E-yoga for professionals


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We are working on www.e-yoga.com. Online May 2012

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E-yoga for professionals

  1. 1. H el lo!* E- The inspiration platform Yoga Next
  2. 2. E-YogaNew ways toINSPIREE-yoga.com is a social platform for discovering, collaborating,sharing and connecting with other inspiring people. We will giveyou new ways to monetize your skills! 1
  3. 3. ABOUTE-Yoga.com is based in the heart of Amsterdam, theNetherlands. We hope to be online May 2012! Share *OUR PHILOSOPHYWe like to help you spread your knowledge and togrow your business. We want to help you to reach abigger audience through the use of the latestinternet marketing techniques. We will show youhow to use social media. We will help you to build acommunity, to promote your activities and to createan extra income through the use of webinars, pay-per-view or subscription based video streaming. Wewant to put your business on the IPAD, the Iphoneand Android! We want to work with you and shareinspiring projects together! 2
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES ! Social Media tools Link building Brand Yourself Strategy Blog Web Marketing Forum Community * Groups E-yoga. com Make money: Pay-per-View Subscription Webinar Services Video Streaming Make money: Webtalks Group webinars Live webinars 3
  5. 5. Monetizing content? Do you have, or are you able to create, great video content on a subject you are passionate about, or have a certain expertise in? E-yoga CommunityFrom print Social Mediato webinar Monthly income Paid content SHIFTING FROM TRADITIONAL TO NEW MEDIA ! E-yoga can help you turn your content into a new revenue stream. We’ll take care of everything! 4
  6. 6. 30.000.000More and more students Millionaround the world have USA Yoga studentsexperienced the positivepsychical and spiritual effect ofyoga.MORE THEN 20 MILLION PEOPLE ARE LOOKINGEVERY MONTH FOR ONLINE YOGA CONTENT.WITH E-YOGA.COM WE WILL CONNECT YOU! 5
  7. 7. 300It only takesthreehunderd peopleworldwide to createthe perfect revenuestream.WHAT IF YOU COULD PRODUCE NICHE VIDEOCONTENT ONCE A MONTH AND SELL IT ON ASUBSCRIPTION BASE? On e-yoga.com you will be able to create your own video channel. What about Yoga forbusiness, yoga for heart patients, mindfullness or pranayama? Everything is possible. We canconnect you to video professionals and other Yoga collagues to build your own inspirationchannel. 6
  8. 8. 64% Smartphone penetration skyrockets in 2012. Mobile Social Media, tablets, new ways of connecting and publishing.WHAT ABOUT A YOGA PHONE WITH A BEAMER?We like trees, we like to breathe good air, to be outside and to meditate. We like to meetpeople offline, to laugh and share, but we also love technology. Here at E-Yoga, we don’t wantyou to be scared of new developments. We will help you embrace it and to reach people inevery possible way. 7
  9. 9. 46% 27% 23% 14%Today’s audiences are connected consumers and they socialise& engage with businesses through multiple Digital Platforms. RESPONSIVE WEBDESIGN. E-yoga.com will be flexible and fluid to fit any size device or screen 8
  10. 10. So, what will we do!We will create a platform where you can brand yourself! * E-Yoga Yoga Pro CommunityYOGA PLUSWe also do love health professionals: Ayurvedic doctors, healers, astrologists and manyothers. Inspiring people will get a place on e-yoga.com! 9
  11. 11. WORK WITH US !And You’ll feel the difference !You’ll get the best Exposure & Engagement, you will learn newskills, you will connect with other inspiring people …and muchmore. HAVE Of your Social ecosystem. Create a blog, make your own group, share CONTROL and promote. And benefit from word * INCREASE of mouth communication E-yoga BRAND AWARENESS amongst your students. Create yoga video content and sell it MAKE MONEY pay-per-view or on a subscription base. Give webinars. Attract more visitors to your own website. Be discovered! Online May 2012 10
  12. 12. Just give it a try!We are looking for 100 professionals, who will get a lifetimefree membership. Let see what happens if we work together!Let’s create an amazing community! 1 Are you at least curious? 2 Would you love to connect with new people? 3 Are you interested in new ways to make money? 4 Do you believe in the magic of collaboration? 5 Introduce yourself and get an invitation. 11
  13. 13. Get your lifetime invitation! E-Yoga * namaste@e-yoga.comhttp://twitter.com/e_yogi Back