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1 ega partnership side event pres accra july 2013
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1 ega partnership side event pres accra july 2013


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  • International and regional development organisations - While Worldvision is one of our most important partners, we are also speaking to the Catholic relief service amoung other organisations Donors Governments and Policy International and Regional Research organisations Farmers and agricultural groups Private Sector Education Youth Civil Society
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Partnership to Create an EverGreen Agriculture in Africa An Update Dennis Garrity Senior Board Research Fellow World Agroforestry Centre UN Drylands Ambassador
    • 2. Perfect Storm of Challenges  • Rainfall is becoming more erratic and extreme.   • Inorganic fertilizers are increasingly expensive. • Soil fertility is further declining in many regions. • Temperatures are increasing, intensifying crop       stress. • Population growth rates remain high and farm     sizes are rapidly declining. Farming is expanding into  more marginal lands.
    • 3. National recommendations for maize in Malawi & Zambia: Faidherbia fertilizer trees at 100 trees per ha
    • 4. Aerial view of a parkland dominated by Faidherbia in Niger 
    • 5. Major agroforestry regions in West Africa and directions of expansion
    • 6. Malawi National Agroforestry Food Security Programme
    • 7. December 2011: Ethiopian Prime Minister announces national programme to establish 100 million Faidherbia trees in farmers’ fields
    • 8. Kenyan Farmlands: Bold policy to achieve >10% tree cover on farms through a National Agroforestry Programme
    • 9. Climate Smart Agriculture Triple Win • Raise productivity create food security, • Build resilience to climate shocks: droughts, hotter temperatures • Make agriculture a strong carbon sink, rather than being an major emitter
    • 10. Tree cover on agricultural land by farming system
    • 11. Wheat production with walnut trees France
    • 12. Wheat production with Paulownia trees > 8 m acres in China
    • 13. 17 Countries are engaged in EverGreen Agriculture Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration Conservation Agriculture with trees Trees interplanted in conventional tilled cropland Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration + Trees interplanted in conventional tilled cropland
    • 14. EverGreen Agriculture Partnership Communities
    • 15. Take home messages • A fresh low-cost approach to land regeneration and food security has taken root in Africa, and is spreading across the continent. • Millions of smallholders are adopting effective low cost land regeneration methods • EverGreen Agriculture can be embedded in many types of sustainable intensification initiatives • Many nations are creating the policy and institutional environments to favor adoption • The EverGreen Agriculture Partnership is accelerating the process of widespread adoption
    • 16. Getting engaged Evergreen Agriculture Partnership World Agroforestry Centre Email contacts: –