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Effective Intelligence Corporate Brochure

Effective Intelligence Corporate Brochure



Effective Intelligence is a leading developer of proven analytical data intelligence solutions that extract maximum value from customer and business data to help you solve your marketing, fraud, risk ...

Effective Intelligence is a leading developer of proven analytical data intelligence solutions that extract maximum value from customer and business data to help you solve your marketing, fraud, risk and enterprise data managment problems.



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    Effective Intelligence Corporate Brochure Effective Intelligence Corporate Brochure Presentation Transcript

    • Analytical Data Intelligence
    • Effective Intelligence is the leading developer of proven analytical data intelligence solutions that extract maximum value from customer and business data to help you solve your marketing, fraud, risk and enterprise data management problems. Analytical Data Intelligence is the name given to our solution methodology pioneered and developed by us that bridges the data-information-insight-decision gaps in an organisation. We are Business People focused on extracting maximum value for our client’s from their customer data. We derive insights and intelligence around customers and the wider consumer market.www.e-intelligence.com
    • The Analytics Team – We use only highly qualified statisticians and our models are balanced with input from non-risk modelling backgrounds. The reason is that companies using only risk-modelling experience can be too focused on Credit Bureau data and one What EI does needs “new blood’ from other disciplines to expand ones framework and thinking. differently Data Preparation – We are the only company building predictive models in SA that also develop Our products grow Data Quality engineering software (InfoArchitect™). revenue, decrease This gives us an “unfair” advantage in improving expensive and time data for modelling and this contributes to very effective and sustainable models. consuming business problems and assist Enhanced Variables – We think “out of the box” our clients to achieve and have created unique variables in non-risk dimensions that add significantly to the net savings ranging effectiveness of our models. This gives us a huge from several hundred advantage compared to other companies who do not thousand to millions own their own large consumer data sets and cannot therefore collect and build non-risk information. of rands per annum. Our Modelling Methodologies – We have developed our own detailed methodologies for all key client requirements including Customer segmentation, Market Segmentation and Response Modelling. This includes champion challenging methods between methodologies which improves the final model methodology selection.www.e-intelligence.com
    • Benefits • Increase the speed & efficiency of the customer on boarding process • Increase customer value through cross-sell and up-sell • Reduce customer churn and attrition • Drive down costs by as much as 80% by only targeting theWhy EI is proud to customers who are likely to respondserve as the reseller of • Extend the reach of your existing CRM and marketingPortrait Software Suite in automation systems by augmenting them with specific applications that add incremental valueSouth Africa • Convert your inbound cost centres into profit centres by marketing-enabling all of your customer touch pointsThe Portrait Customer InteractionSuite combines the world’s mostadvanced customer analytics with a Featuresmulti-channel customercommunications platform that • Establish a single view of the customer in real-time byorchestrates all inbound and outbound bringing all customer data together at the point of interactioncustomer communications. • Infuse analytically driven insight into each and every customer interaction • Deliver seamless links between customer understanding and customer interaction • Deliver Portrait “inbound/outbound fusion” that is the only truly integrated approach to inbound and outbound customer interactions • Embed event-triggered marketing into all customer campaigns • Implement complex, multi-step, multi-optional dialogs that continually build and optimize the individual customer relationships www.e-intelligence.com
    • Our Enterprise Solutions allow you to quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage data issues which will result in substantially improved intelligence and future actions.Customer Management Marketing Solution MarketGini™ enables the Analytics & Modellingprovides end-to-end enables organisations to use of enhanced enables organisationssolutions from data determine market information at Geographic to determine marketquality auditing and penetration, build area level, Individual penetration, buildcontact updates to full stronger predictive consumer level and stronger predictivehosted prospect and segmentation, validate Household level within a segmentation,customer databases with contactability and single data information validate contactabilitya marketing repository execute measurable framework. The client’s and executeallowing you to manage campaigns using various customer database can measurableyour client interactions methods of response then be included and campaigns usingvia template driven analysis, along with compared at many levels various methods ofworkflow, campaign customer centric views, and the resultant response analysis,management and house-holding and relationships and with Householdingtracking. geo-profiling. intelligence used to develop and Geo-profiling. and implement effective and relevant business and marketing strategies.www.e-intelligence.com
