Thermal Imaging Examples of Tooth Issues


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There is a significant body of evidence showing the connection between dental and cardiac disease. This presentation shows the potentially life threatening effects of undiagnosed dental illness and how Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging can help.

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Thermal Imaging Examples of Tooth Issues

  1. 1. Dental Thermal Imaging Examples FromThe Thermogram Center, Inc. of Colorado ● 303-664-1139 Est. 2002
  2. 2. Tooth + Organ Chart
  3. 3. Am I Dead?... Or do I just feel like itbyFred HughesMakes theconnection betweentooth issues anddysfunction / diseasein the body.
  4. 4. * The Thermogram Center (TTC) is not a treatment or diagnosing center. The following images were acquired at The Thermogram Center and analyzed/interpreted by its interpretive service provider. Any treatment or diagnoses obtained thereafter was through the client’s health provider(s).
  5. 5. TTC’s Thermal ImagingTTC’s camera maps 76,000+ temperature readings to0.06°C sensitivity and 1.3mrad spatial resolution, withimages in B+W, reversed B+W, and colorEach image has a built-in scale in Celsius– The higher the color, the higher the temperature– The lower the color, the lower the temperatureThermal patterns of the left should be somewhatsymmetrical to the right– Distal body parts are colder, i.e. noses, ear lobes– Proximal body parts are hotter, i.e. eye sockets, inner ear; scalenes and SCM can be “tight” and hotterTemperature differences that exceed 1ºC can besignificant
  6. 6. TTC’s Thermal ImagingTeeth, glands, and organs should be operatingat relatively the same temperature and shouldNOT stand out on images.– When intense excess heat exhibits on a jaw with apparent lymphatic inflammation, it can result from tooth infection, among other causes.– When a little excess heat exhibits on a jaw, it can result from stress, irritation or inflammation from TMJ muscle tightness, clenching or grinding, bite misalignment/occlusion, cracked/chipped tooth, deep gum pocket, among other causes.
  7. 7. About Sinus DrainagePrior to 2010’s Colorado Summer wildfires,about half of all clients exhibited sinus/lymphaticdrainage, typically draining bilaterally below thenostrils and down the canine regions under thechin and into the neck.Post wildfires... 99% of all clients exhibit suchsigns.The majority of clients have no awareness ofsuch drainage, which can be caused bypollutants, food/chemical sensitivities, allergies,infections including mold, fungus, yeast,parasites, microbes, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  8. 8. About Tooth FindingsOver the past 11 years, over 7,750 imagingsessions have been provided to men, womenand children:– Thermal findings suggesting the possibility of tooth infection has exceeded findings suggesting highest risk for breast cancer by a substantial amount, perhaps 50:1.– Each Face Series is made up of 7 views (each in 3 color schemes): anterior neck with head tilted back, anterior and bilateral face, and open-mouth anterior and bilateral face.– When thermal findings present possible areas of concern for teeth, clients are recommended to seek further evaluation with an appropriate dental professional.
  9. 9. Typical “Normal” includes Lymphatic Sinus Drainage
  10. 10. + TMJ Tension
  11. 11. Sinus Infection Regarding the top and bottom images at left: This 51 year old female had no symptoms in the teeth, mouth, cheek, sinuses, or head. Imaging revealed temperatures 3.95ºC warmer on the left cheek than on the right cheek. This thermal pattern was consistent with infection/inflammation, and prompted the client to consult her ENT Doctor who prescribed oral antibiotics. Regarding the top and bottom images at right: One month later, the images on the right resulted, consistent with resolution. Note the change in cheek patterns, going from very asymmetrical to relatively symmetrical in just one month’s time.
  12. 12. Severe Sinus Infection This 56 year old female had complaints of chronic lower back pain and asthma. While she had no idea she may have severe sinus and/or tooth infections, her thermal imaging strongly suggests it.
  13. 13. Cracked Tooth... Early Infection This 45 year old female had a complaint with an upper right front tooth. Her dental hygienist indicated that all was well. During an imaging appointment in 2008, thermal findings consistent with mild oral infection were revealed. Still symptomatic and with her thermal imaging report, she requested that her dentist conduct a thorough exam. The dentist found that the tooth was cracked and that infection had developed under the tooth that required care and a crown. She later reported that the tooth feels much better.
  14. 14. Root Canal... InfectionThis female had no concerns regarding her oral health. Note the significantheat/thermal finding at "B", which is consistent with an active lymph node, amongother things. In the event of an underlying tooth infection, she sought dentistry todetermine the cause of this finding. Dental xray of tooth #18 indicated abnormality at"C", consistent with infection. This tooth had previously undergone root canal and wascrowned. Months of treatment to improve the health of the tooth proved unsuccessful,and the tooth was extracted. After extraction, a contributing factor/likely cause ofinfection was observed: a long/vertical fracture/crack at "D". Note the soft tissueinfection between the roots on the opposite side of the tooth at "E".
  15. 15. Root Canal.... Infection...Heart Attack? This 72 year old male had experienced innumerable root canals and decades of dental work which was completed in 1998. When thermally imaged in 2009, he was free of symptoms or concerns for his teeth and therefore surprised when his thermal imaging revealed signs consistent with dental issues and infection.Afterwards, he obtained a second opinion from a dentist very experienced withdiagnosing/treating infections. Not only were three tooth infections diagnosed,but this male also learned that tooth #18 could have contributed to his heartattack two years earlier.
  16. 16. Wisdom Teeth Extraction... Cavitation... Lymphatic DrainageThis 54 year old female reported depleting energy levels and concern for developingauto-immune disorders if the source of her chronic fatigue could not be resolved.Her thermal imaging revealed signs consistent with potential dental issues andinfection with lymphatic involvement/drainage into the chest. Note the excess heatand thermal patterns along the left chest. While her follow-up tests were normal forthe breast, her dentist diagnosed 2 cavitations in her right jaws - in wisdom teethsockets where the teeth had been extracted twenty years earlier.
  17. 17. Tooth infection... Breast Cancer?This 46 year old female used thermal imaging in 2010 after having had amastectomy just over a year earlier. While she hadn’t understood that manyteeth can effect the breast, her thermal imaging and tooth+organ chart revealedto her the possibility of a back molar infection and breast connection.In the upper right image, lymphatic drainage from the right side of the mouth intothe chest is apparent.
  18. 18. A Lifetime Without Tooth BrushingThis 60 year old male was recommended for thermal imaging in 2011 by his mother.His history included gall bladder removal in 1980, 2005 nasal surgery to stop snoring,2006 back surgery with pain and numbness in the back and front of thighs, occasionaltooth pain, and heart attack in 2007 resulting in a stint.While he had never brushed his teeth and used only toothpicks, his mother called ourcenter days after imaging to thank us profusely and informing us that he had begunbrushing his teeth and had scheduled an appointment to see a dentist.