs while he is churchgoing Americans." In his column, Krattenmaker goes wearing the Gator uniform. "Somehow, we'll even further in denouncing Tebow's beliefs: Certainly, Tim survive without him displaying a 'John 3:16' Tebow must be applauded for the good he does working on his Bible verse under his eyes," Cook wrote. "We father's missions, but he should be seen, too, as one who separate church and state. Why not church and promotes a form of belief that makes unwelcome judgments sports?" about everyone else's religion. Let's not forget the twinge that is Sam Cook's column was prompted by a far felt by sports-loving Jewish kids and parents, for example, more prominent essay published in Monday's or by champions for interfaith cooperation, when adored sports edition of USA Today. In "And I'd Like to figures like Tebow use their fame to push a Jesus-or-else Thank God Almighty," Tom Krattenmaker leveled a message. Both Sam Cook and Tom Krattenmaker identify the comprehensive critique of the evangelical Christian message exclusivity of the Gospel as the key issue of their concern when it that, as he laments, permeates so much of the sporting world at comes to Tim Tebow and any number of other prominent sports both the college and professional levels. The Bible verses figures. Krattenmaker repeatedly stresses that he believes painted in eye-black, fingers pointed heavenward, and athletes should be free to express their faith. Nevertheless, he expressions of thankfulness to God at the conclusion of a big argues that belief in the exclusivity of the Gospel of Christ is out game amount, Krattenmaker argues, to "a faith surge that has of bounds for such expression. made big-time sports one of the most outwardly religious sectors What we face here is undoubtedly a sign of things to come. The of American culture." Krattenmaker's concern is that this "faith belief that Jesus is the only Savior and that salvation comes only surge" is overwhelmingly evangelical in its substance and to those who come to Christ by faith is essential to Biblical message. He addressed this issue in a recently-released book, Christianity. As Krattenmaker rightly observes in his book, when Onward Christian Athletes: Turning Ballparks into Pulpits and it comes to historic Christianity this belief is "hardly fringe or Players into Preachers. In both the column and his book, half-baked." Yet, it is precisely this doctrine that is so odious and Krattenmaker seeks to describe "the infrastructure and strategy inconceivable to the postmodern mind. Krattenmaker argues of the sports-world evangelicalism" that is the source of his that evangelical Christians are unfairly using what he describes concern. as "the civic resource known as 'our team.'" He demands that the In his book, Krattenmaker offers a more nuanced and developed management of professional sports open the door to other argument than what is found in his recent column. Nevertheless, religious organizations and make room for expressions of other in both contexts his main concern is what he sees as a near religious beliefs. He also calls for Christians to use "discernment" monopoly of evangelical influence and expression in the in seeking to evangelize their teammates. Cook, on the other sporting world. He writes: How did this come to be? Suffice it hand, calls for an outright separation of "church and sports." The to say that Christianity is a strong presence in sports is no sporting world is hardly the only arena where the same accident. It happened because a movement of athletic-minded arguments are made. You can count on seeing these same evangelical Christians have been making it happen since setting arguments appear anywhere evangelical Christians express their out more than a half-century ago to reach and convert athletes faith in public or within ear-shot of those who may be offended. and leverage their influence to spread the gospel to the wider The belief that faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation is sports-loving public. Krattenmaker correctly traces evangelical now at the very center of secular outrage. influence in sports to the "muscular Christianity" movement so Consider this: Tom Krattenmaker ransacked the website of the popular in America between the Civil War and World War II. He Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association in order to find the expresses appreciation for the moral influence of evangelical statement that caused him to criticize Tim Tebow as espousing "a Christians and Christian conviction within the lives of athletes. far-right theology." The outrage directed at Tim Tebow is not just Nevertheless, he is clearly alarmed by evangelical displays of the about a Bible reference written in eye-black. The outrage is Gospel. directed at the sincerely-held beliefs of a young man and an Looking beyond Tim Tebow, Krattenmaker points to Baseball evangelistic association. Tom Krattenmaker suggests that Tim Chapel, a Christian ministry that offers chaplains and worship Tebow should adopt a "more generous conception of salvation." services for professional baseball players on the road or at the And now we all know the price of being seen as "more ballpark. He is specifically offended by the fact that the ministry generous." Just abandon the Gospel. I am confident that Tim believes that those who do not come to faith in Jesus will face Tebow will withstand this pressure. He has shown enough "everlasting punishment separated from God." He pointedly theological maturity and strength of conviction to earn that addresses the same concern to Tim Tebow. After praising his confidence. But, we have to wonder, how many others will fold under the intimidation?
  15. 15. Volume 3, Issue 6 Page 15 Make a difference in the life of a child. Fill a shoebox! Shoeboxes should be at the church by November 15th for Operation Christmas Child. You may pick up a prayer guide and your boy/girl ID tag at the Information Center in the atrium. Shoeboxes turned in after November 15th will be taken to Tijuana, Mexico by our local missions team.
  16. 16. CAT ‘n Mouse Update Computer and Technology Website: www.fbch.org / Email: fbc@fbch.org Please update your current bookmark and contact information for the church. Please update your church email contacts: Amos, Richard = ramos@fbch.org Bender, Ann = library@fbch.org Cleveland, Sherry = children@fbch.org Esterline, Susan = mopsmom@charter.net Flood, Lucy = lflood@fbch.org Gonzalez, Fidel = fidelgonzales@live.com Grissom, Robert = rgrissom@fbch.org Groveunder, Doris = dgroveunder@fbch.org Kaiser, Brian = bkaiser@fbch.org You can also find Kaiser, Lynda = lyndakaiser@yahoo.com us on Facebook! Kingston, Claudia = ckingston@fbch.org Lemons, Mike = deborahlemons@hotmail.com Martin, Robin = songbird1954@charter.net and/or rmartin@fbch.org Martin, Sammy = sysadmin@fbch.org Mole, Jim = youth@fbch.org Murphy, Ron = media@fbch.org Smith, Brandy = preschool@fbch.org Spring, Richard = rspring@fbch.org Warwick, June = juneandbill@fbch.org Looking Ahead ————- January 2010 21 = His Hand, Our Hand 3 = Concert of Prayer 22 = FBCH Annual Meeting 10 = Communion / Concert of Prayer Potluck Dinner 17 = His Hand, Our Hand 31 = Discipleship Training Children’s Night Winter/Spring Session Begins 18 = His Hand, Our Hand February 2010 19 = His Hand, Our Hand 7 = Class 101: Membership 20 = His Hand, Our Hand Super Bowl Sunday Youth Night