Online communication channels between physicians and pharma


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Online communication channels between physicians and pharma

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Online communication channels between physicians and pharma

  1. 1. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech CompaniesOver the last few years, Manhattan Research’s physician studies have shown a strong and growingtrend of doctors seeking to fulfill their information and other service needs from manufacturersthrough digital channels. At the same time, it has been increasingly difficult and expensive for salesreps to see physicians face-to-face, and almost all major manufacturers have downsized their salesforces. Coupled together, these trends have lead many manufacturers to start talking about what thenext iteration of the sales model will look like, and to explore emerging, more effective ways ofinteracting with and influencing physicians. Manufacturers should consider the following keyphysician trends as they think ahead.Videoconferencing is PromisingAfter a shaky beginning about a decade ago, using videoconferencing to detail products and connectwith experts is finally reemerging as a viable service channel for manufacturers. A critical mass ofdoctors is open to using this channel to interact with sales reps, key opinion leaders, or medicalscience liaisons today, with some expressing a preference for the channel. Significant improvementsin video technology and a growing crop of vendors supporting recruitment and fulfillment of theseprograms are paving the way for increased acceptance among physicians and reps alike.Video detailing presents a strong opportunity for manufacturers toelevate their multi-touchpoint customer service capabilities,particularly for their most valued customers. As it becomesincreasingly difficult for sales reps to secure face-to-face meetingswith physicians, video-based sales support can provide physicianswith a rich multi-media customer service experience that fits theirown terms and timing. Though it is challenging to have thephysicians in the driver’s seat and still have this tactic blendseamlessly in the realm of sales, marketing, and medical affairs,several innovative manufacturers—most notably Merck—are aggressively pursuing this opportunity.Manufacturers should bear in mind that physicians most open to engaging in video detailing are theones who are already more amenable to sales rep interactions in general, pointing once more to theneed for integrated and multi-channel service among manufacturers.Content is Still KingThough not their primary or even their secondary source in most cases, a significant sharephysicians of does seek out manufacturer-sponsored content online. Today more than four out offive physicians use corporate and product sites and about half of doctors use manufacturer portals(e.g., PfizerPro). Adoption of these resources has not declined the way interaction with sales reps t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  2. 2. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companiesface-to-face has over the last few years. However, given the low frequency of physician visitation tothese properties, the challenge for manufacturers is figuring out which properties or channels toinvest in, and integrating and cross-promoting content assets to gain traction.Communicating with Physicians in an On-Demand WorldEach manufacturer will have a unique approach to how they provide content and services tophysicians online, but the common marketing guidelines that should run through each program arethat they use multiple channels, are seamlessly integrated, and are available on demand. Thesebest practices are becoming the new norm as physicians juggle multiple devices, channels, andmedia formats.In 2010, nearly three-quarters of physicians usedsmartphones, and the majority of those who used themsaid these devices are essential to their practice.Impressive numbers of physicians also have digital mediaplayers, webcams, and subscriptions to satellite radio, andeven iPads. The data show that a substantial share ofphysicians is also very comfortable with various mediaformats - whether using apps or portable content on mobilephones; or searching for video on YouTube; or subscribingto an expert podcast on iTunes. Today’s physicians generally know where to find the content theywant in the format they want to consume it. Further, physicians are using the Internet at multiplepoints through the day – even during patient consultations – making the service cycle almostcontinuous. The one thing that manufacturers can count on as the professional digital landscapeevolves is that physicians will be in control, and the only way to compete in this market is to haverelevant content and services available through a wide range of channels. t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  3. 3. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies About ePharma Physician®ePharma Physician® is a market research and advisory service product that provides in-depth dataand insights around the attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of physicians communicating withpharmaceutical and biotech companies through digital channels such as the Internet, tech-enabledreps, and online promotion. This group of physicians is the new norm and comprises 88% of theU.S. physician population. The study also provides data on more than 400 pharmaceutical productwebsites. In addition to overall trends, the research can be segmented across more than 25physician specialty groups.The following outlines available data in ePharma Physician® for pharmaceutical and biotechmarketing and sales teams interested in leveraging digital channels to communicate with physicians.Channel Mix, Professional Websites & Pharmaceutical Information-SeekingPhysicians are continually shifting more of their clinical and professional research to online channels.Some of the most popular medical journals have more than doubled, and in some cases triped, theironline audience since 2007. Additionally, ePharma Physicians researching information about biotechand pharmaceutical products online are most likely to use professional medical websites intendedfor healthcare providers, such as Medscape and UpToDate, as their first source. The study providesdata around the following professional websites and pharmaceutical information-seeking topics: t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  4. 4. