Guide to Navigating Project Politics

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This presentation outlines the seven steps to navigating project management politics.

This presentation outlines the seven steps to navigating project management politics.

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  • 1. Guide to Navigating Project Politics Guide to Navigating Project Politics
  • 2. The Politics of Project Management The Politics of Project Management Understanding how to navigate politics through  leadership and influence is key to project success. It  is also essential to your own longevity as a project  management professional.  management professional Ignoring politics (external or internal) can  profoundly affect the health of your project. 
  • 3. Project Management Checklist Project Management Checklist #1: Be consistently ethical and authentic #2. Observe the Shadow Organization #3. Build relationships without imposing agendas #4. Apply your power of persuasiveness through  relevant value l l #5. Promote full disclosure and openness #6. Restrain your self­brilliance and have humility #7. Acknowledge that you are there to serve
  • 4. #1 B i l hi l d h i #1. Be consistently ethical and authentic Project stakeholders want to trust you. Project stakeholders want to trust you. Be truthful and transparent to help build integrity  and trust.
  • 5. #2 Ob h Sh d O i i #2. Observe the Shadow Organization Notice who the hubs of social interaction and  Notice who the hubs of social interaction and corporate intelligence are. – Discover who has influence, who is respected, and who  champions others. Classify interrelationships and the strength of  Cl if i l i hi d h h f each connection.
  • 6. #3 B ild l ti hi ith t i i d #3. Build relationships without imposing agendas In order to build a strong network, avoid imposing  In order to build a strong network, avoid imposing personal agendas. A healthy network allows you to: – Build visibility – Attract opportunities Attract opportunities – Improve difficult relationships – Gain access to information Gain access to information
  • 7. #4: Apply your power of persuasiveness through #4: Apply your power of persuasiveness through  relevant value In order for people to be  p persuaded, they need to  , y understand the relevance and value of what you are  saying in a way that fulfills  saying in a way that fulfills their needs and desires.
  • 8. #5 Promote full disclosure and openness #5. Promote full disclosure and openness Set a standard of communication by encouraging  open and candid discussions. Listen as well as you speak as well as you speak. Share information openly (both good and bad). Share information openly (both good and bad).
  • 9. #6 R t i #6. Restrain your self‐b illi lf dh h ilit #6. Restrain your self‐brilliance and have humility Acknowledge how fortunate you are for being in  Acknowledge how fortunate you are for being in the project management position. Understand that past success does not guarantee  future success.
  • 10. #7: Acknowledge that you are there to serve #7: Acknowledge that you are there to serve Always remember  Always remember that project success  is team‐driven, not  individually‐driven. d d ll d When problems  When problems arise (no project is  perfect), make sure  the right people are  there to solve them.
  • 11. Eze Castle Integration Overview Eze Castle Integration Overview Founded 1995 Mission To be the leading provider of IT services and technology solutions to the  To be the leading provider of IT services and technology solutions to the investment community worldwide  Headquarters 1 Federal Street Boston, Massachusetts, 02110 617 217 3000 617‐217‐3000 Additional Offices New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco,  Stamford and London. Website & Blog www eci com Core Services • Strategic IT Consulting • Business Continuity Planning • Outsourced IT Solutions • Disaster Recovery • Professional Services • Compliance Solutions • Managed Services • Storage Solutions • Startup & Relocation • Colocation Services • Communications Solutions Communications Solutions • Internet Service Internet Service • Network Design & Management • E‐Mail & IM Archiving 11
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