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2013 Pakistan Party Proposals for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas: For the purposes of the May 2013 elections, Pakistani political parties produced election manifestos to promote their programs for the next five years. Nine out of the 10 political parties surveyed had a section devoted to different aspects of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), including political reforms, security and development. Only the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) and the National Party (NP) did not mention FATA in their elections manifestos. The Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) manifesto was not available when this document was compiled. In the document are all extracts from political party manifestos that address FATA.

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FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos 2013

  1. 1. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 1 of 8FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos2013 Pakistan Party Proposals for the Federally Administered Tribal AreasFor the purposes of the May 2013 elections, Pakistani political parties produced electionmanifestos to promote their programs for the next five years. Nine out of the 101political partiessurveyed had a section devoted to different aspects of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas(FATA), including political reforms, security and development. Only the Muttahida QuamiMovement (MQM) and the National Party (NP) did not mention FATA in their electionsmanifestos. The Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) manifesto was not available whenthis document was compiled.Below are all extracts from political party manifestos that address FATA.1. Awami National Party (ANP)The Awami National Party (ANP) devoted a complete section—out of their four-part electionmanifesto—to FATA. After outlining the current situation in FATA, ANP proposed acomprehensive set of political and development initiatives. ANP promised to amend theconstitution to give full rights to the citizens of FATA, reform the Frontier Crimes Regulation(FCR), and work towards a new administrative solution for the region that would reflect theneeds and wishes of citizens. The party also stressed that, if elected, they would work forproportional representation of FATA citizens in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assemblyand meaningful representation in the provincial government. ANP also proposed the dignifiedreturn and compensation for IDPs and a guarantee of their right to vote.Text from the ANP party manifesto:III. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)The Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan (FATA) have an area of 27,000square kilometers and a population of approx. 10 million. This region is administered bythe President under Articles 246 and 247 of the Constitution. Pakistani laws are notapplicable, the jurisdiction of the superior courts has not been extended and theinhabitants do not enjoy fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.The tribes remain the victim of poverty and the lowest social indices in the country. Theliteracy rate is only 17 percent versus the national average of 45 percent. Female literacyis an abject 3 percent versus 32 percent for the rest of the country. The region has1Awami National Party (ANP), Jamaat-e-Islam (JI), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam F (JUI-F), Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM),National Party (NP), Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), PakistanMuslim League (PML), Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Qaumi Watan Party (QWP).
  2. 2. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 2 of 8suffered the most serious dislocation due to conditions in Afghanistan ever since 1979.Extremist elements have sought refuge in parts of FATA and have, unfortunately,succeeded in imposing themselves on the tribes. Development work has virtually ceased,the administration has collapsed and the normal method of mediation through the jirga isnot being utilized properly.FATA has been a victim of devastating armed conflict between extremist insurgents andstate security apparatus. The people of FATA, particularly women and children arecaught in the cross fire. Those who have been pushed out of their homes and living inIDP camps are suffering from numerous challenges and denied the right to a normal life,access to education and health.ANP proposes the following actions to reverse the present dangerous trends.1. Political changesIn order to finish the under-development and the violent nightmare of the tribesmen ANPwill continue its efforts along the following lines:i. Will evolve consensus to urgently determine and settle the administrative status ofFATA in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people.ii. ANP will struggle for due representation of FATA in the Pakhtunkhwa ProvincialAssembly with proportionate representation on reserved seats for women. If voted topower ANP will ensure meaningful representation of FATA in the Provincial cabinet.iii. ANP will amend the constitution to mainstream FATA, bring it under theParliament’s ambit and ensure equal rights and opportunities for the people.iv. ANP will also amend the constitution to ensure that the Pakhtunkhwa Governor canbe a registered voter of FATA and/or Pakhtunkhwa.v. As an immediate measure the FCR will be amended to provide human right protectionas laid down in the Constitution. Other provisions of the FCR will also be amended topermit oversight by a special bench of the Peshawar High Court.vi. Fully empowered local bodies will be instituted with adequate representation ofwomen, for a meaningful participation of the people of FATA in all their affairs.vii. ANP will work for the dignified return of FATA IDPs to their homes andrehabilitation of their lives and livelihoods.viii. ANP will evolve a comprehensive compensation package for families who have hadloved ones killed and whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed in armedconflicts and terrorism.
