Eyeblaster Case Study Dynamic Ads Double Mobile Operators Conversions

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  • 1. Dynamic Ads Double Mobile Operator’s Conversions, Cuts CPA The challenge: A leading international mobile operator recognized that simply throwing up hundreds of millions of direct response impressions of the same ads with no targeting was wasteful. Working in their favor, they had a huge number of variables to play with such as handset type, handset image, price point, offer duration, and contract term. But manually creating multiple versions of ads based on these different variables was not feasible. The solution: Eyeblaster enabled the Operator to buy bulk ROS/RON inventory and rely on Creative Optimization. A number of dynamic banners were created, mainly to suit different unit sizes. By manipulating the content while the ads were live, the advertiser was able to be in control of the ad experience on the fly. Creative production costs were minimized, and changes could be implemented immediately. The near lab-condition results: Dynamic Ads Provide Highest ROI After a long period of using the dynamic ad solution, a new strategy was suggested and implemented, going back to serving only standard banners. Campaign Highlights This turned out to be an excellent opportunity to compare the results of the dynamic ad solution against the standard banner-only solution. • Dynamic banners had a 119.8% higher click-through rate than standard In fact, the new strategy proved significantly less cost effective. Focusing on banners the ‘Order Confirmation’ conversion, indicating a purchase, analysis showed • Dynamic banners had a 2x that the dynamic banners achieved almost double the Conversion Rate of the conversion rate compared to standard standard banner. In addition, the CPA of dynamic banners was approximately banners half the CPA of the standard banner, proving its ROI. • Each dynamic banner conversion cost Therefore we can conclude that standard banners, when used in the approximately halfcompared to a standard banner conversion campaign, wasted a conversion opportunity and significantly increased the Cost per Acquisition. There is clear justification to investing in dynamic banner activity over simple standard banners. The advertiser, by the way, reached the same conclusion and switched back to dynamic banners. © 2009 Eyeblaster Inc. All rights reserved l www.eyeblaster.com l Email: info@eyeblaster.com l 646.202.1320 (U.S.) or +44 (0) 20 7831 9410 (UK)