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  1. 1. The smart handset Nokia N81 Cobalt bluepowerpoint templates
  2. 2. Games can be played either vertical or in landscape mode, allowingusers to benefit from the 2 4-inch screen, which as per our first look, isbright and crisp with plenty of detail The newly fashionable mobile phoneNokia N81 Cobalt blue phone has more music, more games, and moreways to entertained The Nokia N81 Blue and Nokia N81 8GB also offerthe discovery of millions of tracks through the Nokia Music Store
  3. 3. And, with their integrated Nokia Music Players, creating play lists andmanaging music collections on the move is a breeze For enhancedsound quality, compatible high-quality headphones or speakers can beused with the standard 3 5mm headphone connector  The smart cellphone Nokia N81 Cobalt blue has built-in software to access the NokiaMusic Store and the N-gage game service, allowing you to download(legal) music and games
  4. 4. The release of Nokia N81 shows Nokia’s ambition into turning a cellularphone into a truly mobile entertainment and gaming device The NokiaN81 Cobalt blue is expected to be a 3G HSDPA slider phone featuring a2-megapixel camera and secondary video call camera  The unlockedmobile phoneN81 Cobalt blue has key selling point of the phone ispromise of a couple of button presses and youre able to buy tracks fromthe newly launched Nokia Music Store With major song support, stereoBluetooth, a 3
  5. 5. 5mm headphones jack and the ability to access the newly launchedNokia Music Store via the internet interface Nokia means business, andfor the most part delivers  The smart handset Cobalt blue Games canbe played either vertical or in landscape mode, allowing users to benefitfrom the 2 4-inch screen, which as per our first look, is bright and crispwith plenty of detail
  6. 6. Text is easy to read as are the menus As for the design, the gloss backfinish looks smart and the keypad easy to use and clearly labeled  Thenewly fashionable mobile phone Nokia N81 Cobalt blue phone has moremusic, more games, and more ways to entertained
  7. 7. Download new tracks and enjoy your music collection Its easy to findwhat youre searching for and access it quickly using advanced webbrowsing with wireless LAN connectivity The unlocked handset NokiaN81 Cobalt blue is some pocketful for a slider phone, weighing in ataround 140g and measuring a less-than-slim line 102 x 50 x 17
  8. 8. 9mm The back and front are made from glossy plastic, which feels a littlecheap, and was slippery in hand - particularly when paws were cold orwet Dominating powerpoint templates the front panel is large, bright 2
  9. 9. 4in, 320 x 240, 16 7m-colour display Please purchase online ArticleTags: , , , , , ,
  10. 10. powerpoint templates