  3. 3. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 3 of 8ix. ANP will ensure implementation of the right to vote for the tribal populationparticularly women and families who have been displaced and are living in camps.x. Population faced with severe security risks due to armed conflicts and terrorist threatswill be facilitated to use their right to vote in adjacent settled areas and/or in camps.2. Developmental reformsANP proposes the following measures for immediate implementation to bring a peacefuland a positive change in FATA.i. ANP will ensure that state implements its writ in FATA and purge it from all sorts ofterror networks.ii. Since there are no reliable statistics a detailed survey and investigation of thedevelopment potential of the area is essential.iii. ANP endorses the principles of development outlined in the Sustainable DevelopmentPlan for FATA but proposes more active implementation through empowerment of localcommunities.iv. Generally speaking ANP will follow the same development strategy for FATA as forthe Pakhtunkhwa Province, though FATA will be accorded special2. Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) strongly favored FATA reforms in their election manifesto. They proposedabolishing the FCR, amending the Constitution of Pakistan to give FATA elected NationalAssembly representatives the right to legislate for the tribal areas, and installing a new form ofgovernment for FATA. JI promised the cessation of hostilities in FATA and the return andcompensation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from FATA.Translation from the JI original Urdu manifesto:FATA will be given due attention as a distinct area: Military operation will be stopped and the army will be pulled out from FATA, whiledialog will be established to ensure the long lasting peace and tranquility. The IDPswill soon return to their respective hometowns and will be compensated for theirlosses during the war on terror. Steps will be taken for improving education, health and communication in FATA.
  4. 4. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 4 of 8 FATA has been deprived of its due constitutional and legal rights, since theestablishment of Pakistan, and this will be changed by introducing massiveconstitutional, legal, educational and economic reforms. With an amendment in the Article 247 of the constitution, the jurisdiction of courtsand parliament will be extended to FATA. Legislation powers will be given to the parliament and elected members of the tribesinstead of the President of Pakistan. FCR will be abolished altogether and replaced with a system that will be determinedby the elected tribal members. According to the new law, the aforementioned Assembly will devise the rights andresponsibilities of the institutions. FATA will no more be kept apart from the constitutional parameters and necessaryamendments will be made in the article 246 and 247 in order to bring the tribes at parwith the rest of the constitution, for that matter the following principles will beadopted. FATA and PATA, adjacent to KP, according to article 246 (c), will be made eitherpart of KP or will be given separate provincial status by referendum according to thewishes of the people. Those areas of KP, which are dealt by article 246 (a) (i)(ii)(iii)(iv) 246(b), will bemerged in KP. All the black laws including the FCR will be abolished altogether and the extension ofthe Constitution of Pakistan will be assured with the basic constitutional rights for all.3. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam F (JUI-F)JUI-F made two references to FATA in their election manifesto. The party mentioned FATA aspart of their principal election promise to achieve peace and also promised that the final status ofFATA would be decided according to the wishes of the tribal citizens (see manifesto sectionentitled “New Provinces”).Text from the JUI-F party manifesto:(1) PEACE will be our top priorityTo get to this goal our road map will incorporate reconciliation strategy and agreements.Particularly the national Jirga backed by the APC [All Parties Conference] will be thedriving force to bring about positive changes for the nation in FATA and its experienceswill be replicated in Balochistan and over the country to ensure peace.
  5. 5. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 5 of 8(12) New ProvincesA) The status of FATA will be decided according to the wishes of the local residents.B) New provinces will only be formed after a consensus of all stakeholders and will notbe used for political point-scoring.C) Legal and constitutional rights of the provinces will be protected.4. Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP)The PkMAP election manifesto was not available at the time this compilation was created.5. Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam (PML)PML-Q devoted a portion of its election manifesto to FATA. In the document, the party affirmedtheir commitment to party-based democratic processes in FATA. They also promised to abolishthe FCR and bring the region under the national mainstream Pakistan legal system. PML wouldrevise the political agent system in FATA. The party also advocated for dialogue with militantsand seeks to address illiteracy and the health system in the tribal areas.Text from the PML party manifesto, from the section on FATA:FATA of Pakistan is the focus of tension in the world today. These areas have alwaysplayed a pivotal role in the history of the region. The area is a treasure of ruggedlandscape, archeology and cultural legacy. Society is distinguished for its hospitality,bravery, culture and tradition. PML believes FATA needs a healing touch so that through democracy anddevelopment, the area can be secured against terrorism and extremism. PMLbelieves that political parties can be a major factor of unity, peace and stability inFATA and will initiate a party-based democratic political process in FATA. FATA shall be brought into mainstream national politics through holding party-based elections. Laws such as the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) shall beabolished and replaced by national laws and the judicial system. PML shall take immediate steps in consultation and support of the elders of therespective areas in FATA, to bring educational reforms for improving the existingliteracy rate of 17 percent to at least 25 percent. Health reforms shall be priority in FATA areas.
