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This is the new Bioinformatics package available from AZCO Biotech, for NGS data analysis.

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Xomics brochure short version

  1. 1. Integrated hardware and softwaresolution in one box for Sequencing Bioinformatics analyses.
  2. 2. Problem Fast Easy Smart Saving Need for Rapid processing of massive amounts Genomics data as sequencing costs are greatly reduced Demand accurate and fast bio-analysis of data from Next Gen. Sequencers Technical requirements needed to manage the difficulties in constructing and managing NGS analysis servers Server farms require Large space and high electricity costs
  3. 3. Solution  XOMiCS™ is the only deskside NGS analysis system that provides the same high performance as Clustered Supercomputers  XOMiCS™ can process 100Gb(30x) human genome and provide various reports is only a few minutes!  XOMiCS™ completes your sequencing pipeline Sample Sequencing Report Read Data XOMiCS™ Annotation Analysis
  4. 4. IncreasePerformance GP-GPU Analysis Time Whole Genome Alignment & Analysis Whole Exome Alignment & Analysis GPU 4ea GPU 2ea GPU 3ea GPU 2ea GPU 1ea GPU 1ea Not GPU Not GPU 0 200 400 600 800 (Minute) 0 10 20 30 40 50 (Minute) ※ GP-GPU Information - nVidia GPU Tesla C2075 6GB (448core)
  5. 5. PowerStandard! • CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640 * 2 = Usable 24core (6Core 12 of Threads, 2.5Ghz > 3.0Ghz) • Memory 8GB DDR3 ECC REG PC3-12800R * 12 = 96GB • SSD Intel SSD 320S 80GB * 2 (System HDD, Raid1) • HDD Seagate SATA3 3TB 64MB 7.2Krpm * 8 Physical 24TB (Usable 17TB, Raid5) • ODD DVD-Multi • Power 1200W Super Quiet High Efficiency Power Supply
  6. 6. Statistics INDEL count SNV count Transition / Transversion INDEL length SNV mapping quality INDEL mapping quality
  7. 7. SomaticVariations XOMiCS™ provides a variety of reports including SNV, Indel lists, non- synonymous SNV, frame shift mutation, and more after comparing one genome to another (i.e. a cancer and normal genome)
  8. 8. Medical Relevance XOMiCS™ provides practical reports for diseases such as cancer, heriteditary diseases, articular ( joint) system diseases, autoimmune diseases, internal diseases, physical attribute, food and drug response, and more…
  9. 9. Phylogeny Result of SNP based ethnicity analysis. Using of Y chromosome, mitochondria, and autosome of SNP to perform accurate ethnicity analysis
  10. 10. Easy andIntuitive User Interface Fast, easy UX