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At ADFEST 2014, ADK’s Toru Fujii, creative leader Rob Sherlock and eYeka’s Joël Céré presented the potential (and limits!) of crowdsourcing and how it can work for brand. This is the presentation given by the three industry leaders, and called "Welcome To The World's Biggest Creative Department"

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  • We call eYeka the world’s biggest creative playground! Because in essence, this it what it is.
  • Not an agency. Platform. Creative competitions on behalf of brands. Whitespace category innovation, NPD, packaging, retail experience, creative ideas for an ad campaign all the way to content. Clients> inhouse Planners create briefs. 2,3,4 weeks to participate. Entries moderated. Creative dimensions. Best ideas cash prizes/ Motivation to participate: fun, creative fulfillment and fame. Who participates?
  • We attract the 1% of content creators on the web. Above average creative thinking abilities/ Creative talents. Housewives, pharmacists, accountants. Students. Freelancers or creative teams from big agencies. All different but in common: passion to solve creative challenges.
  • We have 275,000 of them. Imagine the possibilities if your agency could tap into such global creative department. World’s largest creative department. Often winners don’t come from target market/audience: A project for oreo which became a global campaign came from a creator in China, the redesign of the quintessentially French Volvic bottle came from a creator in India…
  • View that creativity is in limited supply. Jewel in a box –agency. Shiny jewels but still a box. Argue that there are humongous reserve of creativity outside the box. You can see it sometimes on social media. eYeka connects marketers and their agencies with undiscovered, below the radar talents who may have just the right idea for your brand. Creativity is no longer for the chosen elites few, we are democratizing it.
  • Not an agency. Privilege to work for the world’s leading brands and many leading agencies. Let’s bring that to life through 3 short examples.
  • Milan.
  • 4 videos selected. This is one is a zombie flick from Singapore. Singapore invaded by zombies.
  • Crowdsourcing is efficient: matter of weeks, global engagement, fixed cost makes it affordable.Diverse: not 3 creative routes but dozens. More chances to find the right one.Effective: delivers results. ROI that is quantifiable.Before Rob, I’ll invite you to join eYeka’s creative playground and see for yourself the possibilities for your agency and your clients.
  • Welcome To The World's Biggest Creative Department

    1. 1. Toru Fujii Senior Creative Director ADK Tokyo
    2. 2. Global Insights & Innovation Director at eYeka Joël Céré
    3. 3. Rob Sherlock Creative Innovation Adviser Former Global Creative Director for DraftFCB
    4. 4. The world’s biggest creative department.
    5. 5. “Co-creation”
    6. 6. 270.000 Consumer Creators from 154 countries
    7. 7. “Crowdsourced solutions” -creative contents -product development -business design
    8. 8. Who Moved My Job?
    10. 10. “Coca-Cola as an energizing refreshment. ”
    11. 11. Coke bottle
    12. 12. “Never be powerless with Duracell Powermat ”
    13. 13. Take charge
    14. 14. “Magical and surprising things happening inside a TOSHIBA 4K TV”
    15. 15. Chef
    16. 16. TOSHIBA- Consumer’s Ideas reveal their insights. - Selected ideas utilized as branded contents. - Crowdsourcing nurtures agency’s creativity.
    18. 18. - Smartphone in 2020 - Invent a “Social Beer” - The Future of Detergents - Make the 10 Arabic numerals - Humans-Animals connection FUTURE PROJECT
    19. 19. “Design a future smartphone that changes our lives again in 2020” FUTURE PROJECT
    20. 20. - Consumers think ahead of companies. - Product ideas attract wide range of clients. - Crowdsourcing ignites agency’s capability.
    21. 21. Welcome to the world’s biggest creative playground!
    22. 22. eYeka delivers fresh ideas & content via creative competitions
    23. 23. 90%Spectators 9% Curators Creators1% Amplify Curate Ideate the 1/9/90 rule - Forrester Research Only the 1% is able to ideate
    24. 24. 275,000 creators, 154 countries: Good ideas have no borders
    25. 25. 1.2 Million Views 42% Over-Delivery. Niwina Singapore Antoine Peigner, Digital Hub head KLM eYeka is democratizing creativity!
    26. 26. Leading brands are increasing their ROI with eYeka
    27. 27. As part of its multi-brands communication platform “Dirt Is Good”, Unilever was looking to convince mums in the Philippines that letting their children get dirty was a good way to foster their personal development. How to convince them with a strong story?
    28. 28. Unilever Dirt Is Good• Creative Concepts
    29. 29. • ROI 5 weeks, 88 entries, 29 countries
    30. 30. Breeze Active Bleach TVC Philippines 2012 A mother encourages her son to fully enjoy a football game by dirtying his brand new, spotless football shoes. “Binyagan na yan!” - literally means “baptizing the shoes” or breaking them so they are ready to work.
    31. 31. How do we express our global brand campaign “live brilliant” with fresh creative expressions that show that a car can create special experiences beyond transportation?
    32. 32. 5 weeks, 233 entries
    33. 33. 31 contests joined 21 entries accepted Won 2 contests #1 oceanomare Creative writing Graphic design Animation milano, Italy
    34. 34. *This ad was inspired by ideas that consumers shared for the Hyundai co- creation contest at eYeka. Results: Campaign 2013 - 2014
    35. 35. *This ad was inspired by ideas that consumers shared for the Hyundai co- creation contest at eYeka. Results: Campaign 2013 - 2014
    36. 36. How do we create buzz online across Asia to let a young, tech-savvy audience know of our best-in-class one-stop mobile travel service?
    37. 37. 4 weeks, 23 entries from 15 countries
    38. 38. 70 contests joined 12 entries accepted Won 1 contest niwina Video Animation Singapore
    39. 39. Campaign: 23/10/13 to 8/1/14
    40. 40. • 1,241,703 views • 15,983 engagement (2.35%)  Likes, comments on social communities • 80% retention rate  View till the end of the video – average is 60% • 42% over-delivery  Total views v. bought • 25,000,000 OTS
    41. 41. EffectivenessDiversityEfficiency
    42. 42. A simple guide for creative leaders in the brave new world of co-creation.
    43. 43. Understand it’s the perfect imperfect.
    44. 44. Know that bad ideas can come from anywhere.
    45. 45. Realize that single source creative solutions are becoming redundant.
    46. 46. Understand who ‘they’ are and why they do it
    47. 47. Embrace the perfect answer for the need for speed.
    48. 48. Look at the bigger picture.
    49. 49. Consider the notion of an idea factory vs. a creative department.
    50. 50. Be part of the inevitability of innovation in the co-creation arena.
    51. 51. Know that curation is everything in co-creation.
    52. 52. Embrace the fanaticism of the fanatics.
    53. 53. Become the leader of the benevolent dictatorship.
    54. 54. Rest assured not everything is meant to be co-created.
    55. 55. Keep up with your client’s insatiable need for content.
    56. 56. Don’t ask too much of your crowd.
    57. 57. Realize co-creation is both a creative imperative and a commercial reality.
    58. 58. Crowdsourcing is overtaking research… in research.
    59. 59. Passive co-creation has a huge future.
    60. 60. Once you’ve got it, use it.