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Top 5 benefits of waking up early
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Top 5 benefits of waking up early


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • Now you just need a way to wake up early. I found the best way was to make it a challenge. Here is what I did:
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  • 1. Top 5 Benefits of Waking Up Early By Daniel Harper For more info visit
  • 2. Waking up early is one of the hardest things to do especially if it’s the start of the work week. Sometimes youwished that the sun won’t come out and your alarm clock does not go off yet. But being an early riser canactually give you more benefits than staying in bed a little longer. They say that “Early to bed, early to risemakes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.” Let me tell you why this statement is true. Here are the top fivebenefits of waking up early.1. It refreshes you. I mentioned in my previous article, How to Beat Monday Blues, the benefit of startingearly. Starting early in the morning gives you more time for yourself. It saves you the stress of not havingenough time to prepare for the day ahead. And as a result, you’re more at ease, less stressed relaxed andrefreshed. Plus, it gives you more time to enjoy your breakfast and coffee.2. You can enjoy nature. Like what I mentioned above, waking up early gives you more time for yourself.And that time can be spend to enjoy the outdoors such as walking barefoot on morning dew-covered lawnwhich has relaxing effect or breathing the fresh air. If you like to jog, that would give you the opportunity toenjoy the beautiful sceneries and the calm environment just before the hustle and bustle in the morning.
  • 3. 3. Brings out a healthier you. If waking up early provides a less stressful atmosphere which is good for themind, then it can also greatly benefit your overall physical health. Waking up early gives you more time to doyour favorite physical activity such as jogging, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, even walking your dog. Iremember a neighbor who regularly wakes up early in the morning to tend to his garden because the air isfresher and the soil is softer.4. Can make you more successful. It was observed that those who are successful in life are known to be earlyrisers. Waking up early gives you more time, makes you less stressed, calms your mind, makes you optimisticand gives you more energy. All of these are known to help a person become more successful.
  • 4. 5. Helps you develop good habits. Waking up early cultivates discipline which in turn helps you developgood habits. Why? Because the habit of waking up early already requires strict discipline. If you want to wakeup early every day then you have to cultivate the habit of waking up early. No more “ten minutes more” ofsleep, no more snooze and no more excuses staying in bed a little longer. Once you already developed thishabit then the rest of your activity can now be forged into a habit. You can now easily discipline yourself todiet and exercise. You can manage your time more effectively which makes it easier for you to follow ahealthy routine. All of those good habits can stem from just waking up early.I know that not all of us are early risers. Such as those working at nights and requires them to sleep in themorning. But still you can have these benefits if you want to. You just have to take care and disciplineyourself. “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” ~Richard Whately Are you really serious about becoming healthy mind, body and spirit and change your life once and for all! Learn the truth about transforming your body into the body of your dreams. Discover the new you by joining Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Body building. This program is filled with the stuff they don’t want you to know. Click Here! Lose fat and gain muscle without cardio. Discover the cardio free fat loss workouts using weight training exercise and interval training to burn fat, get rid ofstubborn belly fat, and build muscle. Click Here!