  6. 6. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 6 of 8 A dialog will be initiated with the local militant groups and Taliban to bring peacein the area and prevent foreign aggression and intervention. PML will revise the current Political Agent system and bring a mechanism toincrease maximum participation of responsible local elders in developmentprojects and initiative of the FATA area.6. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)PML-N mentioned FATA reforms in the context of combatting militancy and terrorism, whichconstituted one of the chapters in the party’s extensive election manifesto. The party argued forextending political rights to FATA and proposed a series of services to improve living conditionsfor citizens in the tribal areas, including empowerment of women and a large-scale publicawareness campaign to combat extremism.Text from the PML-N party manifesto:13. Militancy and Terrorism[…] Nevertheless, neither militancy nor terrorism can be countered by mere use of force.This is a problem that has penetrated deep into the vitals of society and therefore needs a wellthought out, comprehensive and sustainable plan of action that should include economic,social, administrative and political initiatives and measures to root out this menace. Some ofthe steps envisaged by PML (N) are:i) Integration of the Federally and Provincially Administered Tribal Areas into thecountry’s political mainstream, by extending to its people the political rights enjoyed bythe citizens of Pakistan.ii) Establishment of schools and technical centers to create a pool of skilled manpower,not only for local enterprises, but for manpower export to friendly countries.iii) Extending free health benefits to the disadvantaged classes, by providing mobilehealth units in these areas.iv) A crash program to establish small and medium size industrial enterprises in theTribal Areas that could provide gainful employment to the youth, making them stake-holders in peace and security of these areas.v) Extending special facilities for technical education to the female population of thearea, so as to empower them economically and socially.
  7. 7. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 7 of 8vi) Undertaking massive public education campaigns to create an alternate narrative tosustain efforts against terrorism and bring home the message that Islam is a religion ofpeace and that there is no moral or religious sanction for violence or extremism.vii) Undertaking education reforms that will aim at eliminating different systems ofeducation in the country, while ensuring that the Madrassahs too, follow the same syllabias the government schools.7. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)PPP frequently mentioned FATA in its election manifesto, underlining FATA reforms the partyhas enacted to date, as well as plans for the next mandate. The party promised ongoing andgradual reforms to bring FATA into the political mainstream and the eventual creation of a newpolitical entity that would meet the needs of the populace. PPP also favored reserved seats forFATA women.Text from the PPP party manifesto:FATA reforms: A work in progressDuring its current tenure the Party, in consultation with all stakeholders and politicalparties, introduced reforms to the outdated Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) 1901. Wealso extended the Political Parties Order 2002 to the tribal areas, encouraging theresidents of FATA to organize themselves politically. Moving beyond the introduction ofpolitical parties in FATA, we will do our best to gradually assimilate the area and itscitizens into the mainstream of the country, going forward in the future with the creationof a new provincial entity, based on the needs of the people.We will work to extend to FATA laws applicable in the rest of the country, starting withlegislation to protect natural resources, wildlife and the environment. The Party feelsstrongly that the constitutional clause defining FATA separately from the rest of thecountry’s provinces should be jettisoned to remove FATA’s special status. We will alsomove to enhance two seats reserved for women candidates from FATA.8. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)PTI proposed FATA reforms in the election manifesto in the context of eliminating terrorism andachieving internal security in Pakistan. The party promised elimination of the FCR and theaddition of reforms that would give the citizens of FATA a sense of ownership in the Pakistanistate.
  8. 8. FATA in Political Party Election Manifestos, 2013 8 of 8Text from the PTI party manifesto:Internal Security: Disengage, Isolate, Eliminate TerrorismFATA will be brought into the mainstream of Pakistan and the colonial remnant, theFCR, will be removed and the people of FATA will be given a sense of ownership inPakistan. PTI will implement a “no drone” policy.9. Qaumi Watan Party (QWP)QWP devoted the twelfth section of its 12-part election manifesto to FATA reforms. The partyfavored bringing FATA into the political mainstream by gradual reforms that are formulated inconsultation with the local population. Among other issues, QWP supported revision of the FCR,quotas for FATA women in the National Assembly and the instigation of a local governmentsystem.Text from the QWP party manifesto:12. The Federally Administered Tribal AreasThe isolation, extremely poor socio-economic indicators, and the impacts of decades ofunrest in Afghanistan coupled with the political disempowerment of the FATApopulation have made the region a security threat. The “Party” will pursue policies thatdevelop a more rational strategic vision for the FATA. More specifically the “Party”seeks to bring FATA in the national mainstream by adopting the following measures:1. Any reform in FATA should be carefully formulated and gradually introduced inconsultation with the local population2. Local government system should be introduced in FATA to ensure peoples’participation in developmental activities3. Separation of executive and judicial powers in FATA4. The Constitutional rights of the people of FATA should be at par with rest ofPakistani citizens and FCR should be reviewed in the light of national andinternational standards of administration of justice5. Reducing non-developmental expenditure of FATA Secretariat6. FATA should get special development packages to take affirmative action in bringingits poor developmental indices at par with the national figures7. Special quota of seats should be allotted for FATA women in the nationallegislatures.###