Innovation: What does doing business differently really mean? by Didier Scaillet UNIFIB


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Presentation by Didier Scaillet, UNIFIB at XI UNIFIB Congress, 2-24 June, Exponor - Porto International Fair, Portugal

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  • In every major economy, 2009 was the year when executives sought to control costs by indiscriminately cutting meeting and business travel budgets, often with little or no consideration of the purposes for which face-to-face contact is still absolutely essential.
  • When asked in the Forbes Insight study to what degree “engagement” is important in today’s environment, more than two thirds rated it very important. Also, it is an on-going part of the discussion with CEO’s. Taken together, this shows strong opportunity for events as a form of engagement. GPJ/Liberty Mutual Group CMM Benchmark Project Top Line v3 10–14-10 dmr
  • GPJ Philosophy
  • From old, stodgy, inflexible to innovative, relevant and essential – CMO Marty charge was to transform people’s perceptions of the SAP brand by transforming their premier customer event.
  • Well they did it. It’s a big story and we’re only telling part of it today, but these were the two cornerstones to the design of the event I’d like to explore with you: Make relevant, innovative and essential CONTENT available to participants in the form THEY wanted to receive it. Create an interactive CONVERSATION with customers rather than talking at them – as CMO Marty Homlish mentioned in the opening video.
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  • GPJ Philosophy
  • Innovation: What does doing business differently really mean? by Didier Scaillet UNIFIB