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies Journals read, online or offline, in past 12 months Which specialty specific sites visited in past 12 months Use of online communities/ social networks for physicians Sources used to research information about pharmaceutical or biotech products in past 3 months o Attending conferences o Dinner meetings o Electronic details o Blogs, messageboards, and other online discussions among physicians o Talking with colleagues o Live video chat via webcam with a pharmaceutical or biotech company sales rep o Mobile drug reference database o Online community or social network o Online conferences o Live, online speaker events sponsored by a pharmaceutical or biotech company o Online journals o The website for a specific pharmaceutical or biotech product o Pharmaceutical or biotech websites for healthcare professionals o Professional journals (print version) o In-person meetings with a sales rep from pharmaceutical or biotech company o Website intended for healthcare providers o Whatever I find through a search engine Sources used first when researching pharmaceutical or biotech products online Sources used when conducting research about a new pharmaceutical or biotech product that has just come on the market Sources used when conducting research when question arises about a pharmaceutical or biotech product that is off patent/generic When searching for pharmaceutical product information online, ever clicked on the following types of advertisements o Advertisements on a website intended for healthcare providers o Advertisements on the website for an online journal o Advertisements in an email newsletter from a website intended for healthcare providers o Sponsored ads on a search engine results page Level of agreement with the following statements about finding pharmaceutical or biotech product information online. o I tend to use the same 2-3 online resources over and over. o I know which specific website or resource I want to use before I start my search t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  5. 5. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies Level of agreement with the following statements about finding pharmaceutical or biotech product information online. Frequency of satisfaction with the pharmaceutical or biotech information found as a result of online queries/searches o All of the time o Most of the time o Some of the time o None of the time Level of agreement with the following statement. o I frequently change my prescribing behavior or take a different treatment course as a result of information about pharmaceutical or biotech products or treatment options I accessed, viewed, or retrieved online. Visitation of websites for information on pharmaceutical or biotech products in past 3 months o AMA/American Medical Association o Cancer Institute o CDC/ Centers for Disease Control o Daily Med (from NIH) o Doctor’s Guide o eMedicine o MD Consult o MDLinx o Medscape from WebMD o Medline/National Library of Medicine o Medline Plus o Medsite o Merck Medicus o NIH/ National Institutes of Health o PDR Net o Physicians Online o WebMD o UptoDate o Ovid o PubMed o o o o Epocrates o Wikipedia t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  6. 6. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies o New England Journal of Medicine o ReachMD o Journal Watch o QuantiaMD o NCCN Visitation of product website in past 12 months Visitation of corporate website in past 12 months Rating corporate website(s) based on overall experience and satisfaction with the site Interest or visitation of pharma-sponsored websites focused on a specific condition in past 12 monthsRep Relationship and Tech DetailingThough industry sales forces are decreasing overall, pharmaceutical and biotech reps nonethelessstill play a critical role in the physician-manufacturer relationship. ePharma Physician® takes a lookat detailing supplemented by technology, such as a Tablet PC or iPad. The concept of the tech-enabled sales rep is not a new one, but the tools used for this purpose are evolving, especially in2010 as physicians begin to see reps armed with iPads. The following rep relationship and techdetailing topics are covered in the study: Reps seen at least once every six months o Pharmaceutical sales representative o Biotech sales representative Percentage of the sales reps personally seen Agreement with the following statements o Reps provide valuable information to me and my practice o Reps are an efficient way for me to get the information I need Three most important services a sales rep provides Reasons for not seeing pharma or biotech reps in the past 6 months o My institution does not permit detail reps o I am not personally interested in meeting with detail reps at this time o I am not personally interested in meeting with detail reps during practice hours o I am interested in meeting with reps but do not receive any calls from detail reps Use or interest in having a rep use a tablet during an office visit Satisfaction with interactions with reps using a tablet computer Reasons for dissatisfaction with the tablet computer use during a rep visit Agreement with statements about tablet computers Use or interest in sales rep using an iPad during their visit t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  7. 7. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech CompaniesOnline Promotion, Customer Service & SamplingThe combined trends of physicians shifting more toward the Internet for professional reasons anddecreasing their face-to-face interactions with sales reps has made digital HCP-focused promotionand service options increasingly attractive for manufacturers. Online promotional programs areresonating with physicians as well – nearly three quarters of ePharma Physicians using them feelthat they are a convenient way to gather information. The study offers data around the followingonline promotion, customer service, and sampling topics: Number of times received invitation to participate in online promotional activities in past 12 months Number of times participated in each of the following types of activities in past 12 months o Interactive self-service website (a site that can be accessed 24/7) o A "virtual detail" (one-way streaming audio/video) o Live web-based seminar (i.e. Webinar) o Recorded web-based seminar (i.e. Webinar) o Key Opinion Leader/Clinical Expert Led Sessions o Microsite or pharma-sponsored information site embedded in website intended for HCPs o Live video chat via webcam (also known as a live video detail) with a pharmaceutical or biotech company sales representative Average amount of time spent conducting activity Participation in online promotion from pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies in past 12 months Overall quality of the online promotion programs of each company Effectiveness of online promotion Reasons for participating in online promotional programs Agreement with the following statements. o I use online promotional programs more now than I did a year ago. o Online promotional programs influence my prescribing behavior. Conducted live video chat via webcam (also known as a live video detail) with a pharmaceutical or biotech company sales representative Companies conducted live video chat via webcam (live video detail) Satisfaction with video detail you conducted with company Reasons for not participating in live video chat via webcam (live video detail). Sources of awareness of the live video detail(s) conducted in past year Source of email invitation to participate Agreement with statements regarding video detailing t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  8. 8. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies Preference for manner of delivery for pharmaceutical activity - rep, video detail, online, or no preference Interest in features if available on a website from a pharma or biotech company o Ability to chat live with customer service rep o Ability to look up formulary/drug coverage information o Ability to opt-in/sign up for additional communications o Ability to report adverse events o Ability to request journal reprints o Download slide kits o Email customer service requests (with a guaranteed 24-hour response window) o Information about participating in clinical trials o Sign up for product alerts to mobile phone o Patient reimbursement information o Request an office visit from a detail rep or sales consultant o Request product samples (i.e. electronic sampling) o Ability to download information to PDA or mobile device o Clinical trial results o Disease management tools for patients o Disease-specific patient education o Information about grants and fellowships o Information about upcoming medical conferences o Links to disease sites for professionals o Message board/discussion forum with colleagues o Pipeline information about future products from the company o Product and prescribing information o Product-specific patient education o Professional education resources o Research updates about new and existing products o Searchable medical image database o Therapeutic area breaking news o Treatment guidelines Agreement with statements regarding customer service Effectiveness of live online speaker events Interest in participating in online communities sponsored by a pharmaceutical or biotech company Interest in interacting with a sales rep from a pharmaceutical company through various methods t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  9. 9. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies Interest in interacting with a medical science liaison (MSL) from a pharmaceutical company through various methods Type of manufacturer website visited most often when looking for information about a specific product from the manufacturer Ease of distinguishing the type of site visited Accessed pharma or biotech websites for healthcare providers in past 12 months Satisfaction with pharmaceutical websites for HCPs Company or companies most interested in interacting with through a physician service portal Interest in registering for a physician service portal from a pharma or biotech company in order to use the following features o Journal reprints o Order samples online o Live chat with customer service rep o Access to email or video chat with an MSL o Access to patient education o Live KOL speaker events o Access customized content suited to the needs of practice Preference of methods when ordering product samples using an electronic or Web-based system Person responsible for ordering samples online in practice How often do you order samples online Which websites are you currently registered on to order samples online (open end) How likely is it that you will order samples online in the next 3 months Would you prefer ordering samples online, getting them from a rep or do you have no preferencePhysicians & iPadsOne of the most new and exciting topics in our ePharma Physician® research is physicians and theiPad. An impressive share of ePharma Physicians have either already bought the iPad or plan to byone within the next six months. The following data is available on physician use of the iPad: Technologies owned Type smartphone/handheld mobile device do you own Ownership of Apple devices Interest in iPad Do you plan to use the iPad for personal use, professional use or both t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  10. 10. ePharma Physician®Online Communication Channels Between Physicians &Pharma/Biotech Companies Do you use or plan to use iPad for professional purposes When do you use iPad for professional purposes Professional activities doneon the iPad o Using prescription dosage calculator o Writing or entering clinical notes o Checking formulary status o Reading articles or abstracts o Accessing websites intended for physicians (e.g. Medscape, etc.) o Reading treatment guidelines o Using clinical/medical references o Screening algorithms o Read medical news o Accessing patient education information o Accessing drug reference database o Watching videos o Using professional social networking sites o Using health/medical apps Interest in other features for a mobile device (if they were offered by a pharmaceutical or biotech companyePharma Physician® Available SegmentationsePharma Physician® data can be segmented by a variety of specialist groups, including:PCPs Infectious Disease or HIV PhysicianFamily Medicine/General Practice NephrologyInternal Medicine NeurologyPediatrics OB/GYNAllergy and Immunology Oncology - MedicalCardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery Oncology - Hematology Interventional Cardiologists Ophthalmology Non-interventional Cardiologists* Psychiatry Electropsyiologists* PulmonologyDermatology RadiologyEmergency Medicine RheumatologyEndocrinology SurgeryGastroenterology Breast Surgeon* t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •
  11. 11. ePharma Physician® Online Communication Channels Between Physicians & Pharma/Biotech Companies Colorectal Surgeon* Retina Specialist* General Surgeon Hospitalists Ophthalmology Surgeon Pain Management Urology * Limited sample sizes, directional insights onlyContact InformationTo learn more about ePharma Physician® v10.0 and subscription information, please, call 1.888.680.0800, ext 2, or visit Manhattan ResearchManhattan Research, a Decision Resources, Inc. company, is a pharmaceutical and healthcare marketresearch and advisory firm focused on the digital trends shaping the future of consumer and physicianmarketing. Our current studies are updated annually and include Cybercitizen Health® U.S., CybercitizenHealth® Europe, ePharma Consumer®, Taking the Pulse® U.S., Taking the Pulse® Europe, Taking thePulse® Asia, Taking the Pulse® Nurses, and ePharma Physician®. Broad consumer and physician marketresearch can be segmented for over 125 therapeutic and specialist groups. For product and subscriptioninformation, please visit, email or call1.888.680.0800. t: 1.888.680.0800 • e: •