White Paper - Oracle WebCenter Sites Integration with ECS MediaStore


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MediaStore integration allows assets to be created, approved and stored in the Oracle WebCenter Content repository and then published to Oracle WebCenter Sites.
Assets are published using REST Services and can be configured so that the item is either transferred to the target repository or placed on a shared file system such as a Content Delivery Network (CDN). In this way the integration ensures that the target repository is responsible for the future publishing of the asset.
The key features of the publishing integration are:
• Items are uploaded to Sites using REST services. Incremental updates can also be propagated to the target environments.
• Assets are assigned a unique id on publication and associated metadata are transferred to the target.
• Multiple renditions are uploaded for each asset using rules based on the asset type e.g. Product Image, Promotional Banner.

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White Paper - Oracle WebCenter Sites Integration with ECS MediaStore

  1. 1. Publishing content to WebCenter Sitesfrom MediaStoreAn Extended Content Solutions white paper, 2012
  2. 2. 2 Publishing content to Sites from Oracle WebCenter, Extended Content Solutions, 2012OverviewThis White Paper describes integration between Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle WebCenter Content.The integration is based around the MediaStore solution which is built on top of Oracle WebCenterContent. The MediaStore solution, developed by Extended Content Solutions (ECS), provides a simple butpowerful user interface for the approval and managing of images and other rich media.This white paper shows how the functionality of ECS MediaStore and WebCenter Content to managemedia, create renditions, collaborate on campaigns and approve content can be used to enhance thehandling of rich media assets in Sites.Content Management in SitesOracle WebCenter Sites is a leading web experience management platform with powerful tools topersonalize and manage websites. It can analyse site usage and target content directly to websitevisitors. It also has extensive caching abilities to ensure a fast and reliable user experience. Themanagement interface enables non-technical users to produce high end, multilingual website contentand pages with ease.Oracle WebCenter Content is an obvious partner to Sites given its rich feature set, powerful capabilitiesand potential to share a future product roadmap. The out-of-the-box features of WebCenter Contentprovide standard Content Management capabilities such as versioning, renditioning, security andworkflow. Oracle WebCenter Content’s benefits are greatly extended by the ECS MediaStore solution.What is MediaStore?MediaStore is an Oracle WebCenter Content application developed by ECS. MediaStore allows businessusers to collaborate internally and with external parties to produce and approve rich media forpublication.The main features of MediaStore are:Enterprise repository for images and rich mediaAutomatic creation of thumbnails and renditions for publishing to multiple channelsSimple interface for batch upload, download and approval of images and rich assetsImages can be cropped into new revisions or new imagesSecure repository allows audited and controlled access to usersCreation of promotional campaign Jobs with business user controlled access for third partiesImage embargo and copyright compliance
  3. 3. 3 Publishing content to Sites from Oracle WebCenter, Extended Content Solutions, 2012Integration ApproachThe MediaStore /Sites integration allows assets to be created and approved in Oracle WebCenter Contentand then published to Oracle WebCenter Sites. The assets are transferred to Sites using REST WebServices . Figure 1 shows an overview of the publishing mechanism.Figure 1 – Publishing assets from WebCenter Content to SitesWebCenter Content Sites1. WebCenter uses webservices to upload content toSites as media assets2. Sites Contributors addassets to pages usingEditor3. Assets arepublished toProductionThe key features of the publishing architecture are:WebCenter Content items are uploaded to Sites using REST services and stored asMedia assets.Assets are assigned a unique id based on the WebCenter content id.Multiple renditions are uploaded for each asset using rules based on the assettype e.g. Product Image, Promotional Banner.Updates to previously published items can be propagated to Sites.The use of the MediaStore solution provides users with a simple and easy-to-use tool to manage andapprove images and rich media assets. The full steps to publish content to WebCenter Sites are describedbelow.
  4. 4. 4 Publishing content to Sites from Oracle WebCenter, Extended Content Solutions, 2012Publishing Rich Media to Sites1. Users upload rich media to MediaStore.Single images or complete folders can bedragged in together. Images renditions areautomatically created for example, a thumbnail,website and mobile site images.2. MediaStore allows users to approveassets, collaborate with external users andcreate folders containing related artwork.Entire Jobs or campaigns can be sent forapproval and editing in one click.3. Users can choose to publish an image to Sitesor MediaStore can be configured to auto-publish all images when they are approved.4. Once an image is published to Sites, anysubsequent changes to the image inMediaStore can be pushed to the asset inSites.
  5. 5. 5 Publishing content to Sites from Oracle WebCenter, Extended Content Solutions, 20125. MediaStore uploads the image to anasset in Sites using the Sites REST services.6.Any number of MediaStore renditions of animage can be applied to the Sites asset. Eachrendition will appear as an associated attributeof the asset..7. After all the assets have been publishedto Sites they can be deployed toproduction and served to end-users. TheSites Contributor tool can be used to applythese images to a website.
  6. 6. 6 Publishing content to Sites from Oracle WebCenter, Extended Content Solutions, 2012Benefits of IntegrationIntegrating the leading customer experience management engine with a state of the art media publishingtool provides a number of key benefits:WebCenter Content includes powerful tools for managing assets including images, banners andvideo content.MediaStore provides a rich user interface with powerful features such as bulk uploading andapprovals.Jobs allow internal and third-party users to collaborate on campaigns securely.Images renditions are automatically created based on asset type.Page creation and display remains with Sites. Sites is responsible for publishing all websitechanges to production environments.About Extended Content SolutionsExtended Content Solutions (ECS) is an expert software solutions and services provider specialising inEnterprise Content Management (ECM). Our in-depth knowledge of the ECM space enables us totransform our clients’ businesses to make the most of their content.ECS has a proven reputation for delivering excellence. With a dedicated and experienced team committedto innovation and quality, long standing partnerships with leading ECM platform vendors, EMC andOracle, and a philosophy of maximising customer satisfaction we are well placed to meet our clients’needs.Contact UsFind out more about how we can help you.+44 (0)1483 688030www.extended-content.cominfo@extended-content.com