    1. 1. Innovation: What does doing business differently really mean? Didier Scaillet Chief Development Officer MPI & MPI Foundation1
    2. 2. 2Who is MPI?• MPI is the largest global meetings industry community• Over 23,000 members globally• 71 chapters and affiliates• 10,000+ planners, spending US$ 17+ billions / year• 35+ years of experience• Central budget: US$ 25 millions per year• 90+ staff• 5 offices: Dallas (HQ), Toronto, Luxembourg, Doha, Beijing• Conferences, Events and Trainings on all continents•
    3. 3. M coR a ie ar- el s it
    4. 4. Shift Happens - EconomyPartly cloudy…with a chance of gain -- Deloitte 4
    5. 5. Business and Social Shift
    6. 6. Changing Markets• Economic center of gravity is moving South and East (100 new Chinese cities in the top 600 cities by 2025)• China is the largest market for mobile phone and mobile internet• Brazil host two mega-events / Qatar 2022• Gulf developments (new destinations in- and outbound)• Increased mobility by more people: – Worldwide population expected to grow from 6,9 billion to 8,3 billion by 2030 – Rate of International journeys expected to grow from 11,5 per 100 people to 20 per 100• Increased life expectancy: more generations at meetings• More women in the workforce
    7. 7. T inin O t e h R o h k g us te o m idT e N t S IF in P of s a P s h ex H T r es ion l er pective DidierS illet ca Ch Dev ief elopmen Of icer t f Meetin P of s a In er a ion l g r es ion ls t n t a
    8. 8. Never Waste a Good Crisis
    9. 9. F dit n h wbf t in o te e irs
    10. 10. People are more connected...and are always on …and mobile
    11. 11. This is an APP world…
    12. 12. The Web is Dead. Long live the Internet…
    13. 13. B d e C n t ins u gt os a t r
    14. 14. Business ShiftCorporate Social Responsibility
    15. 15. TaeC nt ins rvl o s a t r
    16. 16. %systemroot%s16
    17. 17. S , h w ow a a t o o d e dp ?
    18. 18. Corporate Social Responsibility SO20121: Scheduled to launch before the Olympics 2012 in London lobal Reporting Initiative (GRI) Event Sector Supplement Collaboration with the International Olympics Committee, UNEP, UEFA) IC/ASTM Green Standards ole: our levels – Just released irst organization to report on an event using the draft framework (WEC in Orlando) rovide valuable feedback to GRI
    19. 19. The Paradigm Shift:Communication to Engagement
    20. 20. Shift Happens – Marketing/Rise of Engagement important At your company, how Is engagement part of your ongoing is the issue of engagement? conversation with the CEO, board of directors and other corporate leadership?20
    21. 21. Shift Happens – Marketing & Events: Engaging Experiential events Direct mail 48% 27% Opt-in email Virtual event sponsorship 36% 25% Live event sponsorship Online fan communities 36% 25% Trade shows Print ads 33% 24% Webcasts/podcasts Broadcast ads 29% 22% Direct email Mobile apps 29% 21% Social networking sites Twitter 28% 19%21
    22. 22. Shift Happens – Marketing & Events Convergence The Power of Connectivity of Engage + Live Experiences the and Sustain Digital World = 24/7/36522
    23. 23. T e ra s o p r nyo h get t p ot itf e u ra e d n e rw is t n a c go t ... t h
    24. 24. ...outside the room.
    25. 25. Meetings don’t just look like this25 anymore...
    26. 26. 26 ...they also look like this...
    27. 27. 27 ... Or rather like this.
    28. 28. Ta s r a etg rnf m M e . o inTa s r a rn . rnf m Ba d o
    29. 29. Content and Conversation
    30. 30. GLOBAL REACH … and globally LIVE at ALL YEAR ROUND!© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 30
    31. 31. SAPPHIRE NOW: PARTICIPATION 50,000+ total viewers in real time or on demand 16,000 physical attendees 10,500 total physical in Orlando 5,000 total physical in Frankfurt 500+ at the satellite event 35,000 online Via the broadcast center,,, sap tv Audience Breakdown Physical Events- Customers & Prospects represent 50%, Partners 25%, Employees 25%© SAP AG 2010. All rights reserved. / Page 31
    32. 32. Shift Happens – Marketing & Events Convergence The Power of Connectivity of Engage + Live Experiences the and Sustain Digital World = 24/7/36533
    33. 33. SHIFT
    34. 34. D p y tr tlg e l Soy ein o - l
    35. 35. T in L e T Po u e h k ik a V rd cr
    36. 36. M k C n etitE s a d ae o n c y ay n iv A cpe ce t d
    37. 37. C e t P t r so ra lf m f e ao rC lb rtn C - ra n oa oa & oCet l io io
    38. 38. The Road Ahead?
    39. 39. • M e g & vns il e o c ne t e ea n n t o t t et s E e t wl f o t g n rt , o c ne in b r n io n c m u ictn o mn a io• M e g & vns il e yr : m l lf et- ae et s E e t wl hbid uip a - of in b te c c e vo m n c n et tru h eh o g nirn e t o n c d ho g t n l y e c o• M e g & vns il e ui- uua whn ia n C in et s E e t wl m lc lrl it I a d h a in b t t , d rpee tgj t n e 2 % o te ol p p lio ec , e rsnin u u d r 0 fh wr ’s o u tn ah s d a wh ivr y f a it a db h v r ( aa vg t ia , m r it d es o h b s n e aiosh ll e e rn oe it l, a v u ln l s u ite s n uue, e ) isaa de a d iv A ia c lrs t s t c• M e g wle esrda a s a r lb t mle et s il m aue g int t e ot -in in b ip o a ed gn a• N w kl v e po u tn vtae vo m n d s n e sil: id o rd c , ir lnirn e t eig , s io u f il tn c ne t a trga dp ca in , bo d atg a it io , o t cpuin n akg g ra cs , ca n in vasc l e ia n a e e te irlo iam d e g g m n, tc
    40. 40. I oa n F w h u hs t t s n vt : e to g t s r r n io ae …• L ctn L ctn L ctn oa , oa , oa ? io io io• Ae o m be r yu o il?• D yu ae id oc ne t o o hv v e o t ? n• Ae o uin a p ? r yu s g p s• C n o r ra iztn n a e n w o vr tn? a yu og n a e g g in e c nes io s io a• Ae o a n d( so srme eg geo o ie) r yu l e l sn f ig e o m rin c n m s?• D yu n w b u G IS , A E /S M o o ko a o t R, IO P XA T ?• W a is o r uin s m d ls vn e h t yu b s es o ea a e u ?• D yu ae h r h p r es o o h v te ig t at r n ?• H w rin dae o rem t h n ln w u ie cs o t e r yu t s o a d e a d n e? a a e
    41. 41. “Don’t be trapped by dogma - that is,living with the result of other people’s thinking.”
    42. 42. In ov t : W a does n a ion htdoin bu in sdif er t g s es f en lyr lly mea ? ea nOB IGA R DO! DidierS illet ca Ch Dev ief elopmen Of icer t f Meetin P of s a In er a ion l g r es ion ls t n t a