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OLEOVA-Egg oil for treatment of burns & wounds
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OLEOVA-Egg oil for treatment of burns & wounds



Egg yolk oil is natures solution for skin problems. Being rich in essential fatty aicds, cholesterol & antioxidants, egg yolk oil finds application in treatment of burns & wounds. There are several ...

Egg yolk oil is natures solution for skin problems. Being rich in essential fatty aicds, cholesterol & antioxidants, egg yolk oil finds application in treatment of burns & wounds. There are several studies conducted on the same.



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  • https://www.google.com/patents/US5676975?pg=PA1&dq=5676975+patent&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8TNNUpneCcjorAea5oHYBg&ved=0CDcQ6AEwAA
  • http://ircmj.com/?page=article&article_id=2603

OLEOVA-Egg oil for treatment of burns & wounds OLEOVA-Egg oil for treatment of burns & wounds Presentation Transcript

  • Egg yolk oil
  • About OLEOVA • A precious oil extracted from yolk of chicken eggs • References in Unani Medicine (originated circa 1025 AD)(ref Biaz Kabir Vol. II) and Alchemy (circa 400 BC) in regard to its effectiveness in regeneration of skin and mucous membranes. Principal components of OLEOVA Triglycerides with omega-3 & omega-6 (PUFA) fatty acids Phospholipids Cholesterol Xanthophylls (Lutein and Zeaxanthin)
  • Oleova is a high quality and functional source for omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It shows great ability to nourish, moisturize and improve the condition of skin. It is also a good choice in formulations for maturing skin. Testing indicates that Egg oil exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Studies also indicate that Egg oil enhances re-epithelizatin without formation of permanent scars.
  • Laboratory Analysis Appearance : Yellow to amber coloured, clear to hazy liquid Consistency : Viscous liquid Odour : Mild characteristic odour of egg Fatty Acid composition: • Myristic Acid • Linoleic Acid (LA) (n-6) • Myristoleic Acid • Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) (n-3) • Pentadecanoic Acid • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) (n-6) • Palmitic Acid • Eicosanoic Acid • Palmitoleic Acid • Arachidonic acid (ARA) (n-6) • Heptadecanoic Acid • Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) (n-3) • Stearic Acid • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)(n-3) • Oleic Acid (OA) 1.1% 10.7% 0.4% 0.1% 0.1 – 0.2% 0.1% 35.7% 0.2% 7.8% 0.2% 0.3% < 0.1% 3.3% 0.5% 37.5% Apart form fatty acids OLEOVA is rich in triglycerides and cholesterol
  • US PATENT     Title : “Method for treating burns using egg yolk oil” Inventor : Carol J. Burg Patent Number : 4,219,544 Published : August 26, 1980 (Expired) ABSTRACT A method for treatment of the burns such as second and third degree burns to human skin. This method involves the topical applications to the burn area of an oil derived from the yolk of an egg such as an avian egg. The raw egg is subjected to heat treatment whereby the egg yolk oil may be drawn off and used neat or with other pharmaceutically acceptable components
  • JAPANESE PATENT      Title : “Formulations for the treatment of skin using application of the active ingredient egg oil” Inventor : Shimizu Sharp Patent Number : 6-339407 Published : July 2, 1996 (Expired) Description : Formulation using egg oil provides therapeutic effect in case of burns and itchy dermatitis (eczema) Claims:      Applied to epidermis for : therapeutic application atopic dermatitis treatment of burns treatment of cuts
  • US PATENT    Title : “Burn symptom relief composition and a method of producing the same” Inventor : Alexander C. Dezes Patent Number : 5,676,975 A method of producing a composition for relieving burn symptoms which includes the separation of a plurality of eggs into a first egg weight portion consisting of egg yolks and a second egg weight portion consisting of egg albumen. The first egg portion consisting of egg yolks is then incorporated into a predetermined weight of a mixed glyceride composition to form a first intermediate composition. The first intermediate composition is emulsified by incorporation of an aqueous solution of a calcium hydrate composition. The second egg weight portion consisting of the egg albumen is then added to the first intermediate composition to form a second intermediate composition which is then further emulsified by further addition of an aqueous solution of calcium hydrate to form the burn composition of the subject invention.
  • The epidemiology of burns in rural Ethiopia Study objective-The aims were (1) to review inpatient burn records of Attat Hospital (Ethiopia) for the years 1983-1989, and (2) to determine the prevalance of burns and knowledge of first aid for burns in 16 communities served by Attat Hospital in rural Ethiopia
  • Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal TITLE: The Effect of Egg Yolk Oil in the Healing of Third Degree Burn Wound in Rats F Rastegar1, N Azarpira1*, M Amiri1, A Azarpira2 Background: Burn injury is a major cause of death and disability worldwide. A domestic medication in wound healing, preventing infection and reduction of scar tissue as well as availability is still an important challenge. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of yolk egg oil in treatment of burn wounds in rats. Conclusion: Yolk oil–treated burned animals showed abundant re- epithelialization without tissue scar in comparison with SSD group. Although the egg yolk has many vital nutrients, but its exact mechanism in healing process is unknown. Therefore, further studies evaluating the influence of individual components on burn-healing process is advised.
  • Innovare Journal of Life Science     Title : “Design, development and evaluation of lipid based topical formulations of silver sulfadiazine for treatment of burns and wounds “ Inventor: MEHTA PIYUSH, Published : 10 June2013 Summary of the Claims : The aim of this research was to develop a novel lipid based film forming gel based on polymer and to investigate its potential as slow-release wound healing vehicle. The lipid based is composed of water soluble gel with model drug (Silver Sulfadiazine) and an egg oil, which acted as a remove scars. The morphology, rheology, mechanical properties, in-vitro drug release profiles were investigated. A smooth film layers was produced. The characterization results showed that film has superior mechanical and rheological properties than the ointment and cream. The lipid based gel treating low suppurating wounds and suitable for slow release application on wound surfaces. The lipid based gel also provided a significant higher healing rate in-vivo, with well-formed epidermis with faster granulation tissue formation when compared to the controls. In conclusions, a novel polymerbased lipid film gel was developed and results suggested that they can be exploited as slow-release wound dressings.
  • Thank you VAV Life Sciences Pvt Ltd 51/B, Mittal Court, 224, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 Tel: 022 22836802; email: sales@vav.in; website: www.vav.in Egg Yolk Oil www.oleova.com Hair nutrient with egg oil www.eyova.com