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Exults - Social Media & Internet Marketing Presentation
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Exults - Social Media & Internet Marketing Presentation


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The presentation we did for PRSA Fort Lauderdale about social media trends and best practices for PR.

The presentation we did for PRSA Fort Lauderdale about social media trends and best practices for PR.

Published in: Social Media

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  • 2. Exults Company Overview Social Media Trends Social Media for PR Examples of Successful Campaigns Questions
  • 3. Our DNA is made up of Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, & Social Media
  • 4. Organic SEO promotes higher rankings on Search Engine result pages as a website establishes referrals across the internet.
  • 5. Pay Per Click (PPC) offers the opportunity to distribute highly controlled messages to consumers as they search for information relevant to Client offerings. Adwords and Bing Ads are examples.
  • 6. Retargeted image ads automatically follow visitors to 3rd party websites after they have visited your website in the form of banner ads.
  • 7. What is Social Media? A conversation Components to a good conversation : - A balance of talking and listening - Sharing interesting topics & content - Providing useful information - H.A.I.R.
  • 8. SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW Monthly Active Users on Social Media Pinterest Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Facebook 0 200 400 600 800 Millions 1000 1200 1400 1600
  • 9. SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS Facebook has over 1.23 billion active users in the U.S. 114 billion minutes a month are spent on social media in the U.S. alone 23% of Facebook users login at least 5 times per day There are more than 33 billion pieces of content shared each week on Facebook The average number of Tweets per day is around 400 million. 73% of US adults use social media
  • 10. SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS Here is what to expect from social media in 2014 • Increased use of social media ads • More focus on Pinterest and Google+ • Smarter goal setting for social media
  • 11. SOCIAL MEDIA ADS Most effective targeting for Facebook Ads 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Email list targeting Website visitor targeting Lookalike email list Interests Sponsored stories
  • 12. SOCIAL MEDIA ADS Most effective uses for Facebook Ads • • • • Building a relevant audience Driving traffic Lead generation Assisted conversions
  • 13. SOCIAL MEDIA ADS Other emerging social media ad types • Twitter Ads • LinkedIn Ads • Reddit Ads Coming soon… • Promoted Pins • Instagram Ads • +Posts Ads
  • 14. PINTEREST Why Pinterest matters… • Fastest social media platform to 10 million users • Over 80% highly engaged female audience • Drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined • Pins live longer than most other social media posts • 69% of consumers who visited Pinterest found the product that they would purchase compared to 17% for Facebook
  • 15. PINTEREST[]
  • 16. GOOGLE+ Google+ may seem like a ghost town, but this is why it matters today… • Getting content indexed • Google Authorship • SEO benefits
  • 17. SOCIAL MEDIA & SEO While we’re on the topic of social media & SEO…. • Social media get indexed • Google tracks social media signals • Titles should include important words
  • 18. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Alter your PR material’s title/content specifically for social media • • • • Lists Bold statements Questions Helpful
  • 19. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Give the reader options to share… • • • • • Like and +1 buttons Floating share buttons Pop-up share buttons Incentives for sharing Ask for sharing at the end
  • 20. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Tell them what to say… • Pre-loaded share buttons • Click to Tweet
  • 21. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Set the images to share… • Pin It buttons • Setting Facebook Open Graph images • Twitter Cards
  • 22. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Give them extra incentives • • • • Share for a chance… Share for an extra vote… Join for free entry… Comment for a chance…
  • 23. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Create Pinterest-friendly images… • • • • • Dominant colors 2:3 aspect ratio Less background Enticing text No faces
  • 24. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Create Facebook-friendly images for links…
  • 25. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Create Facebook images for engagement…
  • 26. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Repurpose your press release… • • • • • Informational image Video Slideshow Podcast Blog post
  • 27. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Twitter tips and tricks • Create lists of people who re-tweet you • Create a list of influencers • Use the below tools – – –
  • 28. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Twitter tips and tricks Create a list of media members
  • 29. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Twitter tips and tricks Create a list for an upcoming event
  • 30. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Twitter tips and tricks Create alerts for relevant phrases and hashtags (and interact)
  • 31. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Twitter tips and tricks • Think 120 characters for Retweets • Include a photo if relevant • Don’t forget to mention other users
  • 32. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Twitter tips and tricks • Tweet link multiple times & stay active • Use below tools – Buffer – Hootsuite or Sprout Social – Tweetdeck – Wordpress Plugins
  • 33. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR “Tweet Mob” Concept • Find a group of influencers • Provide incentives or exclusives for sharing • Provide a prompt and details
  • 34. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR How the “Tweet Mob” Concept worked for Fillmore Miami Beach… • Marketing interns reached out to South Florida-based music influencers on social media • When they were going to announce a show, they reached out to the “Fill-mob” letting them know first • Many times, they provided prompts, hashtags, and timing details • Over time, “Fill-mob” members accrued points for free concert tickets or merchandise
  • 35. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Interact in communities • • • • LinkedIn groups Google+ communities Facebook groups Relevant hashtags
  • 36. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PR Email building on social media… • Exclusive content • Contests • PR Updates
  • 37. SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMPLES TEDxMiami “Guess The Speaker”
  • 38. SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMPLES Goals for the campaign (in order) 1. Drive awareness 2. Build the email list 3. Increase traffic to link
  • 39. SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMPLES How it worked… • Facebook fans were encouraged to ‘guess the speaker’ via clues • They must enter their email for a chance at a free t-shirt • New contest was run every week leading up the event
  • 40. QUESTIONS Feel free to contact us with questions at… Phone: (866) 999-4736 Email: Twitter: @exults