    • Tracing & Collection Automated Address AssureInfo is a secure We assist inoffers electronic identity Validation (AAV) supports Cloud-based SaaS service supporting Credit risksolutions to some of the your Operational and Mail API and Web application and potential Fraudlargest tracing agencies Services, by decreasing that enables the verification from re-engineeringin SA. These solutions an expensive and time of contact information or and enhancing dataassist with the validation consuming problem; your the tracing of defaulters. to support complexof key customer Nixie mail or Various options exist which scenarios toinformation and are used “undeliverable-as- provide numerous levels of matching disparatefor FICA/RICA addressed mail”. detail returned. It has data and comparingrequirements as well as Nixies, especially for significant security features to custom databasescontact data update and statements have a direct meeting all standards (SSL in order to identifytracing. impact on the success as well as AES message potential internal rate of collections as encryption) and is suitable fraud from some customers deems for banks and other employees or not receiving a statement regulated industries. vendors. as a reason to withhold payment of instalment.www.e-intelligence.com
    • We know that time is critical and that you often have last minute marketing campaigns or operational issues and so we move fast but with strict quality control. We normally can deliver your output requirements within 48 to 72 hours. Our bureau is headed by solution experts and staffed with dedicated and expert SQL analysts who are trained in the use of specialist data tools. This is backed by our team of experienced Data Services System Developers and Database specialists so there is virtually Bureau nothing that we can’t do. We offer a specialist data Some of the typical data operations include: service that can improve, enhance, analyse and  Take-on and Conversion from and to multiple file formats report on all aspects of  Re-structuring and validation of customer data formats (i.e. a customer and operational four address field converted and validated for a five address business data. field layout)  Standardization and validation for quality structured data  Matching and de-duplication by person, address or household (Householding)  Enhancement of information supporting Location Intelligence or Predictive Modelling  Updating of contact details for marketing and tracing purposes  Validation and Verification of identity or contact details  Analysis and definition of market segments  Scoring and selection of customers/prospects using predictive statistical modelswww.e-intelligence.com
    • We assist our clients extract the maximum insights, intelligence and resultant revenue from their customer data though developing effective solutions combining Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and true Data Quality.Why use EIThe undisputed market For the past fourteen years, EI has maintained its leadershipleader of Analytical Data position with a track record of success in the market byIntelligence. staying at the forefront of pioneering true data intelligence to solve business problems. We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced targeted solutions aligned with industry-specific needs and challenges. Our solutions are customized to leverage individual departments existing customer and business data and meet the strategic goals of each department.www.e-intelligence.com
    •  We have passionate and dedicated staff with decades of significant experience in marketing, software development, analytics, database design and data management.Our Reputation isyour Best Data  We have multi-skilled experts that understand and bridge the communications gap between IT and business - from CEO toSolutions Policy service department level.We have built a solid  We have developed comprehensive business processes in ourreputation and industry Data Services Bureau that ensure the fastest turnaround timescredibility due to a proven for client jobs with formal quality controls guaranteeingbusiness track record built consistency.over 14 years of ethicalbusiness practices and  We are the only data solutions company in SA with an expert andservicing hundreds of independent data privacy Ombudsperson who has since 2000clients in the complex and ensured that our data practices meet the highest legal andchallenging data solutions ethical standards.industry.  We have implemented stringent Data Security and Staff Confidentiality measures to protect our clients data and Intellectual Property.www.e-intelligence.com
    • Contact Us Tel: 086 100 0452 Fax: 086 610 7583 Email: sardagh@e-intelligence.com Tel: 086 100 0452 Fax: 086 610 7583 Email: sgroves@e-intelligence.comwww.e-intelligence.com