How to beat monday blues


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How to beat monday blues

  1. 1. How to Beat Monday Blues By Daniel Harper
  2. 2. MONDAY! It’s the start of the work week. Don’t you just love waking up before the sun rises, reach for thealarm clock and hurl it at the wall across the room? It’s called Monday Blues and it’s the leading cause ofbroken alarm clocks and grouchy faces in the world of the working class.So if you’ve decided to spare the life of your alarm clock and start looking at yourself in the mirror with asmile, here are ways on how to beat Monday blues and hopefully, turn it into your favorite day of the weeknext to Friday. Start early. I know you want to delay waking up early on Monday as much as possible, but delaying may cause you to rush later to avoid being late. As a result you skip breakfast, your things are disorganized and your clothes look like they’ve just came out of the dryers. When you arrive at the office, you’re already stressed, you feel weak, you’re disorganized, and you look like you just got tackled by an entire football team. So start early and give yourself enough time to prepare for the day ahead.
  3. 3. Turn it into a positive experience. When you start early in the morning you’re also giving yourselfenough time to accumulate positive experiences before you leave the house. Give your wife orhusband a morning hug or kiss. Greet your kids a good morning. Give your pet a treat. Breathe thefresh morning air. EXERCISE! Enjoy the aroma of your freshly made coffee. Eat a hearty breakfast.In other words, wake up like a boss. It’s your house. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t enjoywaking up in the morning in your own home.Wear your best. Make Monday your look-my-best day. If Monday doesn’t look good doesn’t meanthat you should look like one as well. Look sharp. If you think you can’t prepare your attire in themorning, have it ready the night before. Reserve that new suit or dress for Monday. Accentuate withbright or bold colors. For men, try Lamborghini yellow for your tie. For women, color your nails withFerrari red. Those colors can chase the blues away.
  4. 4. SMILE! The world is probably at its worst already, so please don’t add up to it by showing that uglyfrown. SMILE! Don’t smirk. Smile when you wake up. Smile when you take a shower. Smile whenyou order that coffee. Smile when you take the cab. Smile at your co-workers in the elevator. Smilewhen you see your boss. Never underestimate the power of smile. A GENUINE smile exudes a greatdeal of positive energy that everyone needs on a dreadful Monday. If you always give out positiveenergy, people will notice and they will look up to you. “Smile and the whole world smiles with you.“Listen to music. Make a Monday soundtrack of the tunes that you enjoy. Compile happy andenergetic songs that you can play in the car and sing along to while driving. If you’re allowed to,listen to these songs while you’re working. If not, listen to it while taking a break. Keep yourselfpumped up by listening to good music.
  5. 5. MOVE! Don’t sit in front of your desk the whole day. Walk around or do light exercises. There was atime my boss caught me doing breathing exercises to relax. He came up and asked me to teach himhow to do it. That was an awesome moment for me. Sometimes when I’m starting to feel dull, I takethe stairs up to the next floor and have a chat with a co-worker. You can also do the same.Start an office tradition. One of the things my co-workers and I came up with to make Monday lessdreadful is to start an office tradition called “Pizza Monday”. We chip in and treat ourselves to somepizza every Monday. We noticed that after two Mondays, other departments started doing it as well.It’s funny, cool and gave us something to look forward to every Monday.
  6. 6. Give yourself a reward. After a long day at the office you can reward yourself with a bottle of cold beer, a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate when you get home. You can also do some online shopping and buy yourself something nice without burning a hole in your pocket. But remember not to overdo these things.There are many ways on how to beat Monday blues. Those mentioned above can be adjusted depending onyour lifestyle. Use your creativity. Find out other ways to turn Monday blues into Monday excitement. Moreimportantly, have fun while doing it. Master Mondays and you’ll master the rest of the week.HAPPY MONDAY!!! “Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close to Monday?” Are you really serious about becoming healthy mind, body and spirit and change your life once and for all! Bob Proctor – one of the key figures in “The Secret”- believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the Law’s true potential. Click Here! A simple, 3-minute, 3-step formula that has the power to generate tremendous success and happiness. By activating the Law of Attraction, The PowerPausemakes it easy to reduce stress and resolve money, health or relationship problemsClick Here!