2 prof. adipala ekwamu experiences from ruforum session ii 6_aasw fara ga


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2 prof. adipala ekwamu experiences from ruforum session ii 6_aasw fara ga

  1. 1. Experiences from RUFORUM – a regional platform that fosters collaboration, coordination and learning amongst African universities and other actors 6th AASW & FARA GA, Accra, Ghana Prof. Adipala Ekwamu, Ex. Secretary
  2. 2. • CAADP Launched in 2003; what is the role and contribution of African Universities? • The “Lost Decade” in Africa for HE: FAAP outlines principles for the needed reforms - BUT no funding earmarked for HE • FARA NARS Assessment Report 2005 – very weak NARS institutional and human resource capacity: calls for urgent response Key Premises for RUFORUM OperationsKey Premises for RUFORUM Operations
  3. 3. • Integrating TAE in CAADP processes, including in Investment Plans & implementation • Restoring the quality of TAE • Promoting women and girls education, including career advancements at all levels • Strengthening partnerships for HE in Africa CHEA Policy CommitmentCHEA Policy Commitment
  4. 4. • Foster integration of African Universities into the national agricultural innovation systems; • Provide a platform for training quality graduates to support development processes in Africa, especially CAADP in response to FARA NARS Review • Rationalize resource use and enhance economies of scale and scope; • Provide a platform for networking, resource mobilization and advocacy for TAE in Africa, and • Tracking impact of HE and initiate foresight planning Rationale for RUFORUM 2004Rationale for RUFORUM 2004
  5. 5. High performing African universities that strive to produce skilled, proactive graduates, demand driven research output and innovation in response to regional and national agricultural development priorities. RUFORUM- The Change we WantRUFORUM- The Change we Want Increased Influence of RUFORUM Universities Increased Influence of RUFORUM Universities Increased Influence of RUFORUM alumni Increased Influence of RUFORUM alumni RUFORUM becomes Regional Reference Point RUFORUM becomes Regional Reference Point
  6. 6. Experiences - Phased expansion in response to demand Experiences - Phased expansion in response to demand Egerton , Nairobi, Moi & Kenyatta Universities, JKUAT Makerere University Bunda College of Agriculture Africa University & University of Zimbabwe Universidad Eduardo Mondlane KENYA UGANDA MALAWI ZIMBABWE MOZAMBIQUE Egerton, Nairobi, Moi&Kenyatta Universities, JKUAT Makerere University Bunda College of Agriculture Africa University & University of Zimbabwe Eduardo Mondlane 1992 - 2006 Present Expansion has been in scope, countries and within countries
  7. 7. • Current programmes and Activities include participation from Benin, Ghana, Nigeria • Additional planned activities with Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal & Togo • Currently developing a strategy for partnership and expansion • Strategic partnerships established with ANAFE, AGRINATURA CTA, PAEPARD to support processes Piloting engagement with West AfricaPiloting engagement with West Africa
  8. 8. • Engaging universities in the CAADP processes through launch of National Forums – Pilots established in 8 countries already : Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Rwanda; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia; Zimbabwe – 4 additional by the end of 2013: Burundi; DRC; Ethiopia, Swaziland Promoting Engagement with CAADP ProcessesPromoting Engagement with CAADP Processes
  9. 9. • Launch of Community Action Research projects to strength engagement with communities and Agribusiness – 3 Pilots using Value Chain approach • To Launch pilot University Field Attachment Programmes to support transformation at smallholder farmer level Working with End-users & Private SectorWorking with End-users & Private Sector
  10. 10. • Catalyzing changes in terms of – Delivery – Curriculum – Quality Assurance – Credit transfers – Integration of Experiential learning – Improving access to quality postgraduate training • Adapting LMD systems in Francophone countries Teaching, Research and OutreachTeaching, Research and Outreach
  11. 11. • Increase in the participation and voice of women in agricultural research, production and marketing – From 4% (1992) – 8% (2004) – 43% (2013) • Climate Change – A regional Programme established at University of Nairobi and Mekelle University • Biotechnology and Seed Systems – Programmes in place to build capacity in this area • Business Incubation Centers and Outreach Units (Makerere, Jomo Kenyatta, MOI, LUANAR, UZ Universities) • E-Learning Programmes Gender & Emerging issuesGender & Emerging issues
  12. 12. Human Capital DevelopmentHuman Capital DevelopmentHuman Capital DevelopmentHuman Capital Development • Commitment to train 800 Masters student by 2015 – Target already met • Commitment to train 150 PhDs – as of 2013, 104 are undergoing training; 38% already graduated • Students completing on time (Masters – 2 years; PhD – 3- 4 years) and publishing in International Peer-Reviewed journals • Universities integrating e-learning approaches • A Regional harmonized Quality Assurance & Credit transfer framework for postgraduate training developed and ready for piloting
  13. 13. Where do RUFORUM Graduates go?Where do RUFORUM Graduates go? 800 RUFORUM M.Sc. & PhD Graduates Universities IndustryIndustry Research Organizations Research Organizations Extension Ph.D training NGOs 31% 10% 15% 8% 6% 27% Policy 3%
  14. 14. • Expanding opportunities and challenges for TAE • Managing growth as a vibrant network • Nurturing the “Weak & Newer members” • Scaling-up efforts & Initiatives – stakeholder demands for expansion • Need for intense engagement with Policy decision makers Issues and opportunitiesIssues and opportunities
  15. 15. Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) Plot 151 Garden Hill, Makerere University Main Campus P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda. Tel.: +256-414-535939 Email: secretariat@ruforum.org URL: http://www.ruforum.org