Hands-on Tools for Local Foods in Schools
                        National Farm to Cafeteria Conference
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Hands on Tools for Local Food in Schools


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Handout used by Lynn Mader of the Minneosta Farm to School Network and Colleen Matts of Michigan State University Farm to School Specialist and Sara van Offelen, Extension Educator at the University of Minnesota during the "Hands-on Tools for Local Foods in Schools" workshop. Handout provides presentation outline.

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Hands on Tools for Local Food in Schools

  1. 1. Hands-on Tools for Local Foods in Schools National Farm to Cafeteria Conference March 21, 2009 Session Description Colleen Matts will present the new Michigan Farm to School website and “Purchasing Michigan Products: A Step-By-Step Guide” for school food service directors to get local foods into cafeterias. She will lead participants through the Guide’s steps and tools, including forms for competitive bidding. Lynn Mader will share the “step by step approach” and the University of Minnesota’s on- line farm to school toolkit. A resource for school food service directors to use local foods in the cafeteria, this toolkit includes menu items, recipes, newsletter articles, and point of sale materials for featured, seasonal foods available in Minnesota. Sara van Offelen will present the “Go Wild Curriculum” for the Minnesota Nutrition Education Program in elementary schools. With classroom and cafeteria components, “Go Wild” features local fruits, vegetables and whole grains in fun ways that capitalize on children’s innate interest in their natural environment, native animals, and regional experiences. Objectives After this presentation, attendees will be able to: • Develop a purchasing system to simplify the purchase of local foods • Follow a simple, step by step process to begin a farm to school effort in the cafeteria and access recipes, promotional materials, and message resources online • Integrate local foods messages into traditional nutrition education programs offered at their schools. Small Group Work After the hands-on tools are presented, we will break into small groups to practice using the tools in a case study. Participants will be asked to join in one of three small groups in which the tools and resources will be put to use, and then report back to the larger group. Small groups will focus on the following topics: • Purchasing local products • Cafeteria local foods promotion • Using “Go Wild” in the classroom Contact Colleen Matts Sara VanOffelen Lynn Mader Farm to School Specialist Extension Educator Farm to School C.S. Mott Group for University of Minnesota Center for Family Development University of Minnesota Sustainable Food Systems Extension Extension Michigan State University Moorhead Regional Office 612-708-8635 517-432-0310 218-236-2007 made0036@umn.edu matts@msu.edu vanof001@umn.edu mn-farmtoschool.umn.edu www.mifarmtoschool.msu.edu http://www.extension.umn.edu/ Nutrition/GoWild.html