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Guava online store

  1. 1. Guava loves art, realise the dreams andmake them into beautiful things. Creativityis our life. Gone are the days when blackand white were the pictures, andstyles, colors, moods needs to be fixedand followed.With our enthusiastic team of Guava Goofies,we make our creation alive and dip them in thecolours of our imagination. This is what definesGuava as a brand.Fashion Redefined
  2. 2. born out of the idea that there should besomething good for all…provides products which interests everyone andis promptly available online and offline…Guava isan innovator in the online space in terms ofconcepts, ideas and technology…inspired from the runways with what is latest infashion and brings it on store…
  3. 3. Guava for WomenGuava for Women
  4. 4. Guava for Men
  5. 5. Guava for Kids
  6. 6. Guava GiftingGuava Gifting
  7. 7. Guava BloomsGuava Blooms
  8. 8. An exclusive online store filled with vibrant collection of apparels &accessories for men, women & kids, Handbags, Home Decor and more.Timely breathes new life into functional style, recalling the modestundertones of previous collections with new generation trends.All the merchandise undergoes strong curation and quality checks by ateam of experts.Deliveries in all cities across the country in innovative 3 fold packaging.Facility of Cash on Delivery for all Orders and every shopper getspersonal assistance.GOGUAVA.COM- KEY FEATURES
  9. 9. See Guava Videos @Guava on YouTubeTake a look and Discover the whys wheresand hows of what goes into making a newcollection come alive!Before we made it Guava, the idea to makesomething good for you clicked us. Seehow Guava is good for you‘.
  10. 10. Bringing the online shoppingexperience to Guava customers’offline, Guava has launched itsfirst exclusive showroom at KalkaJi, New Delhi.Guava on screen - Guava on streetIt is Just another fun and aninteresting way to engagedirectly and face-to-face with ourcustomers.
  11. 11. Guava on Screen Guava on Street
  12. 12. We The Guava Goofies...
  13. 13. Mr. Surbir Kapoor- “I was always inspired by the opportunity to grow a worldwide brand which serves differentmasses, different cultures, and different personalities. But keeping my roots intact to my homeland.”Kapil Dua (Operations Manager)- Like a screw driver, screwing the nuts so tightly. Just to ensure everything runssmoothly and our season runs like clockwork.Shikha (Content Manager)- Yes right, if it sounds like writing, I write it. My coffee pot is always brewing to tempt mycreativity to run more.”Asit (Designer)- “Random Schizophrenic outbursts of pure ridiculousness, brilliance and obscure ideas. Neverbeen there but always done that as idealness is not my cup of tea.”Rajendra bharti (Designer)- “When I was young, fashion has always amazed me, how changing your look cancompletely change your mood, We all feel better when we look good.”Khushboo (Graphic Designer)- “I don’t care if it’s bold or plain, all I care is that I have made something which isunique and sensible.”Piyush (SEO Expert)- “My SEO Strategy is simple. Make blogs, get authority inbound links and make a large socialmedia network to promote website.”Meet the Goofies
  14. 14. Himanshu (Product Manager)-“My first love is to spend time with guava products. I’m in so much love with themthat I want world to try it once.”Arun (Customer Care Manager)- "My most important stakeholder is our CUSTOMERS. The way I treat them is aparamount to me, after all our competitors are only a mouse click away."Sanjeev Mehta (Inventory Manager)-“I am only concerned to meet my customer’s expectations of having the rightproduct . . . at the right location . . . at the right time.”Gagan (Marketing Executive)- “I am really excited about being here and I know I can make it grow. We’ve gotamazing products, a great supply chain and Team who’ll answer any question in plain language.”Khushbu- (Merchandising Manager)-“One of the best things about working here is that ‘typical doesnt exist. I loveto understand styles and get a ton of it.”Prachi shrivastav (Merchandising Manager)-“I believe being a successful merchandiser is having the skill to rollwith the punches and always be ready for a change of plans.”Meet the Goofies
  15. 15. Guava International Pvt. Ltd.C-68/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-2New Delhi- 110020Contact:Mr. Surbir Kapoor(Director)Handphone : 9871422329Email Id: director@goguava.comTo know more, you can always reach us at